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Saturday, April 4, 2015

D is for DEFYING GRAVITY and DAY BREAK_ Cancelled too soon

This short-lived 2009 TV series
(A Canadian/American joint effort)
followed the crew of the spaceship Antares on their mission to explore our solar system.

The story unfolds by interspersing flashbacks to the astronauts’ training period 

with the actual live mission as they leave Earth for their first destination, Venus.

Their time in space is filmed as part of a reality show that is beamed back to Earth so that planet-bound audiences can follow their progress.

But a series of mishaps besets the crew which leads to the revelation of a mysterious presence known as “Beta” on board the ship

 which is affecting the behavior of the crew members and may jeopardize their mission.

ABC didn't understand the quality, absorbing, and well-written show they had on their hands, cancelling it after only 8 episodes.

 If Netflix has it, do yourself a favor and watch the full 13 episodes.


Think an intellectual GROUNDHOG DAY played for drama. 

It's not often ABC stars a black man as the central figure in a suspense/action/thriller.  Do yourself a favor.  Netflix has this last I checked.

A police detective is re-living the worst day of his life: 

he is framed for murder, his girlfriend is murdered to show what will happen to his sister if he does not confess.


Unlike Groundhog Day, he can die; his wounds don't heal, stitches do not carry over, 

and he somehow knows that if he does not solve the murder, he will stay in this insane cycle forever.

In one episode many days play over and over: 

Sometimes 30 in one episode.  

Lives he fails to save one day mysteriously impact the reliving of the next day.

It resolves at the end in ways that satisfy. 

 Don't miss it.


  1. Yet again, programs I have not heard of, much less seen. Goodness I am ignorant. Thank you for the light you are shining into the darkness.

  2. I have heard of both, but never watched either... it's funny how Baldwin is in everything is you start looking... from CHUCK to ANGEL...

  3. I haven't heard of these shows. I don't know how Netflix works, but it is so very nice to be back here, visiting with you. Hope all is well and thank you for all your support and kind words.

  4. I've never watched them either, but if they are on NetFlix, I will place them in the queue!

  5. Hi Roland .. Day Break sounds very interesting .. I somehow doubt I'll see either .. but perhaps - who knows .. cheers Hilary

  6. More shows I didn't know - this theme is an education. I guess they weren't shown outside the US.

  7. Elephant's Child:
    They were gone almost as soon as they got on the air. No need for you to have noticed them. I got them in their DVD collections and mourned that the studios failed to give them a chance. :-(

    He is now in the excellent THE LAST SHIP (and yes, I will be talking of it for the L post!)

    I am so happy to see you here! I have worked 10 hours straight, driving 400 miles -- and I am pooped!!!!!! But now, I feel much better seeing you here. You are in my prayers day and night. :-)

    You can probably pick up a cheap DVD collection of them both on eBay or Amazon, too.

    At least with DAYBREAK, they were allowed to complete the story so that it resolves all the questions. :-)

    DEFYING GRAVITY was a joint Canadian/American project so I think it would be on in Canada or perhaps even shown in 2010 on the BBC. Thanks for visiting. My job as rare blood courier is killing me!!