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Thursday, March 14, 2013


{Cover courtesy of Leonora Roy}
[Victor has a BDSM scene with Empress Theodora in this one. Really.
Victor-style of course.]
Is SEX really the answer?

If you check the success of 50 SHADES OF GREY and it sequels, it does seem so.

 Some have suggested that the book's focus on a BDSM relationship appeals to a woman's desire to be dominated.

Others say the novel's success is a good sign for feminism, openly proclaiming that women have a natural interest in sex.

 (Like that was ever in doubt.)

Many have suggested that the book could be "spicing things up" in the bedrooms of its readers.

One headline declared that "50 Shades of Grey Could Turn Moms Into Sex Kittens."  More like Sex Mittens with the focus on BDSM techniques!

 Does SHADES merely point out how easy it can be for us to lose touch with our own sexuality?

 How much are we drawn to real romance, connection, passion, and affection with a partner?

And how much are we drawn to fantasy?

Are our actions moving us toward or away from having a close and fulfilling sexual relationship?

And do the lonely even care if they are?

In the book, Christian Grey washes Ana's hair, he puts money in her bank account, he gets her to eat —

he does everything she wants sexually ... and does it without being asked.

Is SHADES' success all about being served?

What do you think?

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{Alice and Victor are naked and intimate in a
graveyard at midnight
Chapter Zero of this.}



  1. No idea what about it that appeals. I remember reading somewhere that women like to read about sex while men like to see it.
    I think doing it is much better.

  2. Alex:
    What is that old saying? "Those who can DO. Those that can't WRITE about it!" :-)

  3. I too want to be a sex kitten, in fact that will be my post title...

    it will bring in more response than normal... so look out for it. sadly sex sells, I remember in one of my stories it went from the act to the ripping of a face... this is why it is unpublished.

  4. This is something I find rather frustrating. Women buy books based on the covers & how naked the guy is. And they make popular all these books where the male sexually mistreats the female. It's not about the quality of writing or the plot or even the story. They think its somehow romantic to relinquish control. I think it's because they are sexually frustrated & these books are the only way they can experience that kind of satisfaction. Personally, I think it's rather sick. And btw, FSoG is not BDSM. It's just sex on the slightly kinkier side. Readers just like to think they're into that.

  5. This is probably T.M.I., but I prefer written pornography way better than videos or pictures. I don't know why. Yes, I enjoy reading sex. And as Alex says, "the most fun is doing it." I won't argue with that. Alex is wise wise wise when he says those words. But yes...I do enjoy reading it (all kinds in fact). Being gay I read a lot in that genre. However, I have read Fifty Shades (tampon scene and all) and quite a few BDSM and erotica books, and I consume them quickly.

    It's just nice to know that other people feel the same way because these books are selling. I am validated!

  6. I heartily disagree with the first batch of peeps. But then, I'm a woman with a strong personality. Definitely no sub here. The second batch, that I can agree with. Does sex sell for many reasons, absolutely!

  7. I think a book about being dominated appeals to those that a)don't already have a fulfilling sex life, or b) have never experienced love in a relationship or c)like controlling someone else or being superficiously pampered and then controlled.

    Some people just read what everyone else is reading. . .some want to compare it to what they write.

    It could be a lack of education in relationships, and a desire to try something different.

    Sex sells, it always has, or there wouldn't be redlight districts.

  8. I have to agree with Heather, But I can remember back in the '70's & '80's when everyone put sex scenes into books, and the more trashier they were the better they sold. In the '90's (appologies here to Native Americans), Indian romances sold because they really had some hot sex scenes in them.

    So, what it boils down to here among all of us who are writers, sex sells. It apparently has nothing to do with how well you write, how much time you spent working away at the manuscript. If someone out there sees you've got some hot sex scenes in your manuscript they'll probably scoop it up.

    As for me, I give up! I may have to write more sex scenes into my books-something with more grit. (I put a she-wolf scene in the latest one-*shrugs* Waiting to hear how people react to that).

    Good to see some familiar peeps here, Heather and Jeremy and Alex and hi to you, Roland!

  9. Never read it but after a lifetime in advertising, I'd have to agree that sex sells. Do I want to write that stuff and make money with it? NO, but you can. Do I want to starve? No, of course not, but again after a lifetime in advertising I'm trying to return to a better me. Too bad, huh?

  10. Jeremy:
    How does your wife feel about your desire to be a sex kitten? Sex sells but it also stereotypes and cements in a genre we may never escape!

    I have quit series where another author began writing under the pen name of a popular series because the women started to be demeaned and physically damaged. Sad really.

    I never have been tempted to read FSoG. So I will never know what the appeal is.

    People have their individual tastes. My taste in music would make most where I work hurl and have nose bleeds (Celtic, Movie Soundtracks, and Jazz such as Norah Jones.)

    Sex does sell. But I like to think romance and myth sell too. At least my novels hope so!!

    This is a sexually confused culture. What are the roles these days? And the standards? You're right: people will stand in line to read what EVERYONE is reading just to see what the fuss is all about. Life, huh? :-)

    As part Lakota, to see that women read Native American romances for the steamy sex is to know what they are unfamiliar with how white women were actually treated when captured.

    If I wrote sex scenes just to sell my book, Sandra, my best friend, would box my ears and punch me out! LOL.

    I have no wish to boost my sales by writing blatent sex scenes either. Victor's BDSM scene with Empress Theodora is done tongue-in-cheek strictly.

    And the Menage a Trois of Death in THE RIVAL I've been told is one of the funniest scenes I have ever written -- and that is from Sandra who would brook no crass sex in my prose! :-)

  11. Sex is over-rated and the book 50 shades of Gray is somthing I have heard about but would never bother to pick up. I like Alex's comment :)

  12. Siv:
    Good to see you again after so long! For me, when it is sex in prose, less is more. I am more a fan of romance in prose. Alex is always excellent in his comments! :-)