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Thursday, September 20, 2012

HAUNTED BY WHISPERS_Friday's Romantic Challenge

Denise Covey has given us another prompt for this challenge:

My entry is from the sequel to END OF DAYS:

The sequel is entitled, DAWN OF WOES. My entry is entitled HAUNTED BY WHISPERS and is 425 words long ... just long enough to be out of the running. I do not like to compete with friends.  :-)

I was haunted by whispers. Did you know memories have voices? They do.

Mostly they whisper.  They whisper when the light of day dies, and all you have to go by is the light of your mind.

In the dark of my loneliness I could only hear the mocking whispers of what once was.

I stood glaring at St. Marrok’s gate glowing in fae light under the harvest moon. “Trish, I hate you for this.”

My skin almost jumped off my skeleton when a sad voice spoke behind me: “You don’t hate her, Becca. You miss her.”

I spun around. Maxine, shaved head, cloven hooves, and the saddest eyes this side of mine.  “If it isn’t the goblin princess.”

Maxine just accepted the barb like that was all she got in life, and I hated myself.

She sniffed back some tears making me feel even lower and said,

“Since you were seven, you and Trish have been a team on the streets. Now, she’s got Toomey Starks.  Alice has Victor somehow back from the dead.  And you’re alone … just like me.”

I arched an eyebrow.  “What about wolf girl?”

“Don’t call her that,” Maxine said.  “Higgins has been accepted back into the pack for saving St. Marrok's.”

Maxine looked forlorn at the moon.  “She’s out in the swamp right now, running with the pack happy ... without me.”

She blinked back tears.  “And I’m alone.  No one wants to be with a freak.”

I tapped her chin with a light touch of my knuckles.  “I’ve been called a 'no one' all my life, Princess.  Let’s be lonely together.”

A deep voice behind us said, “Or how about shelving the self-pity long enough to save the werewolf from the trap her pack has set for her.”

Damn! I turned around. Wolf Howl, the Lakota shaman. Victor had taken his first look at him and muttered, “Jeff Chandler” whoever the hell that was.

“A trap?” hushed Maxine.

Wolf Howl said, “Higgins left the pack to help all of us save the world.  The pack doesn’t forgive desertion.”

Maxine grabbed the shaman’s arm.  “We have to save her!”

Wolf Howl turned to me.  “You want in?”

I snorted, “What’s in it for me?”

He scowled, “Are you the only one you care about?”

“Well, I’m certainly number one on my list.”

Maxine flinched, but I winked at her. “But I make time  … for family.”

Maxine squealed, hugging me as Wolf Howl muttered, “White girls.”

I smiled at Maxine.  “Men. You can’t live with them, and they’re too many to kill.”

{Images courtesy of the talented Leonora Roy}


  1. Now that is definitely a different take on the friendship theme. Love the line, "Men. You can't live with them, and they're too many to kill."
    Great addition, thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Roland
    A character I haven't seen yet. Sarcasm is often a defense mechanism. You handled it well, playing each off the other. Well written as always. Love it.

  3. Yolanda:
    Yes, Becca is a sardonic teen with miles of sass! Lonely but afraid to show it.

    Becca and Maxine are two of the 7 "sisters" who fight Ragnarok in New Orleans, of all places, in END OF DAYS. Victor Standish even makes a showing in the adventure!

  4. I enjoyed reading this. Sad but uplifting in a strange way. Great writing.

  5. I really liked this image: My skin almost jumped off my skeleton.

    I knew there would be a trap, lol. But ya know, this isn't a FW/RU prompt. No competition, just evil loathing and vindictiveness.

    Thanks for sharing your excerpt Roland. Always a pleasure.

    And this is one of my favorite Bette Midler songs.


  6. Yay!! Glad Maxine found some company and family!! Go Girl!! Take care

  7. Seriously good scene you've written Roland!

  8. Suzanne:
    Sometimes at ebb tide a treasure is revealed that we would never have seen when the tide was with us. I'm glad you enjoyed this snippet.

    You know me too well! :-) "I hate my beautiful best friend" sounded like a prompt to me. And Trish transformed is beautiful ... and off with her boy friend ignoring poor Becca. :-(

    Maxine doesn't realize what a beautiful soul she has and how surrounded by those who care for her she is. How is Charlie doing?

    Glad you liked my scene. How is the job mistreating you? Better I hope. :-)

    It is one of my favorite Bette Midler songs, too.

  9. Well, thank God there's too many of us to kill!

  10. Hello,
    Riveting throughout, but really liked the beginning and the end. Intriguing excerpt..

  11. Well-written scene, especially the last line.

  12. Hope things are better with you. Great scene selection for the challenge. As others have said here in the comments, I'm loving that last line.

  13. 'Too many to kill', LOL, love that! Your writing is like poetry Roland, it practically sings, this piece in particular. Well done!

  14. Alex:
    Sometimes though I feel the spotlight on me! :-)

    I think it's important to have a great start with a hook or laugh of a finish, don't you? I am so pleased that you liked this snippet.

    I laughed at that last line from Becca myself. She took full credit for it, of course!

    Becca is getting a swell head from all the compliments on her last line! :-)

    After a tiring, weary 400 mile day, your words about my entry made me smile wide. Thanks! I get to work all this weekend,too! Whew! 7 days straight is a killer!

  15. A powerful excerpt Roland. Becca vs Maxine huh, friends? Sounds like they form an alliance eventually. I, also, adore that Bette Midler song.
    I enjoyed Hemingway on writing above, also.

  16. Denise:
    Becca felt deserted by Trish, her friend of seven years, when Trish seemingly forgot all about Becca with her crush on Toomey Starks. Maxine just got on her bad side by trying to be understanding. But, yes, they do form an alliance.

    Bette Midler's song here is one of my favorites. I'm happy Hemingway gave you a bit of enjoyment, too. :-)

  17. Becca is a self-centered little thing, isn't she? No wonder she's lonely

  18. Hi, Roland,

    Some FANTABULOUS imagery here. Like Donna said I loved, "My skin almost jumped off my skeleton."

    I always enjoy these visual treats from your novels....

  19. Heather Murphy:
    If you read her traumatic 7th year in the beginning of THE RIVAL, you will understand why she is the way she is. Think THE WAlKING DEAD.

    I believe this Christmas will be your season! Thanks for the kind words.

  20. Dear Roland,

    I love the opening:'I was haunted by whispers. Did you know memories have voices? They do.'
    Memories can really be that vivid.

    And then I also like this line: 'I've been called a "no-one" all my life, Princess. Let's be lonely together.'

    I can't wait to read what you post for Halloween! I hope you will post for Birthday Madness too.

    Best wishes,
    RFW No. 45 - 'Oh how I hate my beautiful friend'

  21. I enjoyed this one! Love the little quip at the end :)