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Thursday, September 5, 2013


Hart Johnson is braving the Serial Waters

and is releasing a 10 part serial A SHOT IN THE LIGHT.

To celebrate this event, Hart is hosting the apocalyptic blogfest

where we state what we feel will be the end of our world.

My thought?

WE will end ourselves.

whether by nano-technology mistakes or biological tampering or by refusing to read the writing on nature's wall ...

WE will end ourselves.

Fittingly, Yeats completed “Under Ben Bulben” on this day in 1938.

It is regarded by most as his last great poem, given his death five months later

 and his designation of its famous last lines for his gravestone under the shadow of Ben Bulben.

Cast a cold eye
on life, on death.
Horseman, pass by!


  1. I tend to agree that we'll be the ones to end ourselves. We do more damage in so many ways than anything else can throw at us.

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse

  2. Here for the blogfest. Great entry and unfortunately so true.
    ~Vanessa at Traveling Cats

  3. We'll certainly make a mess of things by the end.

  4. Oh, so sadly I agree with you, Roland. Just like the Romans, but more so... our own undoing because we do too much and don't pay heed to the cautions.

    Thank you so much for participating and helping to spread the word!

  5. Shannon:
    Sadly, it is in our nature to destroy ourselves.

    Thanks for the visit. Yes, we only have to look in the mirror to see the face of our end,

    We've kinda made a mess of things right now!

    Best of luck with your serial!!

  6. So true, we are our own worst enemies! As individuals or as a whole we fail to heed the warnings!

  7. We will suffer the consequences of our actions against the environment: our air, our oceans and our land. A slow death, rather than a quick one.

    Interesting blogfest. Just dropped by.

  8. Hi Roland. I must skitter over to Hart's and look at this blogfest. I have just been doing 'Death' poetry with a student. We honed in on Emily Dickenson and Rumi. There is a strong belief in the afte-life in these poets. As for the End of the World -- humans at their worst are crazy, at least the humans with their love of warmongering. Maybe we will hasten along the inevitable.

  9. the end is near... i am wearing a sign that says so.. so it's true.

  10. A fun blogfest - and just before the start of Walking Dead too :)

    I agree, we'll probably off ourselves somehow. Perhaps one of our pleading space messages will be answered by a race that considers Humans a delicacy.

    Love the Stranger Tides clip. Such a good movie, and I'm glad it did not feature Elizabeth and Will. Their story was truly over.

    However, I clicked on The Little Mermaid clip showing in the thumbnails, and was engrossed for the last about an hour with Shiloh's amazing story. I was sad to see in a further google search she had died at age 10 from complications of pneumonia. I had hoped they would be able to place her in a back brace or something to accomodate her balance problem.

    She seemed to be an inspiration to children of all ages and disabilities. The world is a sadder place without her inspiration.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to experience her story Roland. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.


  11. Yolanda:
    We seem to go out of our way to hurt ourselves!

    In the mid-sixties, John D. MacDonald wrote of our poisoning the land and the oceans. He thought by now the world's lakes and oceans would be sewers. Perhaps they are. Sigh.

    When Man shall have wiped himself from the face of the earth, if any amimals are left -- they will not miss us.

    Truth in advertising, right? :-)

    Yes, I had forgotten about the beginning of THE WALKING DEAD. I stopped watching towards the end of last season. The Governor was beginning to wear thin on me.

    I loved the music to the mermaid clip. So few watch my clips. I am always happy when you do. I did not know about little Shiloh. Sigh. In my worldview, she is with The Father now.

    As for the weekend ... sigh ... I am working solo again all weekend plus being on first call both days as well -- no rest for the weary!!