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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


One of my oldest blogger friends has been gracious enough to have me on her blog 

in her delightful series: FROM THE COUCH WITH ...

The ever-more interesting and worthy Ann Carbine Best was so honored last week.  

Check it out here:

I had the crafty Apache diyi, Elu, whisk poor Denise to Meilori's so I would be on home ground!

So don't waste a moment more here, go visit's Denise's blog 

and see what the poor woman had to put up with from me!

D.G. Hudson talks of THE STARS BLEED AT MIDNIGHT that I wrote for her and Inger Wiltz.


A State Ball is being given in the Cairo of 1895.  

Upon the dance floor, Samuel and Meilori must contend with fellow dancers fresh from the grave.  

This waltz is being played:

           “Every moment of the night
            Forever changing places

      And they put out the star-light
            With the breath from their pale 

          Edgar Allan Poe


  1. Replies
    1. And thanks for doing so. I would hate for her visitor count to go down because of me!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Teresa. I would hate for Denise's numbers to go down because of me. :-)

  3. I've been there, done that. . .nice to see you taking a moment to talk to Denise. . .

    1. It was fun. Denise is an intelligent, warm lady. And thanks for visiting her, too. I hope you enjoyed hearing the waltz, Masquerade, that plays a part in THE STARS BLEED AT MIDNIGHT. :-)

    2. I do like waltzes and I imagined the scene since I've passed that part of the book. The music is vibrant and fits in with the visions of Meilori and Sam with his Stetson, easy to spot amid all the costumes. Thanks for the interlude.
      And to comment on Mac's feedback, I have no problem with your blog design, nor with the colour. Black suits the style of your writing and the tone of your stories. It's unfortunate that he has a dyslexic problem, but as a long-time reader, I like it. I'm know I'm at Roland's place, with the jazz club around the corner.

  4. The other day you posted about elements to use to scare people away...I've considered often sharing a couple things that you do that drives me nuts on your of the reasons I don't often visit unless I see something in your title that grabs my eye. Since that last post...I've decided to jump in.

    first. I'm dyslexic and busy kills me. The various fonts and colors. A definite turn off for me. Ask you other readers how they find it.

    Black background...may be just me, but except for reading my tablet at night, there is no room for a black background.

    Lastly...your post and titles go all over the place. I recommend one post, one topic. Streamline the text. I scan. If I can't find why I came to the blog I just exit.

    Don't mean to insult...but...just some feedback. -Mac

    1. Not insulted.

      I appreciate the feedback. The all white font drove many of my visitors crazy, making it hard for them to read. So I added color to the fonts.

      I hear you about the black background. If I lose it, I learned I can never get it back. Everyone has a white background for a good reason, right?

      I wish you would have pointed out a post where I rambled and was off topic of the title. Hard to change without seeing a concrete example.

      If my title is FIVE KEYS TO OFFENDING EVERYBODY ... by golly I list those 5 keys, hopefully entertainingly.

      Once my title was SEX BEATS FRIENDSHIP but my post was about how my post on friendship was more popular than mine on sex appeal.

      I try to use outline form in many of my posts to make it easier for my friends to digest

      To stress a point, I will use larger font. It is the teacher in me I guess.

      The video in this post relates to a comment by D.G. in Denise's interview with me that I am posting about -- and I like the clip and the tune.

      I appreciate you care enough to point out what bothers you ... and probably many, many others.

      I want you to come back and also those others, too. I will consider what you said.

      Thanks. :-)

  5. Okay then, I WON"T comment here. I'll just go visit you at Denise's.

  6. Helena:
    It's not the same when you don't comment here. :-) Thank you for visiting and commenting at Denise's!