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Thursday, February 5, 2015


ONLY $4.86!

"Life's truest gift is wisdom, and that is the one gift we must give back." 
- Luke Winters

Kristen Lamb has an intriguing post: 

How Pop Culture Is Devaluing Men & Women (especially the no-longer young)

Older women and men are being devalued and mocked in our culture.  

Those with the most available money to spend are not being marketed to.  

Books ignore their lives as if life stopped being adventurous after 35!

That is when life just starts getting interesting!

Take Luke Winters:

He  has spent his whole life straddling two worlds, Lakota and White, belonging in neither.

 He isn't complaining. 

He feels richer for the twin heritages and for the struggle to be an authentic human being. 

He has learned to accept himself whether or not he is accepted by anyone else. 

Enter the murky, dangerous world of a Native American Noir thriller 

with undercurrents of forbidden love

A meld of a mature Romeo and Juliet and The Godfather 

as seen through the eyes of a disgraced Lakota psychologist back in his home town.

The woman he has loved all his life has become the feared donna of the crime family which controls the state. 

She has mastered all her enemies but one -

 the disease that is now killing her. 

As she fights rival crime bosses sensing her weakness,

 can the psychologist save her from herself? 

And at what cost to himself?


  1. Thank you for sharing Kristen Lamb's post and I agree this society does devalue the older generation and that's terrible. Life does not end at 35! I also wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog and for your email, I appreciate it very much. I'm a bit slow reading/writing reviews but I'll start reading your book this week and hopefully get a review out soon. Hugs! :)

  2. Elise:
    How great to see you here. Kristen Lamb's posts always entertain and educate. To look at TV and the movies, one might well believe all enjoyable life ends at 35! Churchill, da Vinci, and Benjamin Franklin would refute that!

    Thank you for reading and pledging a review for my lonely new book. :-)

  3. I am 74 and a half and so very happy to have lived my life from 1940 until now and hopefully for a few more years. I coudn't care less if Pop culture has left me behind. It has, but at my age, I am really not interested in it. Looking back, I think it always did. I mean, look at the pop culture in the 60s. What concerns me more is the lack of respect for us old folks. I was taught to get up and give my seat to an elderly person, help as needed, and so on. I have had a few bad experiences lately at the hospital with my very ill husband, who had to stand and wait, while people brought their numerous kids with them and spread them out on all the available chairs. Let me stop here before I get too mad! Pop cutlure, who cares. Young people who do care will find out soon enough what it means to be elderly.

  4. Hey, I'm an older lady and I know all about becoming invisible. Maybe that's one reason why I've started dressing a little more flamboyantly.

  5. Inger:
    I pray you and your husband live for many more years in good health! I am so sorry that you have met with the extreme self-focus and selfishness that many younger people are afflicted with. They make for themselves cold, isolated worlds that, with the years, will become a lonely prison. :-(

    Amazing how just being 15 years older than someone makes you invisible or an object for ridicule. Sad. You are never invisible to me! :-)