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Friday, February 11, 2011


No. Not about the sales for THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS.

I'm not saying they're low, but poor Hibbs is having a case of the bends!

But it takes time for momentum to build in ebook sales I'm told.

No, this morning I awoke coughing, feeling terrible with a relapse of that terrible cold that has been going around.

I opened my email box and found :

The Legend of Victor Standish Friday, February 11, 2011 7:20 AM


While browsing online recently, I came across the pitch for your YA novel.—It sounded most intriguing! I’m most not sure where you’re at in the process, but at whatever point the book is finished and ready to go, I would love for you to send me your query and the first 5 pages to consider.

Have a great day,

{Agent who does not accept unsolicited queries}

Now, I don't post this to do the Calvin and Hobbes Happy Dance (well, maybe a little) but to say to all of my blog friends out there :

You never know who is browsing online.

I believe the agent browsed on this particular post :

The general agreement among blog experts is that no one gets a request from a top-notch agent from said agent just dropping by and liking what she sees.

Sometimes the experts are wrong.

And sometimes you just have to dance.


Now, for something that a grown-up Calvin might do for laughs :


  1. Hope you're feeling better soon because it's definitely time to do the happy dance. Congratulations, you're right - you never know who is browsing around.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. This is awesome! I hope it works out for you. I agree. You never know who is looking! I hope you feel better soon!

  3. Doing the happy dance for you, buddy.

    This news made my week.

    I hope good things come from this.


  4. Mason : Always be upbeat, right? I'm hoping to feel better soon. I want to do that happy dance with Calvin and Hobbes! LOL.

    Thanks, JM. Yes, in the cyber shadows anybody could be lurking, right?

    Michael : I'm hoping for some good news for you as well. Thanks for being happy for me! Roland

  5. So sorry you are under the weather again, Roland, and if you are too sick to dance get up and dance, you can at least do the happy dance on your knees. Go Roland.

  6. Oh, heck yeah. You have to dance sick or not. Chug some Robitussin and celebrate. Keep us posted and I loved the video. Good times.

  7. Wendy : Oh, I'm dancing, weak, but dancing. Gypsy, my cat, was angry. She thought it was the Snoopy dance. She mellowed when I told it was the Hobbes dance. Felines!

    Thanks for being happy for me, Roland

  8. T C : How did you know my drink of choice lately? LOL. Wasn't that video a hoot? That guy is going to killed though if he keeps on.

    And thanks for cheering me on. Keep your fingers crossed. I'm knocking on wood. Thunk. Thunk. On my head :)

  9. Woo hoo! Cel-e-bra-tion time, come on!

    All the rules in the world can't stop what's meant to be.

    Hope you feel better soonest, Roland. That crud is really nasty. Drink tons! of OJ.

  10. Thanks, Kittie. Yes, OJ and vitamins and Air-Born and Echinea are in my system! And this crud is the pits -- you're right there.

    Knock on wood for me, will ya? Thanks again for being happy for me, Roland

  11. Congratulations, Roland! What fantastic and awesome things are happening for you!!! I'm so happy to hear it~ :o) <3

  12. LTM, thanks for the congratulations. I'm hoping that this year will turn out to THE year for all of us. Roland

  13. TK : Thanks for being happy for me. A good trend does seem to be gaining momentum for me.

    David : Good to hear from you and thanks. Roland

  14. She Writes : I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. And by the way, that was a wise thing you just wrote to Christi. Still, sometimes we have to pull away awhile to heal. Gypsy, my cat, just yawned as if to say, "What do you know? You're just a male human." LOL.

    Thanks for feeling happy for me, Roland

  15. Hi,

    Fab news!

    It's true, one never knows who is reading what on blogs. That's why I always say if you've got anything remotely negative in blog window(comments etc) scrub them or wipe clean the entire post.

    Happy dancing with you in thought, because barking away with cough as well.


  16. WooHooo!! How wonderful, Roland. It's joyous just knowing that these things are out there. That has put a smile on my face! Wishing you well enough to dance a big routine with top hat, cane and high kicks!

  17. Roland, that's fantastic news! Big congratulations!

    I know the ebook sales will build over time as your audience discovers it and word gets around.

    We're doing a happy dance for you :-)

    Take care and get well soon.

  18. Happy happy, joy joy!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! *grinning* WOW, that's AWESOME!!!!!!!

  19. Congratulations! That is beyond awesome :)

  20. I woke up coughing this morning too, but alas there was no message from an agent! A big congratulations to you! I am thrilled for you. *Clapping loudly* Your sales for "The Bear With Two Shadows" went up by this one yesterday! Looking forward to reading it on my spanking new Kindle. A big loud Congratulations for everything good happening in your world. Now feel better soon!

  21. I have something for you on my blog today!

  22. congrats on that email! I'd be feeling pretty happy, too!
    and thanks for the video as well; I laughed my butt off :)

  23. Francine : You and I are of a like mind on no negative on our blogs. If I read your comment correctly, you're coughing, too. Hate that. Maybe our mutual dancing will chase those coughs away!

    Margo : I don't know about those high kicks. Angelina Jolie will have to do those for me. LOL. But I am some better. Thanks for sharing in my happiness.

    Tony : I'm trying to get better but this cold has other ideas! Thanks for the congratulations. May your weekend be a great one.

    Words Crafter : Thanks for sharing in my good news and feeling as great about as I do. More thanks for the award. Get better.

    LV : Thank you for shouting a bit for my good news. May some equally as great news come soon to you, too.

