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Monday, March 7, 2011


Happy Mardi Gras Eve

Mardi Gras is a fantastic series of celebrations.

I want to celebrate ... friendship.

Michael de Gesu of IN TIME. He has been with me from the beginning of my ePublication of THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS.

He has been the cornerstone of the blog tour for it. As has Denise (L'Aussie). WordsCrafter. N.A. Williams. Donna Hole.

D'Artagnan had only three musketeers to accompany him into legend. I have five. I doff my plumed hat to you all.

My blog tour will be fun, mysterious, and legendary. There are books autographed by Dean Koontz, Neil Gaiman, and Jim Butcher to win. There are maidens to save, monsters to slay, and Gypsy to feed.

Oh, sorry that last was just for me. For you, here is the initial schedule :

1. Michael @ In Time ... March 8th ... The man behind the prose. Part One

2. Michael @ In Time ... March 9th ... The man behind the prose. Part Two

3. Words Crafter @ Rainy Day Wanderer March 10th ... My personal reactions to the publication of THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS

4. Words Crafter @ Rainy Day Wanderer March 11th ... Her personal take on the publication of THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS

5. Denise @ L'Aussie March 12th ... Part I. of the genesis of my writing style

6. Denise @ L'Aussie March 13th ... Part II. The influences which shaped the style of my writing in THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS.

7. NR Williams March 16th ... Myth and world myth melding in THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS

8. Me here doing a Hibbs and St. Patrick's Day post March 17th

9. NR Williams March 18th ... Part II. How the Dreaming runs through THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS.

10. Donna Hole March 21st The spiritual Native American message and reflections in THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS.

11. There will be more blog hosts to join in and become fellow musketeers, storming the Bastille of the Publication World.

Oh, I mentioned Mardi Gras didn't I?

We in Louisiana think we know about Mardi Gras. But it has been around for thousands of years. Certain historians think that ancient fertility rituals performed by some tribes were the roots of Mardi Gras. These rituals welcomed spring's arrival.

Parts of the customs from the old festivals are also found in Lupercalia, a Roman circus-like festival taking place annually in mid-February. The Catholic Church wanted to shift people's attention from pagan festivals so they instituted the festival of Carnival, derived from the Latin word carnelevamen { farewell to flesh.} Or Hello to Lent so to speak.

Mardi Gras came to North America in 1699 when the French-Canadian Pierre le Monye, Sieur de Iberville was exploring the Mississippi River. He and his men camped on a bend of the river sixty miles south of New Orleans on March 3.

Pierre knew that Mardi Gras was being celebrated back in France so he decided to name that spot Pointe du Mardi Gras. And the rest is infamy, ah, I mean history
In honor of my blog tour for THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS, here is the legendary Lakota artist, John Two Eagle, with Tarja and Nightwish :


  1. Roland!!!!

    Congrats on your publication, such wonderful news, I am sorry I've not passed through for a while, I do think of you though. All the very best for the blog tour, I shall definitely pop by, I recognise everyone here. Fantastic support!

    And Happy Mardi Gras! ;-)

    Talei xx

  2. Hi,

    Me too!!!!

    Like Talei I've been partially off the blogosphere, my excuse down with bronchitis so been feeling like sh*t most of the time: now sleeping it off.

    Shall enjoy watching your blog tour: kind of Mardi Gras in itself. ;)


  3. Bugger!

    Meant to say I'm reading Bear at the mo, between snoozing.

  4. Happy Mardi Gras!!!

    Enjoy your blog tour and GOOD LUCK and yay for your book!!! Take care

  5. Roland,
    I'll be emailing you later. Mardi Gras is on my must do someday list. Maybe next year. :)
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  6. Welcome back, Talei Yes, the support from my friends is humbling and thrilling both at the same time. Do come back. You've been missed, Roland

    Francine : I hate that you're down with bronchitis. I had that mutant virus for 3 fun-filled weeks. It just seemed to never want to leave. I have to learn not to be such a good host for germs! LOL.

    I pray you get better so quickly that it astounds you. I am honored and pleased that you have THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. I hope Hibbs and company provide you with a little fun along with you feeling so bad. Get well soon, Roland

    Kitty : Thanks for the well wishes. You're invited to join in the fun if you wish as a blog host. Francine, too. But I reasoned her virus provided her with enough to contend with! Let me know if you want to become a musketeer and storm the Bastille of the Publication World.

    Jules : Mardi Gras in New Orleans is something everyone in America should do once. Will be looking for your email, Roland

  7. Good luck on your blog tour! It sounds like there are going to be some great posts this month. :)

  8. Hurray!! Awesome stuff coming too! (and Mardi Gras, how I love thee)

  9. I love that you're doing a blog tour Roland. This is fantastic! I look forward to catching you at all your stops. I'll be tweeting about it for you!

  10. Congratulations on your blog tour, Roland. Wishing you much Success! I'll tweet it as well.

    BTW: I'm doing a post on Cajun Mardi Gras tomorrow. Thank you for the excellent historical lead-in. :)

  11. Wonderful blog tour, Roland!

    I loved Mardi Gras when I went a long time ago. The amount of energy in the people and the setting made me feel invigorated!

  12. Yay for Mardi Gras :)

    Never mind that though; I'm so glad you posted this. I cant wait to put the link up.

    Man, I could listen to this Nightwish song for hours. I think its my favorite. So glad you posted it with this one.

    I gotta go be creative now :)


  13. Golden Eagle : Thanks. I plan on making this tour fun for everybody!

    Colene : Mardi Gras is fun unless you are a weary blood courier like me who has to weave through the parades to bring needed blood to injured partiers! Thanks for visiting, and you're right -- I plan to make this ride fun for everyone. Come back tomorrow. Roland

    Heather : Thanks for the good wishes and for tweeting for me. The offer for a spot on it still holds. I hope to catch you at all the stops, too.

    VR : Thanks for tweeting for me as well. Tweeting ... sounds like you're strangling Tweety Bird! I look forward to reading your Mardi Gras post. And the offer for a spot on my tour still holds.

    Alleged Author : You are so right! New Orleans is charged with energy during the days of Mardi Gras -- which I intend to use as a key element in the Sam McCord urban fantasy set during Mardi Gras -- and yes, Victor Standish is in it as well.

    Donna : Isn't this Nightwish song great? It is hard to believe but the blog tour is finally here! I look forward to coming to your blog, Roland

  14. I don't believe I've properly congratulated you yet on your release! But well done, I always knew it was a matter of time! :)

    Looks like you've got a jam-packed blog tour! Looking forward to tagging along, and if my blog can help out in any way, just give me a shout!

  15. Very cool! Can I join in on the tour? Let me know (my email: tessaconte(at)


  16. Congratulations on your book and good luck, Roland.


  17. Congratulations on your new book! I wish you much success with it. I look forward to joining you on tour and reading about your amazing ideas and path to publication.

  18. Hi Roland .. have fun on the blog tour .. and I enjoyed reading about Mardi Gras and its origins ..

    Good to have such loyal buddies and friends to tag along with you ..

    See you around the blogosphere soon .. cheers Hilary