So you can read my books

Thursday, March 28, 2013


I mean ... really?  Read what you and I, unknowns, have to say?  C'mon.

In one 24 hour period, 900,000 blogs were created worldwide.  Are you and I any more than ripples in a world-ocean of grasping souls, shouting "Read me!"? 

Who will notice us?  How will they?

I've written of Google Panda and other Search Engine Tools like key words that will lead a wandering cyber-soul or two your way.

But once at your blog, why should they stay?

1) Is your topic interesting to more than your zombie dog?

Does what you write have substance, style, and humor on something that is interesting and arresting?  Does your article have a fun line that will be repeated at the water cooler across America?

The fact that no one understands you doesn't make you an artist -- nor does it persuade anyone to stay and read. 

They'll just wander away, muttering, "I don't know what her problem is, but I bet it's hard to pronounce."

And remember SHORT matches the tempers and attention spans these days.

2) Do you give more than you ask?

Nowadays, the waitress expects a tip for just showing up at your table.  People will not come to your blog just because you write one.  You must provide a service -- a service that is given with a warm welcome and a smile.

This is a WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME generation.  Truthfully, it always was.  Napoleon wrote that the best way to persuade anyone was to appeal to their self-interest.

This is a stressed-out generation as well.  If your blog regularly makes readers laugh, muse, or nod in satisfaction that they've found something that will help them --

guess who will be coming back?

3) Are you supporting like-minded bloggers?

I am not doing the A-Z CHALLENGE because I love going through the alphabet.  I am doing it because I like Alex. 

I write the Friday Romantic Challenge because I want to support Denise Covey and Donna Hole --

and some of you might consider it, too, for their numbers are few right now.

Have you read of a struggling fellow writer whose book(s) are doing poorly?  Write a review on your blog of one of her books that is funny and insightful.  Hey, Karma may just exist.  :-)


  1. I'm glad you like me then!
    That's why I offer a variety in my posts. With several small sections, I hope there is something there that appeals to everyone. Even if they don't have a clue on the movie trivia answers.
    Support is key. It really, really is.

  2. I have recently been working on focusing my blog more - felt like it was a little too all over the place - comments were dropping. I may end up narrowing my audience a little (hope not), but really wanted what I had to offer to be something that audience was looking for.

  3. Alex:
    With over a 1000 posters to your Challenge, I wouldn't have been missed! :-) But you're a friend who's always there for others so I try to be there for you.

    Think what questions you would like answered on a blog, and then supply the answer. If you are wondering, it's a sure bet that others are, too. :-) Good to see you here. It's your cyber-home, redecorate if you want. Roland

  4. Hi, Roland,

    SO true.... We do need to feature something to help and to stimulate our readers to come back to our blogs!

    Now, Alex wrote me and said you have a new VICTOR book that would be PERFECT for my V a-z... I can't find it on your blog, so if you would be so kind and send me a pic and blurb I will feature it.... I am NOT taking NO for you answer, so I do expect to see it in my inbox soon.

    I hope all is well. I know I have been scarce, but with all the foray with the A-Z, doing critiques, and having limited wifi... you get the picture.

    Always you friend...


  5. Alex is great, and his challenge is a fantastic idea. Unfortunately I don't have time to participate right now because I'm writing and editing three books at various stages.

  6. I always keep one finger on that Escape Key. I'll be visiting the usual suspects come the A to Z Challenge, but I'll be in lurker mode.

    I'm looking forward to some posts which I hope don't follow the 100 word limit.

    Good luck to all A to Z'ers!

  7. great article, some tough love for those who are in denial or just wishing instead of acting.

    I bet you've made Alex's day!

  8. variety in posts is definitely key in building a following. I always try to mix my posts up. :)

  9. Great post! I agree with all your points. Sometimes, extra long posts just turn me off because I don't feel like I have the time to read them. Variety is definitely key too. See you at the A-Z!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  10. Great post! And I agree with you, especially about people's attention spans. I don't know the countless times I've come to blog posts and find nothing but a wall of text. That is something I don't like coming up against.

  11. You've created another wonderful post, Roland.

    I need to do something with my blog. Hmmm...

    Hugs and chocolate,

    PS this year I will be an A to Z spectator.

  12. Michael:
    I am sending you the fantastic new cover to THE THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT (Book 4 of THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH). Thank you so much for asking. :-)

    When my home burned to the ground, I was down to WIFI from the library, too. Always your friend, too.

    If Alex weren't a friend, I probably would have taken a Challenge Hiatus, too! The ghost of Mark Twain is chortling. He can't wait for our friends to see his April Fool's post!

    My posts will be more than a 100. If folks leave, well, I and my ghostly friends will at least have fun. :-)

    Since Alex has made so many others' day, I hope I did at least make him smile. :-)

    Like minds we are!

    I'll be looking for you, too. I try to vary my posts: some serious, some funny, some about me, some about or by my ghost friends, and some just that occur to me out of the blue. :-)

    A wall of text just blunts my perceptions! I try at least to vary the size of certain phrases to ease the eye!

    I'll be looking for you -- as will my ghostly friends.

    Your blog is your cyber-home. Have fun with it, and those that visit will have fun, too. :-)

  13. All very good points. People always go on about how they don't write a blog for other people, they write it for themselves. Personally, I think everything we write is for other people, that's the whole point.