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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Bernard Pivot Blogfest entry_NO SWORD SO SHARP AS THE APT WORD

In honor of Nicole Ducleroir's blogfest :

here are my answers

What is your favorite word?
The whole world stands in need of it.

What is your least favorite word?
Enough about me. What do you think about me?

What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?
Evocative music
and lyrical poetry.

What turns you off?
in all its forms.

What is your favorite curse word?
It sounds so much more classy than "shit."

What sound or noise do you love?
❤ The laughter of friends
and the yipping of playing puppies.❤

What sound or noise do you hate?
Gypsy, my cat, insists I do it. Of course, I deny it.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
An Indiana Jones-style archaeologist!

What profession would you not like to do?

If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?
Well done, my good and faithful servant.

And here is an example by Jimmy Stewart on the power of words :


  1. Arlee : I set myself up for that! LOL. Love your wit. Take care, Roland

  2. Great answers. And I agree about bullying.

    Why is it that swearing in other languages is always so much cooler? I must try it.

  3. Loved your answers. You're right, the French sounds classier.

  4. Jennifer : I always had a hatred for bullys in school -- no matter if they were picking on somebody else. I tickle my best friend, Sandra, by saying "Merde." But it does sound cooler.

    Wendy : Thanks. I picked up the habit when I ran my bookstore. A lot of my customers were kids, and I wanted to not shock their mothers. I ended up tickling them with the word. LOL.

  5. Great answers! Merde is a cool swear word!

    Have I congratulated you yet on your publication? Knew it was only a matter of time!

  6. Merde is a good one! Living in France, I'll def give you that. (I hate the "s" word) Congrats on the bear book and all the support you're getting! I'll def check it out!

    gros bisous...

  7. Roland, it seems you and I both have one same desire in common! :o)

  8. Great answers - Merde definatley sounds better! Bullying is hateful and bullies are often so sad within. Healing is a lovely word.

  9. Funny you should mention Merde - I use it quite a lot though I'm not French. It certainly does sound more classy!

  10. Swearing in other languages is the best of both worlds!
    Love your answers.

  11. Love your answers, especially the job you'd like to give a go!!! How cool would that be?! Let me know how it turns out (because you'd be crazy not to try)!

  12. Ha. Once upon a time I was obsessed with Indiana Jones and wanted desperately to be that kind of archaeologist too. Then I grew up and realized the harsh truth. Still love archaeology though.

  13. Love your favorite and least favorite words. Notice the author of this comment didn't refer to themselves in the simplest of ways while writing this. :)

  14. Ooh, I love merde. I may start using that.
    It's nice to get to know you better.

  15. Merde is a great word. I want to be an Indiana Jones archaeologist too.

  16. Your favorite and least favorite words are perfect. I agree about the bullying too.

  17. Mortician would be an unhappy job. great answers Roland

  18. Healing, ah yes, a powerful needed word. I forgot snoring not a pleasant sound unless you are the one making it :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  19. What a lovely clip. Being a Mortician is a career I would not like either. You are right, snoring is a difficult sound to endure.

  20. Great answers. I'm with you on the mortician thing, and a lot of the others.
    I swear in French all the time;)

  21. Why didn't I think of merde? Awesome answers, Roland. And I'm with you; morticians are necessary and all, but how do people become passionate about that work?

    Thanks for playing along!!

  22. The laughter of friends, I love that! Thank you for this fun opportunity to see a bit more of you!

  23. Snoring is THE WORST! It is the nightmare that is my nights!

    Fun answers!

  24. J.C. : Thanks for being happy about THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS. Now, all I need are readers! LOL.

    Your Highness : I envy you the museums and food in France. And the support I'm getting for Hibbs is humbling. I think you'll enjoy Hibbs and his world.

    And big kisses right back at you, from me and Hibbs.

    Jessica : I remember back when I had my bookstore in the Mall : a Mall worker walked up to me as I arrived to open and clamped a big strong hand on my shoulder.

