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Thursday, February 26, 2015



“I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.” 

- Thomas Jefferson 

“If voting made any difference they wouldn't let us do it.” 

- Mark Twain   

So the FCC saved the day with its ruling --

Ah, maybe not.

Reality is complex.  

We want simple solutions.  

Politicians want power.  

So they give us simple solutions that snowball in ways we never expected.

FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, TWITTER, LinkedIn -- all arose without the benefit of Net Neutrality.

You know the government:

By the time, the congressional studies on the technology and its implications have been completed, 

technology will have moved on.

Monopolies are bad.  The US Government is the biggest Monopoly I know.  

You like the Department of Motor Vehicles?  

You're going to love what the government will do with the internet.

The government can't keep the country's bridges from falling down.

Public schools.  The Post Office.  Health Care.  Higher Education.  The Space Program.  

The military bases closing destroying local economies.  

Border Patrolmen being overwhelmed with illegal immigration gone mad.

Time after time, the government has shown itself slow, inefficient, and prone to gridlock ...

The Founding Fathers designed it that way.

They knew the greatest danger to the citizens 

was a government that could move too quickly for the people to respond and protect themselves.

If we value our freedom, we need a government that is slow.

But since the government is slow, 

we shouldn't depend on it to provide with services delivered in a timely fashion at a high level of quality.

Free Speech cannot exist without privacy.

In Glenn Greenwald's NO PLACE TO HIDE

he reveals that the U.S. government already tampers with Internet routers during the manufacturing process to aid its spying programs.

Do you think that the government, under Net Neutrality, will trust the telecoms to police themselves?

Don't be surprised if the government decides 

it must install its own programs at critical points to monitor Internet traffic.

Once installed, can we trust the government to use that access in a benign fashion?

The Social Security fiasco was started 

when Congress couldn't keep its greedy fingers out of the money that came in at the beginning.

FDR imprisoned U.S. citizens of Japanese descent.  

Remember Watergate? 

Remember Chris Christie's Bridgegate?  

Just Google Search "Recent Federal Government Scandals" for a depressing list.

This regulation permits the FCC to micro-manage virtually every aspect of how the Internet works.  

And you know how efficient the government is.

It took FOUR DAYS for FEMA to get water to those poor people in New Orleans.  

Help from other states was turned back.  

Naval rescue ships were moored within range and never called.



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  1. They've been spying on us for years.
    The lawsuits from the cable and phone companies are coming, but for now, the Internet is still an equal place.