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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This is the first cover for THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS.

Michael Di Gesu and I were just learning the ropes so we pondered and came up with the cover that we eventually went with.

But I wanted his hard work to be seen.

Just like I want my book to be read. Amazon does offer a FREE Kindle for PC. With it, you can download for FREE my book's first three chapters. And if you like them, you can even buy my book to download to your computer. How cool is that?

The link to get your free Kindle for PC is :

Yesterday I wrote of the genesis of my book with the tales of my mother as I lay ill with pneumonia during a terrible ice storm in Detroit.

Today I give you a thumbnail about what THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS is about :

In a land just beyond your mirror lies a realm few discover. It is a magical, dangerous dimension. There lurks your darknest nightmares and your fondest hopes.

For nearly two thousand winters there, the seasons have flowed inevitably one into another. Life is as it always has been. The Huron war with the Iroquois, the Commanche with the Lakota, and the Apache with everyone.

Across the great waters, the Mongul storm the great wall of Chin. The samurai of Nippon invade Indus. And the vast Collisium lies in ruins, overgrown with vines and olive trees.

The deer and bear roam the deserted villages of Gaul. And the lonely wind whispers through the towering monoliths of Stonehenge. The race called Whyte is not even a memory. Except to Estanatlehi, The Turquoise Woman, once named Gaia, Goddess of the Earth, by the People she alone remembers.

All of which means exactly nothing to the young bear Hibbs. For as long as he can remember, he has been raised by The Turquoise Woman, whom he simply calls GrandMother.

Trained by her, hunted by the Lakota, accompanied by the strange hawk, Little Brother, Hibbs has happily ambled from mountain to desert to forest, even sometimes across the great waters.

Often he has asked GrandMother why she has led him to so many different lands. The answer has always been : Because a moving target is harder to hit.

He thinks it is a joke. It is not. He is hunted by more than the Lakota. He is being hunted by a being now known as the Gray Bear, though that has not always been his name.

Hibbs is the unknowing key to rescuing the race once called Whyte from oblivion. For that very purpose the Turquoise Woman has raised and trained him. But now she repents of her actions.

She has grown to love the young bear. And for the Whyte race to live, Hibbs must die.

So she has hidden him in the ancient land of Eire, home of all manner of strange beasts and wonders, ruled by the stag-being Cernunnos. Here she hopes she can cause Hibbs to be lost among so many fearsome creatures.

It is a vain hope.

Hibbs, large of heart, bold of spirit, cannot see pain without trying to help. He has become a healer. And heal he will do no matter how much Cernunnos protests.

And protest the tyrant does -- with his vast army of Darklings. To survive, Hibbs and Little Brother must escape, using a mysterious construct called a Sidhe Mound.

Estanatlehi sees her plan to save Hibbs further unravel as the bear and hawk find themselves in Avalon, now being bloodied by an eon-long civil war.

There, in the crystal and gold palace of Caer Wydr, Hibbs interrupts the dark ritual, Diatheke, setting the race called Whyte a step closer to their destiny and himself into a desperate struggle of spirit with the Gray Bear.
Go to Amazon, download the free Kindle for PC, and read the free first three chapters for yourself. You may just find them not terrible.


  1. Congratulations! I love the cover and the book sounds wonderful. I wish you much success. :)

  2. T.K. : That means so much coming from you. I hope we both find success in our publication dreams. Roland

  3. Roland I've frequently thought your true publications should be your Native American stories. I believe your heart lies with those timeless tales

    I'm no viable judge of storie content however.

    I'm glad you e-published Bear story.

    I've read both this and the last post, and I'm sorry I did not comment sooner.

    I will download and read the free chapters to my pc, and hope to purchase the novel itself once I obtain an e-reader.

    Dream Singer; I wish you luck with the sales. I know your concepts will go far in the publishing world. Be at peace with your decisions; hold fast to your dreams.

    I look forward to the day when I can read all about Capt. Sam also.


  4. Thanks, Donna. Your opinion means a lot to me.

    You know, once you download Kindle for PC, you are not limited to download just the free chapters. You can buy, not just my book, but any book Amazon offers for Kindle.

