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Tuesday, September 10, 2013


D. G. Hudson wrote a great review for THE THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT:

A Trip into Dante's Hells, September 8, 2013


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This review is from: THE THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT (Kindle Edition)
Like descending into Dante's Hells, Victor Standish goes deeper and deeper into situations he's not meant to survive.
Everyone wants a bit of him.
In the beginning of this story, Victor is on his way to a duel with Andrew Jackson, in 1834.
At some point he is sent into the realm of Faerie.
In each time episode, the entourage who support him grows,
as does the danger lurking in the shadows.

Creatures, dark shapes and recognizable bad guys
are converging at some point in the distance.
They lurk, they smirk, and marvel at Victor's naivete.
Most want him dead,
but a few of his old friends stay close.
Sam, Alice, Coyote, and others are there
to lend a trick or two when needed.
With a mother called the Angel of Death,
Victor has to be quick on his feet.
He never knows when she'll show at precisely the right moment to throw him into another time era.
He knows he'll land on his feet,
most of the time.

The world inside Meilori's is a world
that gives no return guarantees.
Victor's a hero, but he's not in shining armor.
Make that street casual.
Do reviews help?
I bought this T-Shirt strictly from the reviews:

Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt
"Unfortunately I already had this exact picture tattooed on my chest, but this shirt is very useful in colder weather."
"I believe that wearing this t-shirt has made me a better man, which is remarkable because, well....I'm a chick."
"I had a two-wolf shirt for a while and I didn't think life could get any better. I was wrong. Life got 50% better, no lie."
Do reviews help?  The impossibly of answering such a question makes it all the tougher. There's no one single magic bullet. Most books don't sell well.
People look to see if others liked the book that they are considering gambling on -- especially if it is written by an unknown.
Do reviews help?  If any of you out there wish to write a hilarious review for THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT, please do so.
FIVE MORE REVIEWS and I draw from the reviewers for an autographed JOHNNY DEPP photograph.
A great cover image makes a promise to the reader. A poor cover image chases potential readers away. Great covers are aspirational. The reader aspires to feel something, and the cover promises that feeling.
Here's a quick test, and a challenge:

 If you were to strip away the title and author name, does your cover image tell the reader,

"this is the book you're looking for to experience [the feeling of first love for romance; fear for horror; edge of your seat suspense for thrillers; knowledge for a non-fiction how-to; an inspiring story of personal journey for a memoir, delicious home-cooked meals for a cookbook, etc]."
The human brain is programmed to process imagery faster than written words.

When a reader is browsing book listings, they're looking to have their attention arrested by something that speaks to them.

  Everything else is noise. Don't be the noise.


  1. Hopefully my covers scream action.
    Reviews do help, either on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any of the sites. And yes, the more the better.

  2. Alex:
    Your covers do scream action. And now you know why I offer enticements for honest reviews. :-)

  3. I read reviews to find out the seed of the story. That's how I determine what to buy. I might skim-read a few reviews to see if the novel is something I'd like.

    Your post surprised me.

  4. D.G.:
    I read reviews for much the same reason as you do. I hope my post pleasantly surprised you. It was my tip of the Stetson to you. :-)

  5. I almost always read reviews. And I love covers!

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