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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Greetings_A YEAR LATER

Words Crafter's first year anniversary for her blog was today. It got me to thinking. Hey, I started a year ago, too : the Ides of February to be exact.

So much has happened. So many new friends made. It seems both longer and shorter to me. I want to tell each and every one of my loyal friends who visit how much it means to me that you do. Thank you so very much.

I thought it would be fun to show you my very first post to compare notes with my intentions and what my blog has become :

Hi, Everyone :

Roland here. I was born in the BC years. That's Before Computers. Well, almost. So if this blog is ragged, then I'm doing better than I thought I would.

I'm one of those most wretched of creatures : an unpublished author. But I have managed to earn a Bachelor's degree in English education and a Master's degree in Psychology. I can become published. It's just a matter of determination and the willingness to grow.

Of course talent would help. But which of us can assess our true worth? We just gird our loins and jump into the fray. Let others decide our performance as we duck and weave through the slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune. And so that is what this blog is all about.

Jumping into the fray.

Wish me luck as I wish you success in your dreams and struggles.


  1. Oooookaaaay....that trailer was super creepy! My friends will flock to the theaters to see it, I'm sure. I'm a chicken :P

    Thanks for the shout out and Happy Blogversary to you, too! posted about getting published on your first post. And here you are, doing it. Congrats!!!!!!!!

  2. Congrats!!! Happy blogging! I wish you many more years :)

  3. Words Crafter : Shouting out your great day was the least I could do. And yes, that trailer was super spooky. Brrrr.

    Victoria : I wish you and all my friends success in their publication dreams, too! Roland

  4. Congratulations and Happy First Year Anniversary or Blogiversary. May the coming year be wonderful and fun for you.

    Thoughts in Progress

  5. Debra She Who Seeks : And happy blogging days for you, too! Thanks.

    Mason Canyon : Thanks for the congrats. I pray that this upcoming year brings you success in your publication dreams -- and mine, too! Roland

  6. Thanks, MsHatch! Happy Blogging Days to you, too. Roland

  7. Happy Anniversary :) you made me nostalgic .. i could see a new Roland in that old post.... thanks for sharing it with us ...

  8. WoW!! that trailer was cool! i am going to watch it for sure ... i assume it should be in India soon after its release.... loved paranormal activity so this should be fun too!

  9. Flying High In The Sky : Yes, re-reading that post made me nostalgic, too. I was so new to blogging. But I have made some wonderful friends : like you. Thanks for visiting again.

    And wasn't that trailer scary? I hope it comes to India in April like it will come to the states then, too. We scary movie lovers have to stick together. LOL.

  10. Hikhik, I'm kind of liking that trailer...

  11. Hi Roland .. good to read . though the trailer was a bit much!! definitely don't fall in that category.

    Congratulations on a year .. and just glad that avatar thing has gone!! Many more postings ahead .. cheers Hilary

  12. What a difference a year makes, happy blogversary :) It sure has been wonderful reading your posts and getting to know you. Here is to another century :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  13. Happy blogiversary. I shouldn't have watched that trailer, I had nightmares all last night!

  14. Happy blogiversary, Roland. May you have another great year of posts!

  15. Happy anniversary to you and your fabulous blog, Roland. May the next year be full of more dreams coming true.

    I lost count of how many times I jumped during that trailer and the cat on my lap is grumpy!

  16. YOu know it's funny, I feel like I've known you forever instead of just a year.

    Congratulations on all your success. At least one of us is now published. I'm hoping soon. Working on soon. Can't give up.

    My love to Gypsy. Hope you're feeling better.

  17. Congratz on a year! Keep up the good writing!!

  18. Happy blog-anniversary... time flies when you're enjoying what you do best with the best of companies... like your blog. Have a great day!

  19. Happy Blogiversary!!!!!! I wish you all the best with your writing and have everything crossed that you'll attain all your writerly dreams! Take care

  20. Ayuni : That was some scary movie trailer, wasn't it?

    Hilary : Yes, at night that trailer was a bit much, brrrr. Thanks for the good wishes.

    Jules : Just a month can change so much in our lives, much twelve of them! Here's to another year of chatting with you. Roland

    Eliza : Oops. Sorry about those nightmares. And you with a scary cat for your avatar!

