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Tuesday, December 21, 2010


If you knew what the next sizzling trend would be ...

would you write your next novel accordingly?

If you could become the next J K Rowling or Stephanie Meyers in writing it,
would you?

Even if it meant writing something alien to you?

1.) Hauntings?

Been done right? But not without explaining everything to death (pun intended.}

Evocative visits by nearly invisible intruders, doing strange things to your eyes, making you see in spectrums you never even suspected existed? Why are they doing this to you?

And do you want them to stop?

2.) Rules, Limitations to your adversaries or turn-on's?

I used revenants, instead of vampires, who cannot cross water. Why? They are no longer physical matter. They are electrical bio-constructs ...

which is why they can change shape, think without pumping oxygen to their brains. And their weaknesses stem from that ...
silver breaks the circuit of their existence.

Accupuncture works against them because basically they are beings of visible pure chi.

3.) Strange Days?

What are the boundaries of what is possible anymore? What if we are like ants in the jungle, bustling unaware of terrors that dwarf us and ignore us because we just don't matter? What if one of our idiot science experiments to unlock the Big Bang stings them?

What if the universe has different areas that operates by different rules of science? What if our moving
solar system is slowly entering a new area of space with frightening new rules?

4.) BrothersGrimmPunk -

The Brothers Grimm were writing reality. It exists today. The Dwellers In Sidhe observe our modern society as if it was a zoo. They stroll down our streets as if through a petting zoo/buffet.

5.) There is no Death -

You die. You are buried. Some grieve. Then, one night, you are dug up and awakened, discovering that the spirit world is alive and well.

It looks like nothing the myths have promised. The rules of this spirit world are bizarre and incomprehensible. And you've been selected to be the main course for its rulers. Time to run because you really don't want to know what happens to the eaten.

6.) Old West Punk -

Trends fall back into the forgotten. There is a new movie coming out, COWBOYS AND ALIENS. It may hit big, starting a new trend.

My Samuel McCord, the Texas Ranger with the blood of Death in his veins, battles the supernatural as a Western hero with the Old West code firmly in his actions.

7.) What do you think the new Big Trend will be?

And for what could happen to you as a writer ...

And what do you think of this featurette?


  1. Great post!

    I'm terrible at predicting what the next big thing will be, and even if I could, I doubt I'd have the ability to craft a novel that reflected it. I just write what I write and hope for the best (like always).

  2. Thanks, Jennifer. Like you, I just write what catches me up with enthusiasm.

    After all, if your heart's not in your writing, it has to suffer no matter how good a craftsman you are.
    Talent is one thing. Inspiration is quite another. Thanks for visiting.

  3. Agents would love us if we could predict the next novel trends. Even if I could predict them though I'd still have to write the novel that was in my heart. The thing is, I have many ideas and new ones are forming all the time. Knowing what the next big thing will be might help me decide which novel to write at what time!

  4. Heather : The flaw to having many new ideas coming to you all the time is sticking with one long enough to complete one novel all the way to the final draft, isn't it?

    Like you, Heather, I have to love my characters and their world, their challenges, and their spirit.

    You're right : if we could predict the next big trends, we could make a fortune, selling our knowledge to agents and publishers!

  5. I could never successfully write to a trend, so I'll stick to writing those things that tickle my fancy!

  6. Nora : I'm addicted to tickling my fancy, too. My heart must be in my writing or else I am just on a prose assembly line. Have a great Christmas week, Roland