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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I woke up this morning feeling like I was a horse that had been rode hard and left wet!

The coughing wouldn't let me be, echoes of that pneumonia that had tried to take me way back in that ice-bound Detroit basement apartment.

So I fed Gypsy, my cat, wearing her surgical mask to keep my germs to myself. I sat down at my laptop to see what mischief I could find on the web.

Then, I found Jules had written a lovely post about THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS :

Summer Ross was the next one I visited to find this :

I next checked up on my friend, Olivia Herrell :

Jessica Bell next made my morning so much brighter despite the coughing :

Nicole Ducleroir was the next friend who became a crusader for me :

All this after, Elliot Grace had my back like a Texas Ranger of old with his post :

And after WordsCrafter gave me a shout-out a few days ago :

For once, I was at a loss for words. Gypsy fell over in a dead faint : me being speechless doesn't happen all that often. LOL.

I, alone, am left of my childhood LEAGUE OF FIVE. No family survives. Those close to me from childhood and loves have all been taken before their time.

Like a lone turret of a sand castle, looking at the ruins of sand left by the sweeping tides, I sometimes feel quite alone.

My friends, Elliot, Jules, Summer, Olivia, Nicole, WordsCrafter, and Michael (who, even now labors to remove the flaws from my book's format and is the genius behind the design of my book) -- you have reminded me that he who has friends is never alone and is far richer than Midas ever thought of being.

Thank you. Estanatlehi blows you a kiss. Hibbs chuffs a smile your way, too.

- a very moved Roland


  1. I'm very glad you do not feel alone Roland- If you need I'm here. :)

  2. You'r welcome....

    I just hope all this work....

    Feel better.


  3. Thanks, Summer. I feel better just knowing you have my back. Friends make for warmth even when the fires are out.

    Michael : You and me both! I intend to pace myself at work. LOL. We'll see how that plan fares with stubborn reality!

  4. Roland, I saw the news on Nicole's blog and came straight here to say congratulations! So congratulations! this is so exciting and I'm wishing you the very best.

    I've been sporadic on the blogosphere recently because I moved and got a new job and everything's been so hectic. But it's nice to know that things for the my blogger buddies have been so positive! Love it!


  5. Yay for bloggie friends!!! Please take care Roland!! I hope you are resting and taking things easy and feeding the lovely Gypsy!! Take care

  6. wow Roland! congrats on your e-book release. The cover looks stunning. And I hope you are feeling better, poor wee sausage! XX

  7. Hi Roland....I'm a fellow crusader. Thought I'd stop by and stay hello. So, HELLO!

    Hope you feel better.

  8. This is indeed the best community to ever be a part of. We're practically family.

    As such, I feel I can say, GET THYSELF TO A DOCTOR!

    And feel better. Please.

    BTW, I would love to have seen Gypsy faint! That made me laugh :)

  9. Jai : I wish you luck with the move and the new job -- both stressful experiences to say the least! And thanks for being happy for me. Now, if I can just convince an agent to pick me up! LOL.

    Kitty : Gypsy may let me not feed myself, but she puts her paw down when it comes to feeding her tuna! Yes, don't we have a lovely writing community here?

    Niki : Yes, I'm quite pleased with how the cover turned out, thanks to Michael's design artistry. And I will try to get better. Thanks for visiting. I miss when you don't.

    E.C. : Yes, we crusaders have to stick together. You have a lovely blog, by the way. Roland

    WordsCrafter : If I get to feeling much worse, I will go see the doctor again. And I've picked up poison ivy on my forearms! Agggg! And yes, this is a special community of caring writers we have here -- and you are a special lady! Roland

  10. What wonderful, supportive friends you have! And feel better soon!

  11. Susan : I do have great friends, don't I? And I include you among them.

    WordsCrafter : Yes, first this virus, now this poison ivy! Gypsy humps her back and hisses if I try to pet her, saying, "Are you nuts? No poison ivy cooties for this prinecess!"

  12. :) your post made me cry.. yes i stopped by after about a month since seriously i am not intelligent enough to understand your posts... when i went thru Jules today and saw your comment i realised you were not well... thankfully i understood each word of this post.. and i want to tell you that you will be in my prayers today... do not feel lonely ... we all are there for you .. .i will pray for you and you will recover fast....

  13. Wow, how touching. No wonder they all made your day. And you know what? You brighten the days of many people, and what goes around comes around.

  14. Flying High In The Sky : You write quite intelligently. Please keep coming. I have music video's, movie trailers, and other things at the end of my posts that I'm sure you will enjoy. Thanks for praying for me to get better. Your prayers will help. And your comments make me feel not quite so alone. Have a great tomorrow! Roland

    Ayuni : I've been to your blog, and it not only awesome but beautiful!

    Julie : Thanks. I try to pull out a thorn here and plant a smile there. My blog friends certainly made me smile large today! And thanks for the kind words, Roland

  15. Hello!
    Tämä blogisi on todella kaunis ja ihana♥

  16. Thanks, Roland! You're a sweetheart :o)

  17. Thanks, Jessica. And you're a sweetheart right back. Roland

  18. I almost said mortician, but then decided I'd probably get used to in time. Being a baseball player would *always* bore me. :)

    Both my cats snore. Are you sure Gypsy doesn't? maybe she shouldn't be pointing paws.

  19. VR : Gypsy has pledged me to secrecy! I don't ever think I'd get used to being a mortician. Now, an Indiana Jones-style archaeologist, yes! It's not the ruins but those beautiful women. LOL.