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Friday, June 8, 2018

When a MAN Writes a WOMAN


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Do few men write female characters who are complex and have stories of their own?

Of course, there is  Anna Karenina.

But how many male writers can do as well as Leo Tolstoy?  

How many men have you found that write full women in their novels, 

much less narrate the novel from a heroine's point of view?

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For male writers, trying to navigate the evolving battles of the sexes is more challenging 

since women have been reading novels written from the male perspective all their lives.

What do you think?

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  1. I'll certainly make sure I have all of those books.
    I wrote from a woman's point of view twice. My wife was a big help with those.

  2. There is absolutely no difference. I write humans, and I've written all sorts of humans.

    Gender, race, all that LBGT crap and religious alignment and whatnot, base condescension toward past and future and present humanity, all of it falls away when you strip out your assumptions and write humans.

    We are conditioned by our government to believe there is some mysterious difference between people who look different. We are indexed into such categories as white-non-Hispanic, black, Asian and homosexual, middle-class and blue-collar workers.

    Men and women. Transgender. And let's not forget those who are not quite either one in the first place. All the same inside.

    Divide and conquer, split the vote. This is why we even question such things as a man writing a female. We have been divided, lest the throne be overthrown. It was not always like this.

    We are all the same inside. That's a universal truth, and it makes writing any character a bit more simple, when you accept that you are writing yourself in a new skin-suit.

    - Eric

    1. You have a point. Good writers meld with their characters and how they view and are viewed by the world around them. -)

  3. I think the thing men tend to lose the "plot" around writing women is in that they assume we're so very different from them. (Or worse, dumber than them.)

    So men have this thing of making us seem weak, innocent (or slutty=evil), and childlike. And for some WEIRD reason highly aware of our breasts?

    So it comes across as not only badly written, but disrespectful.

    I mean would male readers believe that I'm writing an accurate portrayal of them if I wrote the male characters of my story as big toddlers with a disproportionate fascination with their-- I think you get it.

    Just like men, women want things. Women are also sometimes willing to do bad things to make that happen. They're stubborn, determined and strong. Not always physically, but women tend to have a level of grit men wouldn't believe.

    Looking at it from another point of view, women tend to write men the way men want to see themselves. Men tend to write women in ways that tend to demean them because men grow up in a society that demeans women and femininity. This is changing, so I guess there's hope.

    Long story short: Write the women like you write the men and maybe just give them different wants and desires so they're not exactly the same. You'll be solid.

    1. Exactly. Often writers write the opposite sex through the lens of their bias or misconceptions. The world is not as we wish but as it is, right? :-) Thanks for visiting and staying to chat with me.