    I made the price for my book low so that even a child could afford to buy it and say proudly, "I have my very own book." Am I a softie, or what? LOL.

  5. Congratulations Roland on the publication of your e-book, THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. I am here from Becky at Rainy Day Wanderer. What I have read, I really liked.

    I am excited to check out this free Kindle download for PC's.

    I want to follow you...I will be back...

  6. Wow. That covers just about every kind of mythology I can imagine. Having read your blog for a while now, I'm sure you pulled it off without a hiccup. :)

  7. The book sounds wonderful! Beautiful artwork on both.

  8. Congrats on your e-book! Will go an download right after I comment.

    As for the movie preview, that wasn't a hero-making machine. It's a hunk-o-matic.

  9. Lydia : Thanks so much for getting my book. I hope you find enjoyment in reading it.

    And you're right. I writing Marvel to stand in line to get into that hunk-o-matic!

    Thanks, Summer. I tried to make my book mystical and appealing to the child in all of us. Glad you visited this morning.

    Robynn : Thank you for the confidence in my ability to weave all those mythologies together into a coherent whole. But even more thanks for visiting me for so long. You're always welcome. The cyber light is always on for you.

    Becky C : I traveled to your blog and commented and followed, too. I, also, came to your blog from Becky's. We are a connected community, aren't we? I hope you enjoy my book. Now, if I can just shake this darn cough! LOL.

  10. Congratulations, Roland! The book cover looks fabulous and the story sounds really interesting. I love the Native American components.

  11. Thanks, Hart. I hope you download the free Kindle for PC and read my free first 3 chapters. I think you'll like them if you love Native American legends and myths. Have a great day, Roland

  12. Congrats, Roland! Of course I'm going to check out your chapters and book (I love the premise already) and I'm certain they won't be terrible. Best of luck to you.

  13. As always, I wish you great success.

    I hope the magic within the pages burst out and touch all who read it.

    Congrats again on you first publication.


  14. Beautiful covers! Congrats on your book. I look forward to reading it.

  15. The cover are beautiful, my favorite is the lower one. It really showcases the bears. The story sounds pretty cool too.

  16. I am checking you out at Amazon Kindle. Look! You have sales already.

    Your sales rankings change hourly. It's fun to watch.

    Very good.

  17. You know I'm all about covers. Every time I see this one I want the book.
    I've been told I'm getting a Kindle for Valentine's Day so I'll be reading this one soon.

  18. Hi,

    Sincere good luck with this!

    It sounds wonderful, and as Santa treated me to a Kindle "The Bear With Two Shadows" will be gracing it alongside N.R Williams, Stephanie Haefner and Tamara Hart-Heiner's novels ASAP.

    Two of the former's novels I've reviewed and can be seen at my blog. Believe it, a review of yours will be posted, too: eventually. ;)

    BTW: love the bottom cover image re feathers!


  19. Congratulations!

    It sounds like a very interesting story, and I love the covers! I'll definitely check it out.

  20. Congratulations, Roland! Your new book is all over the blogging world right now.

  21. Wow, I hope this is only the beginning of fantastic things to come :) And thanks for the Capt. America trailer; I can't wait to see it!

  22. Oh, both covers are lovely! I think your popularity is spreading with every moment. I have bought your book and can't wait to start reading. I have a strong Irish background and have explored as much Native American culture as I could during my time living in the US - what an amazing combination.

    Wishing you every success.

  23. Roland, so many of us have been waiting to buy some of your work. Your writing is wonderful. I'll be off to buy it when I finish commenting too! I've got the free Kindle from Amazon and love it as I have a huge monitor so makes for easy reading. (I'd much rather feel paper in my hands though.)

    I congratulate Michael for the fantastic cover also. How great is that.


    Publication Party! Lisa Maliga this week!

  24. Erin : I think you'll like Hibbs and his mystical and dangerous world. Thanks for the luck. Keep some for yourself.

    Michael : Well, some of the magic is from Hibbs, of course. But much of it is from your design and text for his cover. Hibbs sends some of his magic your way. Expect wonders.

