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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


The shades of years past watch us.

We, of the modern age, stumble and bumble our way,

sure of our sophistication and education.

But what if there are principles of which we are unaware that take no notice of our ignorance of them ...

only chastise us when we break them.

After all, gravity takes no breaks ...

it only gives them

Take "First Foot,"

a custom concerning the first visitor of the New Year to a home.

His function is to bring prosperity and good fortune for the ensuing 12 months to those he visits.

He comes just as soon as possible after midnight, bringing gifts which symbolize plentiful food, health, and wealth. Sometimes he carries an evergreen branch as a symbol of continuing life.

Strict rules govern the choice of First Foot:

Male always for he symbolizes the New Year.

No redheads need apply.

The luckiest representative is a dark-haired stranger, symbolizing a new year full of undiscovered mysteries.

An old form of First Foot has the visitor entering silently,
greeted by none.

He goes straight to the hearth, laying the evergreen branch on the fire and a sprig of mistletoe on the mantle above. Then, he turns and greets those living in the home, and festivities ensue.

I wonder what thought first visited the homes of our minds last year?

Did it symbolize the atmosphere, the temper of our thoughts for the remaining 12 months?

What thought do you think should first visit your mind this New Year? What First Foot will be your physical first visitor?

Can you remember who first entered your home last January? Did he or she reflect the luck and temper of the following 12 months?

Just thought it would be fun to think on these questions, Roland


  1. Hmm,my red headed son would protest this post, lol.


  2. Since the first thing I do every year is kiss my wife, that will likely be my first thought.
    Followed by thoughts of sleeping.
    Happy New Year, Roland.

  3. the first thing is not to take anything for granted, i have been lucky to have such wonderful people in my life. the bad stuff will end, really only so much that there can be.

    rise above it all...

    i don't remember yesterday, i couldn't even know where to start thinking about the first thing last year...

    have a grand start to the new year, may your hope and challenges be met with the strengths you need to embrace and conquer them....


  4. Donna:
    I guess they meant Vikings through the door at midnight was generally not a good thing! :-)

    Give your wife an extra hug for me. May your New Year be filled with wonderful surprises.

    Life and the good things are so fragile and short-lived -- you're right, Jeremy. Appreciate the beauty and fun of the moment.

    And bad times have shelf-lives, too. They just seem to drag on forever!

    Thanks for the encouragement and your friendship.

    Yes, may God grant us light enough for the next step and the strength and wisdom to take it. :-)

  5. I never heard of this concept before. I have no idea what my first thought visitor will be, but I hope it's a story idea.

    Happy New Year, Roland. I hope your 2014 is wonderful.

  6. J E:
    Me, I'm hoping my first thought will the correct 6 numbers for the Lotto!

    Happy New Year to you, too. :-) May our 2014 be healing and happy!

  7. There are other cultures which also have a precedent of the first person to enter your door. It's usually male, as the protector, I'd assume. I'm not much for gender specific traditions, for obvious reasons.

    I'd just rather that the first person was a good friend rather than a bearer of bad news.
    Happy New Year, Roland!

  8. D,G.:
    LOL. I just like to browse unusual traditions for common things and events. I am forever the curious child asking "Why?"

    HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, too! :-)

  9. Hi Roland .. first foot last year was a virus - sent me to bed and out of the world for a good few weeks .. this year - probably the postman or the workmen - sad isn't it ..

    But my thoughts are positive with my plans .. need to clear the old and clutter away and start afresh .. my New Year will be February .. Candlemas Day ..

    But January is happy and positive anyway .. Happy New Year to you - and may much good luck be on the cards for you and your books in 2014 - cheers Hilary

  10. I think that my Puerto-Rican friend was the first to show up. Not a redhead, certainly.

  11. Hilary:
    I think my first visitor last year was in July. I guess I am a solitary man! :-)

    I hope the flu or the virus is never a visitor to your place this year!

    Thanks for the good wishes for me and my books. And Happy Future Candlemas Day!

    Not unless your friend was wearing a wig! :-)