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Saturday, April 18, 2015

P is for Precusor to Edward Snowden

is the Best TV show
you are probably NOT watching.

The Machine is actually an Artificial Intelligence who cares deeply for its creator, Howard Finch. 

Howard and his "Hands On" man, John Reese, a former Intelligence operative, gain new allies and new enemies:

crime lords, corrupt policemen, Intelligence Agencies (our own and foreign). 

Dangerous enemies turn out to be only pawns of even more deadly foes. 

Some enemies, like Root (Amy Acker) join their cause ... for their own reasons of course.

In the 4th Season (the present one), those still alive are reeling from a recent loss of a beloved comrade.

Finally they are up against a rival AI, Samaritan

with no ethical parameters, aiding our government for its own purposes.

For four seasons, PERSON OF INTEREST has won increasingly positive critical acclaim.

Samaritan has upped the ante: It wishes to control the American government and ultimately the world.

To humble the President into submission, Samaritan recently tried to crash Wall Street. 

Howard, Reese and the others raced in a suicide mission to stop it.

The Machine raced itself through simulations to find a scenario to save her Creator, the one human she is unwilling to sacrifice for the greater good.

No longer having the time to substitute real dialogue for her allies,

she replaces it with what they represent and why they are spoken:

But the machine learns that humans are not
chess pieces,
 and they can find it within themselves
to sacrifice themselves for those they love:

Do Yourself A Favor:
You can find episodes on YouTube.
Watch them.


  1. You are right, I am not watching this series. Yet. Thank you for the heads up.

  2. Elephant's Child:
    It is intriguing and suspenseful. I think you may like it. :-)

  3. No time, no time, like the little white rabbit. . .I'm sure I miss a lot of tv shows, but I'd rather read.

    I've been watching the Vikings show because they were trying to take Paris in the time after Charlemagne's rule. I watched two older movies the other day: I, Robot, and Matrix.

  4. D.G.:
    Life is a harsh mistress. Take what emotional recharging you can from whatever source renews you. :-)

  5. Hi Roland .. time would be a good find! I'm afraid I crash out with something mysterious, perhaps intelligen,t on occasions .. not a lot! I wonder if this will come here - could well do .. Sounds a good deal - thanks for the shout out for it .. cheers Hilary

  6. I watched the first season and then it kind of fell off the radar for me. Maybe I'll continue on NetFlix.

  7. Hilary:
    It intrigued me and then hooked me! Thanks for visiting me when I am gone most of the day!

    It becomes more and more intense and interesting. I think with your background in computers, you would like it. :-)

  8. My husband really likes this show. Watches it every week it is on and the reruns.


  9. Betty:
    Yea! I meet another PERSON OF INTEREST Fan! :-)

  10. Big fan of this show -- been watching it from the beginning. I was sold on the pilot. It had a real Batman-in-real-life feel to it. Then I realized Nolan created it. Makes total sense!

  11. This show had me with Michael Emerson and Jim Cavaziel. I believe it is also a JJ Abrams show (I think I mentioned it in a comment on the Alias blog)... now I'm going to have go back and see.

    Anyway, this is one of my favorite shows on right now. Just fantastic. Always. Plus the twists and turns. So many things have happened that I NEVER saw coming.

  12. We love Person Of Interest! Great synopsis!

  13. Yes, The Nolan brothers under JJ Abrams gave birth to this show. Fun, riveting show!

    Yes, you did mention it in the Alias post. I smiled, knowing what today would bring. :-) It is one of my favorite shows, too!

    A Gal Needs:
    Yet, another POI fan! I tried to do the show justice with my synopsis!

  14. Ah jeez! Another good show I haven't been watching. TV is becoming just too good anymore. Maybe I can catch the first few episodes soon.