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Monday, March 25, 2013


If reviews were dollars, I'd be out living on the street!  So when I get one it means a lot.

How do feel when your book is reviewed for the first time?  When someone gets what you tried to convey, isn't it great? 

And when someone seems to have read another book, doesn't it feel like watching a car accident unfold or being snarked for something you didn't even say?

Which kind of review of your book do you read more, the positives or the negatives?

Shelly Arkon did something I have never read before:

   She twittered and Goodread "pit-stop" reviews as she read my book.  Each stop contained something new she liked. I have never seen anything like that.  It made my unstable time at work easier. What a classy thing to do. Thanks, Shelly.

Oh, and what did Shelly write in her review of THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT?

"I loved this book. It was definitely unique. A little sci-fi-time travel- mixed with ghouls, demons, vampires, Gods and Godesses.

And I loved the main character, Victor Standish, a gypsy, and the son to the Mother of Death. His name is perfectly suited to him since he is always victorious when he stands against any evil. His snarky mouth and puns can get him out of anything. My most favorite line out of the book is, “Puck you.”

Not only is the main character a smart mouth, he’s also hopelessly in love with Alice the ghoul. I loved how he expressed his love for her, and how he could see through the barriers with loving such a being. There were times I thought she might eat him.

 I know this is going to sound rather quirky, but this book had a lot of heartfelt wisdom and universal truths that left me in deep thought—sometimes hysterically laughing.

I’m looking forward to reading more of his books."

What was your latest review?  What was the one that meant most to you?

Oh, Ann Best, yours was the very first review I ever received, and it has a special place in my heart ... and in Hibbs's!


  1. That was very creative of Shelly! Which comes as no surprise of course.
    My first 'official' review was from Library Journal, and it just rocked.
    The first one I remember best came from a book blogger and now good friend, Edi at Edi's Book Lighthouse. Yes, both reviewers 'got it,' probably even more than I did!

  2. Shelly is one of my favorite 'web people' on the planet--and a clever author, too. :) Not surprised to see her doing something fun and inspired.

    My first review came from an acquaintance in the writing community--completely unprompted and appreciated. I love great random reader reviews, but it means a lot when your peers endorse you unexpectedly.

  3. Alex:
    If Shelly was that creative in writing a review, you can imagine how creative she is in her own book, SECONDHAND SHOES!

    WOW, your first review came from THE LIBRARY JOURNAL -- now that is neat. And when people see positive things in your novel that you did not realize were there, how cool is that?

    Isn't Shelly a great Web Champion? We have to be careful: her husband may get jealous and hunt us down!

    It does mean a lot when our peers approve of our writing. When a random reader cares enough about our novel to review, it says we did touch one heart as we hoped we would.

  4. It's definitely a more enjoyable experience to read positive reviews. Not so fun to read negative reviews.

    With negative reviews, I always remind myself they're honest opinions. I've not enjoyed every book I've ever read. Why should I expect everyone who tries my novels to enjoy them?

  5. Terry:
    John Locke writes that all the negative reviews say is that the reviewer is not our target audience!

  6. What an excellent review and original idea. I think you have to take the rough with the smooth with reviews, although I haven't got a novel to review yet. I would hope there would always be something to take away from it - the worst kind is "destructive" criticism.

  7. That was creative; and the review was great. Nice to have your writing appreciated, and to know someone will read more :)


  8. How clever of Shelly—very cool!

    Since apart form shorts, I'm not published, I can't really answer your question. The word that always surfaces in reviews of my work is "dark," which I consider less about *how* I write and more about *what* I write. So in one respect, I think Locke is right. We do need to find our audience. But I also think it's wrong to deny that some books really are, unequivocally—for a lack of a better word—cr*p. That just lowers the bar too far.

    ~VR Barkowski

  9. I was too scared to look at reviews until weeks after I first published!

    I love Shelley's approach. I try to do something similar on Goodreads as I update my progress.

  10. Well, I haven't reached that point yet but I'm guessing a good first reviews will have me happy dancing in the street. A bad one will send me under the bed to whimper and suck my thumb.

    But I'm just guessing.

  11. Nick:
    We grow through fighting against resistance -- even if the resistance is only nay-saying!

    Wasn't the pit-stop reviews a "novel" idea? To be read and appreciated is the best. :-)

    I look forward to your Wicca A-Z posts! Yes, sometimes when it comes to negative reviews, denial is not just a river in Egypt!

    Donna Hoise:
    Good for you to progressively review the book you're reading on Goodreads!! I am too curious to wait weeks to read any reviews I am gifted with!! :-)

    Your guess pretty much matches my reality with good and bad reviews!! Of course, Alice, Victor's ghoul friend, threatens to track down the negative reviewers and munch some finger sandwiches!!

  12. Writing and creating is an intuitive thing. For some reason, I could feel your angst even though I've never met you personally.

    I just felt the need to make those pit stops. I'm glad I listened to my voice.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    PS You guys make me blush.

  13. Shelly:
    Writing is a personal dream, and its struggle certainly does contain angst. Thank you so much for doing the pit-stop reviews! May your book's sales ever climb upward! :-)