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Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Tech Radar had an interesting article:

Rumors of course. But interesting ones that come from the same sources Reuters uses.

1.) In time for Christmas buying.

(Me, I don't think about Christmas until AFTER I survived Hurricane Season!)

2.) A larger 8.9 inch screen: (The version Amazon wanted to put out last year but was unable to.)

3.) The Kindle 2 will be made of Fae dreams and powered by unfounded hopes.

(Just checking if you were paying attention!)

4.) The Kindle Fire 2 processor is a quad-core Tegra.

The codenamed 'Hollywood' Kindle Fire 2 and will be based on the Nvidia Tegra 3 which will bring a screaming quad-core processor with a 500% performance increase.

5.) The Kindle Fire 2 (Hollywood) will be more expensive.

There's no way you're getting it for $200.

Amazon may be losing money on every Kindle Fire,

but there's losing money and then there's losing enormous amounts of money. Tegra will help with speed and hurt the wallet.

6.) The Kindle Fire 2 operating system is Android.

Expect integration with the Amazon app store and services

rather than Android market and Google books.

7.) Kindle ICE?

It is rumored that in October 2011, someone began buying unusual domain names most of which had kindle ice included in them.

Amazon now has ownership of all of them. Would they have gone to the trouble of buying up those domains if they were not planning on using the name ICE? Rumors. Got to love them.

Talking about the holidays:


  1. Someone recently posted that Amazon Kindle Fire sales were sagging big time and they were desperate. Guess this is their answer.
    Still can't touch what my iPad can do though.

  2. Alex:
    I love my Kindle Fire. I have a laptop already.

    But Xena (yes, I named mine) has five movies downloaded on it, four favorite episodes of TV shows I like, and innumerable books available to read while I wait in the countryside, waiting (without internet access.

    I would suggest not reading pschology texts on serial killers while waiting at midnight in a rural area as I did some nights back. Brrrr!

    I have no doubt that Kindle Fire sales are sagging. If I like something, it seems to be the kiss of death! :-) Roland

  3. Hmm, interesting. I have a Kindle Fire and for the most part it's awesome but I'm really peeved it doesn't have USB capability. I'd love to be able to plug a keyboard into it and type away so I don't have to bring my laptop every where. That could be something for them to look at.

  4. Jasmine:
    I believe I did read where one of the rumors did mention the Kindle Fire 2 having USB capability added to it. Let's cross our fingers.

    Like you, I really enjoy my Kindle Fire. Even without having cable, I am able to watch my favorite TV shows when they come out weekly. How cool is that?

  5. We have a Kindle Fire, and we love it! Can't beat $200 for your teenager. Interesting to see how much this will be.

  6. Elana:
    Good seeing you here!

    I love my Kindle Fire as well. I can use the free wireless of my blood center to check in on my blog on my breaks. Alas, my fingers are too big for the keyboard to type any replies!

    I think the price of the Kindle Fire 2 will not be as high as many fear. Amazon will still make money from the sales they will make from books, music and video's.

  7. More great stuff I can't afford. :) I do love my Kindle - boring edition.

  8. Amazon needs to do something to stay viable. Right now the Fire only has 4% of the tablet market.

  9. Sharon:
    I'm with you. There's so much cool cyber stuff out there that I cannot afford! It took me a few paychecks to save for my Kindle Fire. Thanks for dropping in and chatting.

    L. Diane:
    Amazon's Kindle Fire is perfect for folks like Sharon and me for whom the $500 Ipad is out of reach. It really isn't meant to be an Ipad. I'm looking forward to seeing what "Hollywood" really turns out to be.

  10. I have a regular Kindle that I enjoy, but I do salivate every time a new gadget comes onto the market. I'm kind of dying for an iPad next - they're just so sexy!

  11. Jennifer:
    Wouldn't a laptop be better than an Ipad? But I am like you -- I look and long at all the cool cyber gadgets out there! Roland

  12. I hope they do name it the Ice. Has a nice ring to it. But what will they name the Kindle 3 then?

    Made of Fae dreams, huh? (Sneaky).

    My generous sister bought me an iPad for Christmas last year and I love it--it's a Nook and a Kindle.

  13. Jennifer:
    Sneaky is my middle name! Kindle Ice does sound exotic, doesn't it? It has a certain symmetry to Kindle Fire!

    Yes, to get an Ipad, I would have to receive one as a gift -- just more money than I want to spend. If I spent that much money, I would get another laptop! Thanks for visiting and staying to chat, Roland