    L.A. : Hibbs and the Turquoise Woman are waiting for you with wonders and magical surprises. Thanks for commenting and lifting my spirits.

    Holly : With your avatar I thought you might like Hibbs right off. I think you would enjoy the magic, mystery, and myth of the story. Thanks for the kind words.

    Chris : Thanks. Much of the credit goes to Michael for the covers. Come back again.

    Walter : Thank you so much for caring enough to check hourly. I'm either on blood runs or filtering blood so I cannot myself. Thanks for the praise and for caring.

    Mary : You know you can download Kindle for PC right now and get a jump on the reading. Thanks so much for liking my cover and planning to visit Hibbs in his world of wonder and magic and danger.

    Francine : I'm glad Santa treated you to a Kindle. That you plan to read my book makes my evening. Hibbs, the bear with two shadows, is pleased as well. And it always good to be on the good side of a grizzly bear! I look forward to see what you think of my fable.

    And the bottom cover is my favorite as well.

    Golden Eagle : Hibbs is waiting for you as is his friend, Little Brother (outwardly a hawk, inwardly the awesome ThunderBird). I think you'll like their adventures.

    Alex : My book is truly all over the blogging world right now? I am so pleased. Thanks for the kind words. Come check out the adventures of Hibbs and his world. I wrote it so fans of science fiction could enjoy it as well.

    Words Crafter : You are so special. Thanks for the great post you did of my and my book. It was humbling. Yes, I want to see CAPTAIN AMERICA really bad, too! And Fallen is waiting for you in THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS.

    Margo : Thanks so much for buying my book. I think the magic and myth of Hibbs and his world will be fun for you to explore. Thank you for the good wishes!

    Demise : I think the huge monitor will make reading about Hibbs even more fun. But I have six book shelves of hardbacks, including one filled with leather bound books. I know what you mean about prefering the feel of a solid book in your hands. But I love so many things about my Kindle, too. Thanks for buying my book. I feel very grateful for friends like you who've been waiting and wanting to read a whole book from me. Have a lovely Friday, Roland

  25. Roland. I have TBWTS on my Kindle and it's ready for a March read. I'm looking forward to it! The cover is stunning by the way. Kudos to you and Michael.

    Congratulations and much luck! You deserve all good that comes to you.

  26. VR : Thanks for the good wishes. Even more thanks for having bought my novel. I hope Hibbs will make a good traveling companion for you this March. Since you were the first author blogger to comment on my blog, when I think of the blogging community, I always think of you first. Roland

  27. The covers of your book are amazing Roland. Will definitely check your book out. All the best to you.

  28. Thanks, SB. I think you will like the lyrical magic and danger of my book. Thanks for checking it out and liking the covers. Have a great weekend, Roland

  29. This is so awesome Roland, congratulations! Are you going to publish anything about the Texas Ranger?

  30. Matthew : Thanks for sharing my happiness. THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH is being looked at by 3 agents, and in it, Samuel McCord, the Texas Ranger, takes in Victor off the street, setting into motion a series of events that sets the French Quarter on its ear even during Hurricane Katrina.

    Also I've been toying with ePublishing the historical fantasy, RITES OF PASSAGE, in which Samuel McCord meets the love of his life and his arch enemy for life on board the cursed DEMETER in 1853.

  31. Congrats Roland, Great cover, I will check it out~

  32. Roland, congratulations! I am so happy for you! Being an illustrator is NO easy thing. I'm happy that you honored Michael by showing his work!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  33. Hi Roland .. gosh the book is Published and out there .. I love the two covers - I like seeing the transitions people go on with their book covers ..

    and the illustrators deserve their just reward too - as that's what draws us readers in as well at the beginning ..

    I love the 2nd cover and the title .. Bear with 2 shadows .. interesting connotation ..

    Great thumbnail too - looking forward to the read .. and good luck with all things going forward in 2011 .. Hilary

  34. Thanks, Hilary. Yes, the book is published but sales are anemic. But I haven't started my blog tour for it. Getting these things started are a pain -- like pushing a stalled car, getting the momentum is a challange! I think you will like it. Happy Today, Roland