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Sunday, September 2, 2012


Thanks to the lovely Candilynn Fite:


It is hosted by the equally lovely Deana Barnhart:

Here are the questions we are to answer to break the ice with one another:

Where do you write?

I write in the kitchen where all the necessities are to be found: hot tea, cold coke, and dark chocolate!

-Quick. Go to your writing space, sit down and look to your left. What is the first thing you see?

I see the stuffed German Shepherd puppy in his fluffy bed, his battery-operated side going up and down as if he were sleeping. Little Buddy never makes a mess and relaxes me as I write!

-Favorite time to write?

No favorite time. As a harried rare blood courier, I write whenever I can squeeze some pages in. I try to write at least one page per sitting.

-Drink of choice while writing?

Hot tea. Captain Picard, Jayne of THE MENTALIST, and I love hot tea. :-)

-When writing , do you listen to music or do you need complete silence?

I listen to soundtracks mostly: Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, John Williams, James Horner, etc. Like Candilynn Fite, I also listen to PANDORA.

-What was your inspiration for your latest manuscript and where did you find it?

THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT was inspired in a sense by THE HUNGER GAMES and my desire to have my scamp of a hero right the wrongs in my END OF DAYS.

-What's your most valuable writing tip?

The best tip I've found is from Ernest Hemingway (whose ghost often visits this blog) who said the key to success was NOT writing. It was RE-WRITING.

D. G. Hudson thought the teaser cover blurb to this image was best. What do you think?

And thanks to the second person who has bought THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH. Right now, after the hospital, it means more than I can say! :-)

Victor Quote of the Day:
"Don’t let your mind wander. It’s too little to be let out alone."

On Amazon's Best Selling Haunted New Orleans list, my books (BURNT OFFERINGS, THE RIVAL, CREOLE KNIGHTS & THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH)

are #7, 8, 10, ll respectively! Odd in that only LEGEND has sold a mere 3 copies! Does anyone understand Amazon's math?


  1. Hi Roland, joined the gearing up to get an angent last year and had a lot of fun, hope you do too. WIll have to see if I get get some of that tea (always wondered what kind of tea he was drinking), glad you are feeling better.

  2. Love the idea of your battery operated dog! As you say doesn't need food or walks.

  3. Picard and Jayne do like their tea, don't they?
    And think the cover is wicked.

  4. Even in your time of crisis, you take the opportunity to shout out for others. Thanks. You must've had a scary/crazy week last week. Hoping your recovery is swift.

    I'll be looking for you during GUTGAA. I hope you participate w/ a few of the pitch sessions, if not all of them.

    I drink tea during my night writing, usually chamomile, but I also like spicy teas, cinnamon and orange spice. I like the tip from Hemingway. It's so true.

  5. Excellent music choices! John Williams is my all time favorite

  6. Mighty fine cover, Roland -- and I'm a chai fan, so add me to your list of tea-drinkers!

  7. Siv:
    Did you get an agent out of it last year? Oh, Earl Captain Picard drinks. I tried it. Argggh! Simple black tea for me. :-) Each day I'm getting stronger. Can you believe it? I forgot completely that tomorrow is Labor Day in the States. I'm on call, of course, but it may not be so bad for my first day back!

    Yes, Little Buddy is low maintanance! He reminds me of Hercules, the German Shepherd/Norweigan Elk Hound mix that died when my home burned.

    Yes, I am really pleased with the cover. Now, to get it written. I'm on page 83. Like Dean Koontz, I edit as I write. It makes the final polish so much easier.

    I've given up my hope of finding an agent. What they want, I obviously do not have. But I may still participate in a few pitch sessions.

    I just believe that when you are hurting, the bruises smart less if you get caught up in helping others.

    And if a freind or two get an agent because I pointed out this blogfest that would make my day! :-)

    Yes, John's "DUEL OF THE FATES" and "OBI-WAN VERSUS ANAKIN" and "ACROSS THE STARS" all impacted my apocalyptic fantasy END OF DAYS.

    I also listen to jazz when I write of McCord's haunted jazz club. :-)

    We hot tea drinkers have to band together! Thanks for the kind words about the cover. Leonora Roy deserves all the credit.

  8. I learned to drink hot tea from three British ladies (co-workers)when I moved to Canada. My fave tea: Earl Grey.

    We watch the Mentalist, too. He has nice eyes, and wit. Glad you're back to your regular posting, Roland.

  9. Hi Roland. I'm with you with the hot tea. I drink it constantly, yet when I'm out, I drink coffee. Go figure...

  10. I'm definitely more of a spicy tea girl- Cinnamon Vanilla is one of my faves. The cover is beautiful. Does the cover art inspire your stories? Happy to see you in GUTGAA. Feel better.

  11. D.G.:
    Earl Grey? You and Captain Picard like the same tea! Make it so! :-)

    I understand completely. I like a certain brand, Lipton, and out in the World, they seldom serve it for hot tea!

    Didn't Leonora Roy do a fantastic job. And yes, her covers inspire some elements of my novels. I wrote THE RIVAL, sparked by her cover image. Likewise with the original cover for BEST OF ENEMIES which got hate email so I changed the cover and the title, END OF DAYS. I try to be considerate of my female readers.

    The original cover to BEST OF ENEMIES made it as an interior illustration to END OF DAYS though. It was too good not to be seen and appreciated.

    Since I have given up on getting an agent or to be published by any small press, I probably will not do too much of GUTGAA. I spotlighted it for my friends who are still searching. :-)

  12. I haven't said it yet, but I love your cover. That is one wicked looking woman! The all black eyes are wonderful!

    And love the line from Victor - I started reading the first book this weekend and loved the prologue!

  13. A battery operated dog? I think I should get a battery operated cat; one that does more purring than whinning.


  14. Lara:
    Didn't Leonora Roy out-do herself with this cover? Victor is, indeed, a scamp. I'm glad you liked the prologue to the first book. Victor is a never-say-die kind of rascal. :-)

    Little Buddy reminds me of Hercules who I lost in my home burning down. And Little Buddy appears sleeping peacefully which is calming. :-)

  15. Grin. I like Hemingway too. I'll have to show up when he's visiting.