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Sunday, September 1, 2013


Your eBook cover is like a Bikini ...

Covering the bare essentials while teasing with promises of mysteries to be unveiled.

A compelling cover design that captures your story and genre while still standing out and being special is a must!

The cover and blurb power combo will get readers to pick you your book.

Your writing should get them to see it through to the end.

The cover has to still look good and be readable in thumbnail size since people will be browsing on their phones, their e-readers, online etc.

Cover art is one of the most effective marketing tools an author can use.

You brand yourself with that image and it will be seen over and over again in conjunction with whatever promotion you do for your work.

Buyers WILL judge your book by its cover - because they have to!

Apart from the sales copy on your web page, the cover of your ebook is the only thing they've got to go on when deciding whether or not to buy.

1: The Title

Your ebook title needs to be short and punchy.

Thumbnails are cruel to long titles. I, of course, have to be different!

But you, my friends, have to write tight!

2: Choice of fonts

Ebook covers are small so you need to use fonts that are compact and easy to read.

3: The Illustration

An ebook cover that's just plain text can be pretty boring.

An image will liven up your design.

Whether you use a photo or some other graphic, the image you use needs to key into the theme of your ebook and help to get your message across.

4: Color

Color is another useful tool in the design of your ebook cover. Colors have their own energies - red is forceful, blue is conservative, green is calming, yellow is exciting, and so on.

Pick one main color that ties in with the theme of your ebook and use other colors sparingly. Like fonts, using too many can obscure your message.

5: Image quality

Your cover image must be razor sharp and crystal clear to sell your ebook! Too many of the ebook images you see on the Internet are fuzzy and flat.

One way to get good image quality is to design at a larger scale that the final image size. it's easier to work on and reducing the design to the required size will enhance its clarity.

People WILL judge your ebook by its cover so design it well. Remember, the better the cover, the bigger the sales!


What do you think of Leonora Roy's new cover for THE RIVAL?


  1. She's half naked - I approve!
    I've been very pleased with the covers my publisher made for my series. The are sharp, well done, and the title art distinct.

  2. She's doing a half-Lady Godiva.

    You'd think the graveyard would be drafty.

  3. D.G.:
    That is Delphine LaLaurie, the ghost of New Orleans' Jill the Ripper -- quite mad -- a chill doesn't bother a ghost! :-)

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