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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I am a kid at heart ... what some call a Geek

(but don't call anyone that in a Carney, 
that's the fellow who bites heads off 
living chickens and snakes!)  

I have an autographed movie poster of the above on my front hallway wall.  
Fanboy, right?

Today, the AVENGERS 2: AGE OF ULTRON poster came out!

Compare it with the first one?  
Notice who is more prominent?

Does this mean that Steve Rogers is gaining in favor at Marvel?

Check out the International Version of the "Same" Poster:

Major Bummer if you are a Capt. fan.

Any of you Power Rangers fans back in the day?

I wasn't but I am a Katee Sackhoff fan

(She was the initial reason I started watching LONGMIRE)

Well, here is the Christopher Nolan version of 
Power Rangers
with Katee Sackhoff!

Wonder why February has 28 days?

When science fiction becomes 
science fact


  1. I'll have to watch the rest of the film later - looked cool though.
    Captain American probably isn't as popular in Spain and other countries. His name rather limits that.

  2. Alex:
    Yes, that is probably it. The first CAPT movie was offered to international markets as THE FIRST AVENGER.

    I loved Katee in BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and she was one of the better parts of LONGMIRE. I wanted to smack the sheriff for dragging his feet with her as Vic! :-) Which is why I would never make a stalwart sheriff!

  3. It is always interesting to see the differences between the American version and International versions of the same thing. :)

  4. Kimberly:
    Usually I like the international version of the Marvel Movie posters ... but not this time. I am a CAPT fan, and if the movies follow the comic CIVIL WAR storyline, Tony turns to the dark side.

  5. Nor being a follower of pop culture, I didn't know who Katee Sackhoff was, but at the recent Bouchercon I was invited to the film set where she was filming her latest movie and when my son Mike found out, he quickly told me who she was--the subject of the poster in his bedroom at his apartment! I was privileged to spend the day watching her film as the guest of the director, and, like you, fell in love! While we were there, her agent came in and told her she'd just gotten the part of the next Marvel comics superhero. She didn't name the character, but said it was Marvell's first female superhero. She also swore us all to secrecy, but since that's been a few months I imagine it's since been revealed. One funny anecdote: After shooting a scene, she came out to the room where the director was observing on a video feed and the director told her she needed to show a bit more skin. Katee pulled down her blouse to show her a boob and then pulled up her skirt to show her her... (Both were white), saying after each exposure, "Like this?" The entire cast and us visitors broke up in laughter, and when I told my son, he went insanely jealous. Very talented, very personable young lady.

  6. Keith:
    Me too!! Of course, there is the new doomsday date: May 15 when the U.S. dollar crashes as it loses its role as the world's standard. Then, movies will be the least of our worries!!

    The guest of the director. I envy you. The only time I was a guest was when the school bully invited me out to welcome me to the new school!

    Katee is supposedly in the running for the coveted role of Captain Marvel. I hope what her agent told her pans out. (You know agents!) I think she would be a stunning Captain Marvel.

    So Katee is as feisty in real-life as she is on the screen. It doesn't surprise me! I bet the director thought twice about asking her to show more skin in front of others! I, like your son, am jealous I was not there. :-)

    Thank you for letting me peek through your eyes on a day on her set. :-)

  7. Science fiction becomes science fact if you wait long enough. . . feisty women have been waiting a long time but there does seem to be a plethora in movies and books these days.

  8. D.G.:
    I like AGENT CARTER whose feisty quality is only one facet of her character. It is her intelligence and indomitable spirit that shine the most. :-)

  9. he movie we got to observe being made was GIRL FLU, co-starring child actress Jade Pettyjohn. We were guests of Jill Flanders, CAA agent-in-training and her boyfriend, the director Jay. Jill's the daughter of Carson Flanders, one of the writers who take my online novel-writing class. It's a movie about a young girl getting her first period... 'nuff said... I'd send a photo of the two actresses on the set but don't see a place to do so here, Roland. She's a tiny little thing!