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Thursday, September 19, 2013


Did you know there are no ceilings in Meilori's?

Most times you can only see rolling layers of mist.  Other times you catch glimpses of sparkling, swaying branches, their leaves chiming in songs old when first the angels flew.

If you peer closely you will see the fluttering wings of Vedfolnor,

the eagle who is thinking of new insults for Ratatoskr to fling at the dragon, Níðhöggr (Malice Striker)

who eternally gnaws at the roots of the World Tree, Yggdrasil.

I was alone at my table at Meilori's, trying to recover from my interviews with Jeremy Hawkins and Alex Cavanaugh when I heard tapping BENEATH the floor to my right.

Yes, there are floors at Meilori's.  Mostly crimson carpet with random squares of mirror cast like stars in a dappled night sky.  (Elu gets hungry).

I looked down at the mirror which seemed to be vibrating like a  boiling steam kettle. 

Suddenly, a large red squirrel burst from the mirror, sending sharp shards up in a deadly cloud of razored light.

"Ratatoskr!" I exclaimed.  "That's 7 years of bad luck."

Ratatoskr happily chittered as he scrambled up onto my table top.  "Your superstition not mine.  Not mine!"

He eyed my glass of ice tea and took it in his two front claws and gulped. 

He made a face as if poisoned --"Pooie!"

The red squirrel snatched the sugar bowl and emptied its whole contents into my glass, taking a deep, sloppy gulp. 


"Now I know why you're so hyper!"

Ratatoskr reared up on his hind legs.  "Hyperion?  You are thinking Olympus.  I am of Asgard.  Asgard!"

He scrambled up on my shoulder and leaned his ear next to mine.  "OOOOH!  I hear the sounds of the sea!"

"Very funny."

Ratatoskr snickered, "I thought so.  I am too late for Siv Maria's interview?"

I groaned, "That's coming October 8th and 9th!"

Ratatoskr shook his tiny left wrist at me.  "Watches I do not carry."

"You mean calenders."

"Those either," he gleefully chittered.

"Ratatoskr, you're supposed to have a question I can give Siv to answer, too."

The huge red squirrel scampered all about the table and stopped to take another huge gulp of the ice tea so full of sugar, the contents looked as if a snowstorm was swirling in its amber depths.

"Oh, I have a question: 'What did one dragon say to the other?"

"What?" I said with dread.

"Mother said there would be knights like these!"

Ratatoskr fell on his back giggling and holding his furry tummy.  He scampered back to his rear legs.

"Oh, I have another one -- What did Níðhöggr say when he saw St. George?"

"I don't want to know."

Ratatoskr answered anyway.  "Oh, no!  Not more tinned food!"

My table shook violently, and I was hurled from my flying chair.  An emerald head the size of a Mack truck thrust up from the splintering floor. 

"I HEARD THAT, YOU FURRED RAT!" roared Níðhöggr.

Ratatoskr yeeped and scampered at the speed of light up the massive trunk of Yggdrasil that suddenly shimmered to my left.

Without having seen her arrive, Alice Wentworth, her hands billowing acid mist, was at my side and murmured,

"Dragon, I wonder how your eyes will taste?"

Victor's mother, in long black robes, her face an eternally laughing skull, spoke in the sounds of crushed, withered leaves,

"Níðhöggr, do not rush your time."

The dragon grumbled something about hiding behind women's skirts and went back under the floor of Meilori's.

Samuel McCord strolled up to me, and I groaned inside, but he only winked, "I'm gonna have to charge you extra for all that sugar, son."





  1. With all that sugar I hope the Tea was decaf.

  2. Ratatoskr needs to ease back on his sugar intake.

  3. Hi Roland! Thanks for the wonderful shout out. I love that pesty little squirrel and you did a great job bringing him to life, I agree with the others, he really should cut back on that suger! I hope those are not the questions he has for me on the 8th when I come for a visit. I am really looking forward to it!

    Loved the video as well. Some of this I have incorperated into my book, I guess you know that :)

  4. Ratatoskr is a delight. Although I have a thing about squirrels. I'm in a constant giggle with those in my yard. What comics!

  5. Of course I'll be here when Siv shows up. I'm already signed on for the blogfest on Oct. 9th.

    Should be interesting, Roland!
    I'm learning more about Norse mythology as I research for my post.

  6. David:
    Oops! No, it wasn't decaf. But Ratatoskr is a sturdy Asgardian squirrel!

    Sugar intake? You should see him eat chocolate bars!

    And Ratatoskr loves you back. Sometimes when he sits at my table, munching dark chocolate bars and swilling Coke with added sugar, he can be a hoot!

    No, his real questions will come to you via email on Monday -- if I can ever catch up to the little guy. When he runs at light speed, he is hard to pin down!

    I hoped you would like the video since while reading your wonderful book, I saw you did, indeed, incorporate much of Norse myth into it. :-)

    I love squirrels too. Is your own squirrel book on Kindle yet? If so, let me know, for you will have another sale!

    Keep an eye out for Ratatoskr now since he heard you love squirrels ... but keep your sugar bowl under lock and key!

    You learned a bit of Norse mythology from my THREE SPIRIT KNIGHT. Now, with Siv's book, you will be quite educated in it.

    Look forward to seeing you here on the 8th and 9th!

  7. Hehehe! That was so much fun. I'm always amazed at the energy squirrels have!

  8. Christina:
    Add all that sugar, chocolate, and caffine intake Ratatoskr ingests -- and you can imagine that Asgardian squirrel's energy!! I'm really happy you enjoyed my little pals exploits. :-)

  9. Gads Roland, you about gave me a heart attack: I thought I'd missed the Norse blogfest!

    This was a "sweet" story, hehehe.


  10. Donna:
    Sorry. I try to give a preview of the blogfests I'm in to direct more traffic to them if possible.

    Ratatoskr giggled at your "sweet" comment! :-) Watch out. He moves at light speed you know. If you end up seeing tiny claw prints on your kitchen table and the sugar bowl missing ... well, I warned you! :-)