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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Another taste of what is to come April --

Yes, I have fallen in love ... with a vintage TV show:

Browsing the DVD aisle in TARGET, I discovered DVD collection of the entire series of DUE SOUTH.

Like its hero, Constable Benton Fraser (rhymes with razor),  

DUE SOUTH overcame the odds thrown against it for four valiant years.

Starting as a Canadian TV movie and shown both there and on CBS, 

it proved so popular that it was made into the first Canadian-made series to be televised in America.

The untimely exodus of a key CBS executive meant that "Due South" lacked a strong advocate at the network, 

virtually ensuring that the quirky program wouldn't last long. 

CBS kept switching it from night to night, 

replacing it with other programs, making keeping its audience a true challenge.

CBS finally cancelled it.  

The BBC picked it up, but offered the talented David Marciano (Detective Ray Vecchio) less money. 

David had also signed a contract with CBS so he declined, hurting the last 2 seasons.

Due South was one of the first shows in the 90's brought back by fans' efforts.

Several hundred rubber ducks were mailed to the show's producers as a visible sign of how many loved the show.

The story?

Fraser is temporarily posted to Chicago to assist Chicago Police Detective Vecchio 

in the investigation of the murder of Fraser's father, who was also of the RCMP. 

In the process, 

he also exposes an environmental corruption scandal involving some members of the RCMP, 

causing much embarrassment and loss of jobs in his native Northwest Territory, 

which leaves him persona non grata in Canada and within the RCMP and posted permanently to Chicago.

He frequently is haunted by the ghost of his father, who only he and an old fellow-mountie, Leslie Neilson can see.

(You can see part of its allure to me already, right?)

Rounding out the cast is Diefenbaker, Fraser's deaf half-wolf who reads lips ...

though as the shows progress one suspects the "deafness" is selective 

as the wolf hears just fine when his life is on the line.

Then, there is the music ...

Music, mainly from Canadian artists like Sarah McLachlan, Loreena McKinnett, and Crash Test Dummies, is used evocatively.

Each episode leaves you smiling, 

feeling better for having watched it.

Watch it to believe again in the good that can be found in most people. 

 I have yet to watch the Ray-less seasons and dread the loss of that friendship. 



  1. I don't watch too many series, but lately it's been Mysteries at the museum and Secrets of the museum; also Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. As for Due South, I did watch that show and loved it. That's the kind of guy a girl likes to take home and keep. Unfortunately we've had some less worthy RCMP foibles and slimy types since that show was on. I visited the RCMP museum in Regina, Saskatchewan, since the red-coated guys were heroes when Canada was young. Their history is interesting.

  2. Hi Roland .. I watch that occasionally if a programme pops up - it was good hearted fun yet reminding us of a few things .. I used to watch Kojak .. anyway everything that had a happy outcome .. if I was home and free to watch - glad you enjoyed some respite! Cheers Hilary

  3. I adore Due South, and have them all on video. A wonderful, wonderful program. Humour - and heart.

  4. I watched Due South here in the UK when it was televised many years ago. It was a great series and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  5. D.G.:
    I may see if Amazon has THROUGH THE WORMHOLE with Morgan Freeman. Even in DUE SOUTH the RCMP had bad apples and corrupt government officials -- hence noble Constable Fraser being exiled from Canada. As Mark Twain often said: No good deed goes unpunished. :-(

    I am for happy outcomes -- they come so seldom in real life. DUE SOUTH was a happy surprise, and I am happy I took a gamble on it. :-)

    Elephant's Child:
    I am happy I have it preserved on DVD, too. Humor and heart don't always go together these days. Now, it is often cruel, smutty humor that reigns the airwaves.

    I am thoroughly enjoying it now and plan to re-watch the pilot once I finished the series. As Mark Twain said about old jokes: they're new to you if you've never heard them before!

  6. Haaaa. Roland. I love your posts. Great fun, humor, and information… I hope you're doing wonderfully… in the chaos that is your life. I hope the convention is fun---I hope you'll post about it? I do want to hear about it! <3