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Sunday, March 22, 2015


“As a breath on glass,
As witch-fires that burn,
The gods and monsters pass,
Are dust, and return."
George Sterling

Listen to Robert Rossmann narrate a portion of this 
mysterious Historical Fantasy:


I have come to Meilori's where the bronze ghosts of her mists sweep across the interior of the haunted jazz club like veiled women to their prayers.

In a sense, I have come home again, and I go now,

not to the rune-carved table where Samuel McCord waits in vain to see slanted jade eyes smiling at him one more time --

No, I go to the table of Robert Rossmann.

He is the distinguished voice actor who narrated DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE 

and is, even now, recording

Robert and Emily Rossmann

But Robert is much more than a voice actor.

He has been a theater actor most of his life. 

And had a career in 3D animation, mostly for video games.  Your pasttime was his employment!

Most of his theater experience was in the San Francisco area.  He now lives in the gold country of the Sierras.

In fact, he now helps run a theater company called Sierra Stages in Nevada City.

His Voice Over career has included video games, commercials, documentaries, audio books,

and live readings with an orchestra (PETER AND THE WOLF, SOLDIER'S TALE).

Working on DEATH IN THE HOUSE OF LIFE was an exceptional challenge even for such a professional as Robert --

due to the number of dialects, historical figures, and "otherworldly" pronuncitions.

In fact, the last is why Robert asked to see me.

I sit down and frown at his worried face.  "What's up, Robert?"

"Your way to pronounce that incantation we talked about was dead on, Roland."

"Really?  I'm glad."

"Oh, yes ... DEAD on ...

Now, tell me how to get rid of Anubis.  He's eating me out of house and home! 

Dead things are knocking on the door at all hours.  And he's starting to flirt with Emily!"


  1. What an interesting life you lead, Roland, among the living and the not-so-dead. As always wishing you luck and many sales, especially with such a talented voice narrating your mesmerizing tales.

  2. Voice acting is fascinating--I've heard everything from superb to mediocre voices on audio books (I've got one of yours and will be listening to it soon! Sorry about my crazy schedule), but Robert sounds great.

    My sister (former stage actress/director) has done professional voice work, but never a novel for anyone, which I think would be cool. It sounds like you and Robert are really honoring each other's work.

  3. D.G.:
    Me and Walter Mitty. I've been watching DUE SOUTH. I really enjoy it. I am a bit like Frazuer but without the neat scarlet uniform of a Mountie!

    I was honored by Robert's graphic design of THE STARS BLEED AT MIDNIGHT. I tried to reciprocate in the best way I knew how. :-)

    I really enjoyed the old tapes of old radio programs like THE SHADOW and THE LONE RANGER and SHERLOCK HOLMES.

    I hope you enjoy my audio book! :-)

  4. Hi Roland .. I started to listen to the reading of The Stars Bleed at Midnight .. and need to listen to it all the way through.

    Fascinating life Robert's lead .. and I did like the graphic design ... clever chap ... and obviously committed to help others .. so pleased he's reading for you too ..

    Cheers Hilary

  5. I've always thought voice actors were so talented - it's not easy to express the entire range of human emotions without any visual clues. Such an amazing talent!