    Ann : I hate that this darn bug has bitten you, too. Maybe that agent email is just lost in transit. Here's hoping it hits your email box soon.

    And thanks so very much for buying THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. I think you'll enjoy Hibbs and his world. And I know you'll come to love your new Kindle. I've come to really appreciate mine. Have a great weekend. Roland

  24. Mshatch : Wasn't that video something a grown-up Calvin would pull? I laughed, too. I thought all of us could use a good chuckle.

    Thanks for the congrats. May a similar email find its way to your inbox. Roland

  25. Roland - congratulations!! That is amazing news... I truly hope it all works out!

    Hope you feel better soon too. :)

  26. WritingNut: Thanks for the kind words here and on Jodi's blog. I'm knocking on wood -- thunk, thunk on my head. You stay well, too, Roland

  27. Wow, that's fantastic! And so rarely happens. Congrats!

  28. L. Diane : I thought it never happened so you can imagine my stunned surprise! Thanks for sharing in my happiness. Wish me luck as I wish success for your writing dreams, Roland

  29. Roland, your writing is beyond amazing and so in depth - beyond what I could ever create. You didn't get struck by lightning - you built a lighting rod that touched the sky. Congratulations!

  30. Fairy flutters and sparkle dust! I'm so happy for you Roland- that right there is some motivation isn't it! Victor needs a good home- I can't wait to see him in print! I know I know- But I'm happy for you an a fairy grand level!

  31. Alex : Your words take mine away. Wow. Your estimate of my ability makes me humble. And you crafted an extraordinary world, spinning it to life for us in CassStar. So no slighting yourself! And again, thanks, Roland

    Summer : I'm happy on a Sidhe level, too. "Fairy Level" isn't what a Manly Man would say. LOL.
    Thanks for being happy for me. And it is only a request for 5 pages, and she may not like what she sees. But I hope she does. Roland

  32. First, I am still laughing from the video. I have four brothers so this humor is very familiar in our family and a constant source of entertainment! I will stop there...

    Second, but most important, CONGRATULATIONS!!!! WOW!! I am so happy for you! You are so inspirational and show us all if one perseveres one achieves one's goal.

    Third, I know you will feel better can you not with all this great news, your sense of humor and the love of dance!

    Fourth, your post on query letters was so RIGHT ON! I saved it in my writing folder, so down the road, I can heed your advice.

    Fifth, I have posted a pic of your book and a link to your blog on my pages tabs, on my Mystical Journeys blog. Please check it out when you have the time and feel free to suggest anything addtional you wish me to put on there. Since I have not read it yet, (only excerpts), I would appreciate an appropriate blurb or "movie trailer comment" to go with it.

    I am SO GLAD I found your blog. YOU ROCK, ROLAND!

  33. S.M. : Actually that's Tigger's cousin, Hobbes. LOL.

    Donna B. : I'm glad we're cyber friends, too. I'm still at work as a rare blood courier, so I squeezing this into my 5 minute break.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the video. I did, too.

    And it's great that you share my happiness, but it is only request for 5 pages -- though I have a full out of the same novel with another agent.

    I can't seem to shake this darn cough. My body must make it feel too at home!

    I'm glad you found some help in my query post. And thanks so much for posting my cover of THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS on your blog. I'd say more but my 5 minutes are up. YOU ROCK, TOO.

  34. It has been quite a learning experience, eh. I have learned much more useful information online than I ever could hope to remember from my college dayz.

    Good job.

  35. Walter : It seems like I never know enough. I forever wander into facets of writing and living that I never expected. Like Indiana Jones I guess we just have to make it up as we go along. Thanks for visiting and commenting, wishing me well. High sales for both of us, Roland

  36. Congratulations! Very exciting! :) Fingers crossed that it works out just the way you want it to!! Hope you are feeling much better!

  37. Thanks, Melissa, for sharing my joy and happiness. Yes, my fingers (and toes) are crossed that it does indeed work out. And getting over this blasted cold is hard! Thanks for visiting, commenting, and following. Do come back. Roland

  38. This is so uncanny. Just yesterday at lunch w/my 13 year old son, we were discussing a short fiction idea of mine, which conversation segued into his latest illustrations and story line. He described his work (which I haven't seen) as a sort of Lord of the Rings story in an ancient American Indian tribe setting.
    And then you visit my blog today. Uncanny. I'm going to download your Kindle version. I'll bet he'd love to read it (And my daughter, too. And me, too!).
    Good luck with it. Keep smiling. ;)

  39. Jayne : I have seen such strange coincidences all through blogdom as I have wandered through it like my hero, Hibbs, the bear with 2 shadows.

    I think your 13 year old son will enjoy the chapter : BATTLE OF THE GREASY GRASS (Lakota Sioux for Little Big Horn). Your daughter may be drawn to Leandra Dagda, the Sidhe of Ice and Sorrows. And I hope you enjoy the whole book.

    I wrote it for all ages -- to make it fun for the young on the surface, then layered it for enjoyment as the reader takes the book with him or her through the stages of life.

    Maybe I even got close to doing it. LOL. Roland

  40. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog. You have some unreal graphics here. My poor computer is still gurgling away, trying to upload all the goodies. I'm amazed an agent contacted you that way. What a coup!

  41. I love my cyber-gizmo's. Sorry they're giving your computer cyber-indigestion : too rich a diet. I should pare away a few, but I can't bring myself to.

    I, too, am amazed an agent contacted me that way, too. Yours is a lovely blog, by the way, Roland