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Sunday, May 10, 2015


The ghost of Gypsy must be purring happily in the Land That Knows No Shadow 

since 64 people have visited today and read the tribute post I did of her:

Why did so many visit that post today?  Who pointed it out?  I wonder such things.

It is Mother's Day after all.  

But today can be a lonely day for so many, and Gypsy's post speaks of unconditional love that heals.

Which might explain my most popular post: 


Do you have popular posts?  
What are they about?

I am still wondering why so many visited 
Gypsy today?


  1. Someone just needed some cat love and needed to be reminded how much our feline friends mean to us. I like cats and dogs, but my best buddies have all been cats. Gypsy was a beautiful cat, and perhaps her ghost sent readers to that post. . .after all, what female doesn't like reading lovely words written about them? As for the forever friends - those are hard to come by and everyone wants one. . . You're wondering a lot today, Roland!

    1. My most popular posts, other than the legend of Siegfried and Brunhildr (on the 21 Century Journal blog) are my Paris Posts Page on the Rainforest blog, Fitzgerald reviews also rate high.

  2. D.G.:
    Driving exhausted causes you to think some strange thoughts!

    Yes, forever friends are truly hard to come by, aren't they? I really love your Paris posts. I include the ghost of Fitzgerald as often as I do just for you. :-)

  3. Sadly at the moment I am getting lots and lots of visits from sites which if I track them down are Russian or Ukrainian porn. I have not the remotest idea what they are getting from my posts. Cold water for their overheated selves?

  4. Elephant's Child:
    That is odd! You have such beautiful photos on your site. Perhaps even deviants love Nature's Beauty?

  5. This happens to me sometimes too. Sometimes I discover someone has linked to an old post on their blog, buts sometimes it just seems to be random.

  6. Not sure why. Maybe people just crave cats on Mother's Day?
    I recently had to list my most popular ones for a guest post. I don't remember which one was the most popular, but one that included a movie poster for Thor was very popular.

  7. My most visited post shows as being something about music being taught in public schools. The only time I really notice that someone has been looking at an old post is when they comment on it and usually I guess it's because they found it on a Google search.

    What's really cool is when there is someone from my past or who has known someone that I've written about and they find my post and comment on it. I've encountered some interesting people that way though no ongoing correspondence ever came from it.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  8. Sean:
    You have interesting posts so I can see where someone looking up a historical topic would be led by Google to them. :-)

    You do so many guest posts that I can see where visitors would be tempted to search your archives. And Chris is attractive to the ladies! :-)

    To have someone from your past discover you again through one of your posts would be fantastic.

    Yes, I guess Google Search is the culprit for Gypsy's renewed popularity. Though her ghost insists it is her magnetic personality! Feline princesses!!

    I frequently check my blog's stats to see what my friends like to read about. :-)