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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


{Image courtesy of the talented Leonora Roy}
The night is my companion, solitude my wine. The words call out to me across the great divide.

There is a burning inside where need and love become one. My fingers type out the hunger where honesty becomes a teasing horizon.

It is a voyage in the darkness that more betrays than rewards. Yet I sail on, fighting head winds of doubt and failure.

This sea of waking dreams murmurs no promises yet draws me on. The half-sensed words tease me with riddles, toy with near-right mirages.

Yearning for consummation, maddened by its lack, my quest for truth is fueled by half-glimpsed specters crudely brush-stroked in prose.

The storm clouds of the world rumble, pulling me back to the shore, to the struggle to pay the cost of dreams.

Why do you write, my friends?
Enjoy this interview with Stephen King:


  1. Why do I write? I like to tell a story. I write to understand why people do what they do, and to show imaginary worlds. (same as everyone else. . .)

    Writing makes me feel good, and soothes my inner spirit. I can keep it to myself or share it. It has helped me in tough times. It's a good friend. (Success would be nice, others reading my writing is the end goal.)

    Emailed you about the prize you mentioned...

  2. i want to write again, i loved bringing something to life... that wasn't real. give it purpose, hope, history and murder lots of murder.

    okay that last part was the tragedy...

  3. Are you going to write a story about the chick in the illustration?
    I write the stories I want to read.

  4. because there are all these stories in my head taking up too much space!

  5. An interesting question to pose to writers. I write because I like it. It's kind of what I do. And I seem to be semi-decent at it which is more than I can say for the rest of my life.

  6. "My fingers type out the hunger where honesty becomes a teasing horizon."
    I love this line!

    I write because I have lots to just to figure out how to say them

  7. Compulsion... for the occasional high. I love being a puzzlemaster. I love making a story where all the pieces finally slide into place.

  8. Some days I know exactly why I write. And there are other days I have no idea why I do it. Those are usually the bad days.

  9. D.G.:
    Good reasons. Wouldn't selling enough to support yourself and write full time be ideal?

    You won the autograph of Scarlet Johansson. You need to email me your mailing address!

    The mysterious girl in the illustration appears in THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT, the 4th Victor novel I am now writing. And like you, I write the stories I would like to read.

    I never make room in my head, for more stories always take the place of those I've written!

    I believe that is why most writers write. :-)

    Thanks for the kind words about that line. I was beginning to feel as if my post had fallen flat! And trying to figure out how to put the images in our heads adequately on paper is something that worries us all!

    You being a mystery writer, I would well imagine putting the pieces together makes you happy.

    You and Ernest Hemingway! :-)