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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

X Is For Myth and Mystery

I am drawn to XENA because, to me, it is a mythical tale of revenge, love, and redemption.

Sandra drily replies that Xena's long legs and black leather corset have nothing to do with it, right?

Did you think the 300 Spartans stopped the Persian's first rush? 

No.  It was Xena, daughter of Ares.


And Now Fox is making a new 6 Episode X-FILES!

When David left the show, I left as a viewer.
How about you?


  1. Hi Roland - I'll have to come back to see the clips .. I love Gillian Anderson and it's great she's working in London. I sort of watched the X-files ... but not religiously .. cheers Hilary

  2. I watched until the end, but it wasn't the same without him. That final season was just Scully crying in every episode.

  3. I'm not sure how I feel about a new X-file. However, I wasn't that interested in the first one. It creeped me out more than I could handle. haha

  4. Hilary:
    The first few seasons were my favorite. :-) I hope the new ones can recapture the magic!

    Yes, that grew very old! :-)

    It finally got too weird even for my best friend~

  5. I didn't watch much Xena. When it was on, I was at the age that I was gone a lot. My mom loved that along with Hercules. She might even have her tapes yet. We watch X-Files. My husband just introduced it to our daughter. The watched the series on Netflix. Except for the last one. Netflix had problems so they watched on Amazon Prime and watched both movies. Now, it is onto The Lone Gunmen. They are excited about the show being back. I watched it but I never got into it like they did.

  6. Only saw a few episodes of Xena, and I think your friend Sandra might be right. . . but a strong female is okay with me. We need a few good role models.
    David on X files, I didn't care for much as an actor and as a person. He didn't like Vancouver. . .some of us felt that way about him. I liked the female lead better.

  7. D.G.:
    Sometimes it is better not to know the personality of an actor of a show you enjoy, isn't it? I do think Gillian Anderson is a warm person. Lucy Lawless is supposed to be earthy and warm -- at least I can dream she is!

  8. The show dipped when he left. The secret of its success was the dynamics of the two leads. Take one away, and it doesn't work properly.

  9. Being a huge fan of The X-Files, I tried to stick with it when David left, but it just wasn't the same. I know that DD and GA had been told the show would end earlier and then FOX screwed it up. (Surprise). I think DD was just ready to do new stuff. I've never heard that DD didn't like Vancouver either.
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  10. L. Diane:
    The dynamic tension was gone -- you're right. :-(

    I heard Gillian had a crush on him & also DD was rude to her about not getting as high a raise as he had with "I can't help it if your agent isn't as good as mine."

    Lucy Lawless, on the other hand, insisted that the per cent of any raise she received on XENA be equaled for her co-star. "I have to work every day with her so it's just common sense!" :-) I think it was also because Lucy is a good person.

  11. I had pretty much stopped watching the X-Files when it went off the air, but then I missed it. It really was a pretty classic show, but with ups and downs.

    I knew you'd use X to talk about Xena! After all, you wrote a script for the show. And the fact that she ran around in that corset armor has nothing at all to do with your fascination with her. I myself only caught the show a few times, but the episodes I liked had not only comedy but songs, kinda Bollywood style.