    "I heard God as plain as day right now. He said my servant Roland needs one of those smiles he's always giving others." Before then, I had never thought of myself as a servant of God. It helped. May you and I both hear those words some day.

    Margo : Yes, Merde manages to make me and others smile in a situation that usually needs one. Glad you are anti-bully, too. Healing is something I see needed all around me.

    Tony : We're members of The Brotherhood of Merde! Ah, that doesn't sound quite right. LOL.

    KO : Love seeing you here again.

    Jen : A former girlfriend (she's now in New Zealand) gave me an authentic Indiana Jones hat and leather jacket, calling me Louisiana Smith. With delivering rare blood down flooded streets and battling hurricane winds every summer, I guess the name fits. LOL.

    And yes, every winter I wear both hat and jacket. I am such a big kid!

    Subcreator : Yes, I have shelves of books on archaeology and its discoveries. But I drifted into psychology, studying the ruins so many have made of their lives.

    Angela : We're kindred spirits then! :)

    Erin : Merde does sound classier than its English counterpart, doesn't it? Yes, this is a great blogfest, isn't it?

    Cherie : I say I want to be an Indiana Jones-style archaeolgist, but when those pygmies start shooting those poison darts as I leap across deep chasms, I might be of another mindset! LOL.

    Jennifer : I think this poor world too often needs healing because of bullies.

    Summer : I have been involved in too many funerals to ever be able to be a mortician. Thanks for visiting.

    Jules : Gypsy still swears I do it. Sometimes I awaken to feel her paw over my open mouth! LOL. I better be happy she doesn't my nostrils together!

    Ann : Yes, that clip makes me sniffle every time I watch it. Gypsy warns me if I keep on snoring, I'll need a mortician!

    Dawn : Let's hear it for French swearers!

  25. Hi, Roland! Great answers. I enjoyed reading your fest! I'm wondering if I should hop on, too? I've already posted for today. *Sigh*

    Any way, guess what? I have an award for ya! ;)

    Have a great day!

  26. Nicole : I agree with you. Necessary function, but I'm sure I could cope with doing it daily. Thanks for liking my answers.

    Heather : Thanks. Isn't his a great way to know each other better?

    Talli : Ouch! But there are positive side benefits to putting up with it I know.

  27. Elizabeth : Hop on board. You can two posts in one day. And thanks for the award. As soon as I feed the Gypsy princess, I'm over to your blog. Roland

  28. Awwwww unfortunately the lovely Gypsy can never be wrong cos she's a gorgeous kitty and kitties are always right. LOL!!!

    I can so see you as an Indiana Jones type archeologist! Your stories do that to me!! Take care

  29. Kitty : If I became an Indiana Jones-style archaeologist, Gypsy would insist in traveling along, her perky head sticking out of my backpack, insisting I had taken the wrong turn at Ajerbaijan! LOL.

  30. Hey! Thanks for joining my blog! I loved all your answers on this post.

    On the last question, I think I would hear, "Well, did you stop saying 'merde'like you promised?"

  31. Nice. Good stuff, and snoring! I forgot to include that one... puppies and giggling. Yep! :o) <3

  32. Judie : I hoping God has a sense of humor. What did Mark Twain say?
    "When the monkeys stopped making God laugh, He made Man."

    LTM : Thanks. May laughter always be in your life. Roland

  33. Great answers!
    Why does everything sound better in French? Hmmm...

    I knew a mortician. Very...interesting person...O_o


  34. Jen : Everything does better in French, doesn't it? Or with a British accent. Humans are strange beasties! How did you mean that "interesting"? LOL. Thanks for visiting and following, Roland

  35. Great answers, Roland! And I love that Jimmy Stewart clip--you're right--such a way... the humor made the loss so much more moving... And the cadence of the way Jimmy delivers is always so personal--talk about voice!

