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Sunday, December 14, 2014


LENNY LEE sent me a nice Thank You for the eCard I sent him:

So, Lenny,

I thought I'd bring back the Christmas tale of Victor Standish I wrote just for you. Hope you enjoy it:

{Don't be concerned. Victor Standish has never met a monster he couldn't out-fox.}

Now for


The tolling of a lonely church bell echoed distant in the too quiet night.

The first Christmas after Katrina found New Orleans nearly deserted.

The children's ward at Memorial Hospital was filled. 

Sleepy-eyed kids my age and younger were tossing fitfully in their hospital beds.

Thanks to Captain Sam, each child had a doll, teddy bear, or an actual New Orleans Saints football.

They were all sleeping with them tucked secure in their arms.

And an apple was on each of their nightstands.

I didn't know how he was doing it, but no matter how many apples the kids ate, another one took its place.

"So they'll know they will always have something to eat," he had told me as he left me on guard here.

Yeah, on guard.

Santa Claws was coming to town tonight for all the good little boys and girls.

Santa the revenant (think Vlad the Impaler ... but without as many morals.)

The Bourbon Street Irregulars were stretched thin tonight. I was all by myself.

So many children to protect from the ancient bloodbroker.

Yeah, he stole the blood of every good little girl and boy to sell to other revenants on the black market all through the year.

The blood of innocence was a delicacy to bloodsuckers the world over. 

I stood with my back to the far wall, looking warily into the shadows.

The fat revenant appeared right next to me, his red hat set at a impish angle.

"Ho! Ho! Ho!," he rasped, his fangs going for my throat.

Right into his gaping mouth I thumbed two ball bearings washed in the melted snows of Eden.

"Suck on these, Santa!" 

He grabbed his throat, the smoke of his burning flesh coming out of his open mouth in billowing, foul-smelling clouds.

Hitting the floor with a heavy thud, he croaked into the night.

"To me, my elves!"

By this time all the children were awake, their eyes round with horror. I figured my own eyes were a little wide themselves.

Twelve slender elves in Christmas velvet and short, short skirts padded out of the darkness towards me, their steel fingernails long and sharp.

I ground my teeth. "You have got to be kidding me."

Santa might have been hurting, but he looked up and flashed me a death-head's smile. "My Slay Belles in the night."
The really pretty elves in really short skirts and long fangs started to flank me. There were too many. 

I didn't have enough ball bearings. Heck, I didn't have enough me

I couldn't handle them all.

I was so dead.

Then, the children started to pelt the elves with the apples. For every apple they threw, another took its place. 

Now, a dozen apples are a pain. Dozens of dozens of apples thrown by scared spitless kids are something else again.

The elves went down.  

Hissing like snakes, they rose and started for the kids. I did some pelting of my own ...

with my deadly ball bearings washed in the snows of Eden.

I took out three. 

The other nine wheeled about and charged me, only to be pelted again by the apples. 

Some broke upon impact, disintegrating the elves one by one.

I realized how Captain Sam had gotten those apples to magically appear. 

He must have watered them with the melted snows of Eden. 

No wonder those revenant elves went up in smelly smoke at the touch of their juices.

I turned to see Santa right at my throat. "You've been a very naughty boy, Victor. Time to die."

I saw Alice, in her short-skirted Christmas Gothic Lolita outfit, form out of mist behind him.

"But he hasn't been naughty with me, yet, Santa."

She winked at me. "Leave you alone for a minute and there you go, throwing yourself at pretty elves."

"Close your eyes, kids!," I yelled, seeing the smile die in her neon-blue eyes.

There must have something to the tone of my voice because all the kids covered their eyes. 

And Alice ... well, Alice, my ghoul friend, had a midnight snack.

A few Santa screams later, Alice flowed to me, licking her bloody fingers. 

"My first Christmas butterball turkey. Yum!"
A Christmas Haiku:

Christmas Moon looks down,
Alice's hand squeezes mine,
Stolen kiss is best.

{You know me - I couldn't resist putting in some yucky romantic stuff for the ladies who read my blog, too. LOL.}

Here's one of my favorite Christmas video's, Lenny. I hope you  enjoy it!  Roland


  1. I'm so glad those nasty trampy elves went up in smelly smoke!

    This was a fun, dark turn of the usually sticky-sweet stories that are out this time of year (Although I'll always be a sucker for The Bisthop's Wife). I liked how you set the story up at the beginning with those apples.

  2. So doctors aren't the only thing to be kept away with apples...
    A seriously underrated fruit.

  3. hi mr roland!

    for sure til after christmas im keeping apples on the table by my bed. now i just gotta figure out where i could get them edenized.

    thanks for thinking of me. cool video!

    ...hugs from lenny

  4. Helena:
    No trashy elves allowed ... unless they play nice! :-)

    I try for Christmas tales that make you smile and think. Always good to see you here!

    Elephant's Child:
    LOL. Yes, I even love apple butter ... when I can find it!

    I think apples by your bed is smart. Just seeing them will give Santa Claws and his elves misgivings!

    I'm glad you liked the video. Victor and Alice send their Christmas Greetings. Alice would give you a hug, but we shouldn't tempt her to nibble your ear lobe!! :-)

  5. Hi Roland .. good story for Lenny - ghoulish read .. as you say it's meant to be! Apples - they sound a good alternative to our snacks left out for Santa ...

    The Something in the Air is a lovely song .. am enjoying it ... cheers and thanks for including Lenny .. Hilary