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Tuesday, February 16, 2021



"It was so cold I almost got married." 

- Shelly Winters

Monday and Tuesday are my days off ... 

and everyone else's at Lifeshare due to the lowest temperatures in 31 years with ice and snow.

Except for my friend and supervisor, 

Freddie Rosteet.

This is a photo of him driving to check

on Lifeshare.

He should get a medal

from the company

for all he does.

Freddie and friend

in Canada.

"When it snows,

you have 2 choices:

Shovel or hunt ducks." 

- Freddie

Yes, he hunts ducks,

but he feeds those on

the bayou running along


I awoke, face stiff with cold.

The electricity was out and

the temperature was 41 degrees

in the apartment.

No water either!

The lights just came back on.

But the black-outs are rolling.

Tonight it is said to become worse.

"There is no such thing 

as bad weather -

only not enough fur!" 

- Midnight

The sidewalk to the parking lot

is as iced over as it is.

The mechanized hinges to the

gates are frozen over.

If I am called in to work,

I do not what I will do.

But every problem has

a solution --

not a perfect one --

but a solution.

May this winter storm

be treating you not too badly.

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