  36. Thanks, Hart. Jimmy teaches writers how to compose a scene for the maximum impact of pain and loss. Have a great day, Roland

  37. Great answers. So many people have listed archaeologist for their alternate profession!

    Bernard Pivot Blogfest

  38. Hi Roland. I'm with you on merde. I used it once to a french lady and she went quite pale on me. Still too harsh!

    If you need any hosts for a blog tour I'm happy to help. Your email doesn't seem to work, not for me anyway!


  39. Denise : Thanks so much. I'm new to all this blogness. You couldn't access my yahoo email? I'll have to check into this. Roland

  40. Wanted to say congrats on the release of your book! Awesome!

  41. Great answers. Merde sounds so fancy. LOL

  42. Mary : Thanks for the congrats. Leonard Nimoy singing Bilbo's Song will haunt my nights now!

    Holly : Doesn't it. Swearing with class. Third class but class! LOL.

  43. You know that cats don't lie. (Roo snores, btw. For real.) And my favorite curse word is 'bloody'

    I hope you're feeling better!

  44. never heard of merde. what about shyte? they use that a lot in A Knight's Tale.

  45. I agree that the world stands in need of healing!

  46. Words Crafter : My cold is getting better. The poison ivy itch and burn is getting worse. Sigh. Always something. LOL. Gypsy would never lie -- unless she could get away with it!

    Michelle : I picked up "merde" from Capt. Jean Luc Picard in the first episode of THE NEXT GENERATION. I've used it ever since. LOL.

  47. Ellie : Blame archaeologist being picked on poor Indy Jones!

    May : Yes, my years as first a teacher then a counselor endorses what you said! Roland

  48. LOVE JIMMY STEWART!! :) He's one of my all-time favs.

    I'm also very intrigued with the archaeology idea, as you know :)

    And yay for #10 :)

    Agreed--lovely way to meet new bloggers!

  49. Yes, I love Jimmy Stewart, too. Sandra, my best friend, says I'm a cross between his character in HARVEY and MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON! And yay, for #10, too! :)

  50. Everything sounds better and smarter in French. laughter of friends and the tipping puppies made me smile.

  51. Kari : I sound much more sophisticated swearing in French than in English! LOL. Yes, the laughter of friends and yipping puppies makes me smile, too. Roland

  52. Fun, witty answers! Keep denying the snoring, Roland. If the cat's the only witness, then snore away.

  53. Lydia : Here it is midnight, and I'm still at work. Snoring sounds lovely right now! LOL. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. It means a lot. Roland

    Conda : Be still at work at midnight? Merde is right! LOL.

  54. It's always interesting to learn a little more about people. You're right, 'merde' is so much classier:-)
    I enjoyed the clip of James Stewart; I always loved his voice and his delivery - what a fine tribute to his dog, Beau.

  55. Nice answers, and I can see you in an Indiana Jones type role.

  56. JabBlog : James Stewart has always been one of my heroes. He was a hero off-screen even more than he was on it. Glad you like my choice of "Merde."

    Charity : Well, being a rare blood courier has its dangers out at all hours in blinding rain or slippery ice. I like to think all of us can heroes if we choose to be when the time arrives. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Roland

  57. Hi Roland .. fun answers .. and the mortician - me too I couldn't take the pace .. though I love those sort of tv detective programmes - ie with a bit of class?! Love the French .. it does sort of roll off the tongue more .. Bet Gypsy's purring is the best .. cheers Hilary

  58. I can definitely live with your curse word. I'm so with you on not wanting anything to do with corpses.

  59. Hilary : Glad you got a kick out of my answers. French is classier, but you're right -- Gypsy reminds me she is even classier! LOL.

    J. L. : Brrr. I saw too many of them on the streets of New Orleans after Katrina.

  60. Thank you for sharing that video - I hadn't seen it before, and now of course I'm bawling.
    Please excuse me...
    Where was I? Oh yes. Merde. I like that.

  61. My son thinks he is Indiana Jones. Bought him the costume for Halloween and now he wears it all the time. He sings the theme song all the time.
    Thanks for sharing your answers.