    Sarah : May your upcoming year be filled with great surprises and inspiration for me and my posts.

    Leah : Thanks and come back.

    Margo : Thanks for the congrats and the compliment. May all our publication dreams come true this upcoming year. Wasn't that a scary trailer?

    Anne : It does seem like longer than a year we've known each other, doesn't it? Good friends are like that. And my sales aren't exactly steamrollering in, LOL. Gypsy sends you her high "four" (only 4 pads to her paws). And I am much better, just still very weak. Roland

    Mysti : Thanks. And I'll try always to entertain and inform.

    Imagery Imagined : Thanks for the kind words. And may this upcoming day be a great one for all of us!

    Kitty : Gypsy sends her best to Charlie. And may this year hold only happy surprises for you and success for both our dreams, Roland

  21. Wow, you've obviously got this blogging thing down. You've published a book and encouraged so many.

    Great to know you're out there. =) Hello to Gypsy for me.

  22. You've come a long way. And I think that's due in part to the fact that you started with the right attitude and idea. Wow, a year, it seems like you're a pro who has been at this forever!

  23. Hi,

    Happy Anniversary - bring out the bubbly!


  24. Well, Happy Anni!! How awesome. You've had a fantastic year. And that wolf pic is dynamite. Love your wonderfully positive spirit over here. :) Here's to many more successful years!!

  25. Raquel : Published, yes. Sold, ah, not so much. But it's always slow at the beginning I hear. Gypsy purrs hello back to you! Good to know I have a friend like you out there, too.

    Heather : Well, I've knocked around the writing craft a long time before I started my blog -- being cyber-challenged, I was hesitant to do so! LOL.

    You're right, Heather. William James said the right attitude in starting a project is the crucial aspect of it success probability!

    Francine : Yes, the bubbly. Ah, or maybe not, considering how much trouble I get into sober! LOL.

    PK : Here's to success for both of us in the months to come! Especially in ABNA! And isn't that wolf graphic great? Roland

  26. Congratulations on all of your achievements that you've made in a year.

  27. Roland, we have different perspective of life and who we depend on. We (Mike and I), as a couple, always believe that above all our endeavors there is the most powerful God who controls them all when we fully trust Him. Others may not believe this, but we do and we experience them.

    Thanks for following us.

    Luisa with Mike

  28. If your loins are still girded after a year, you may want to consult a doctor. :) Actually, I think your blogging success is because you have made yourself vulnerable, exposing your craft/talent/dreams and we all responded to that.
    Congrats on a great year!

  29. It's almost been a year for me too. Funny how there are so many anniversaries right now.

    I (and your readers) thank you for starting your blog!

  30. Congrats, Roland... keep up the good work and writing.

    It is always great to have a writer who knows the finer elements of writing. Thanks for your tips.

  31. Lydia : Thanks. Your blog always makes for fascinating reading!

    Erin : Thanks for the kind words. Gird loins make is the reason those knights of the Round Table swaggered like they did! LOL. I have tried to make people feel at home here, knowing I understand the angst of dreams unresolved.

    Luisa and Mike : As part Lakota, I sometimes think of God as the Great Mystery -- but my mother always taught me to think of Him and depend on Him as The Father. And during dark nights, I sing myself to sleep with "What a friend we have with Jesus." So our perspectives might not be as different as you think. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Come back.

    Michael : My achievements of most importance to me have been my friends like you that I have made. Thanks for the kind words.

  32. Bye Polo Rhetoring : I try to help when I can and pass on what my prose brusises taught me so that the way will be easier for my friends here. Thanks so much for the kind words! Roland

  33. Congrats, bro! I started my blog a few years ago, but it was about Feb-Mar of 2010 when I got serious about blogging and networking.

    You're one of my favorite finds.

    - Eric

  34. Roland.... I'm shocked. Less that ten paragraphs lol.

    There is such a teensy hint of you in this post. You have grown leaps and bounds. The true talent is well hidden in this modest post.



  35. Michael : LOL. Well, I'm a shy man. And it was my first post, testing the cyber-waters so to speak! Thanks for the kind words about the growth. May your first year be an amazing one, too! Roland