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Monday, March 14, 2011


Hibbs, the cub with no clue, here.

Those small Indians from Australia followed me to Miss Jodi's ...

and they're carrying those strange crooked sticks, too.

Hey, guys, those sticks better be made of chocolate 'cause if you try to hurt Miss Jodi with them ... I'm gonna make you eat them!

Uh, huh. They say they just came to keep me safe through DreamTime.

"Thanks, guys. You stay safe on the way back, hear?"

Aw, no. Jodi's sleeping for the night. I guess the interview will be Monday morning. Sigh. I'll just curl up and sleep in her backyard.

Better keep one eye open though. You have to be careful with Indians, little or not, if you want to keep your scalp.

And when your scalp covers your whole body, I bet it hurts when they lift it!

I'll see you guys Monday here :

Hibbs back again, snuggling in Miss Jodi's backyard. I asked Roland where we would be going next. Of course I knew we'd be here tomorrow. But he gave me this news at all the places my poor feet would be sore from heading to :

I will be at Nancy's Wednesday :

Thursday, I will visit VR at her blog (a St. Patrick's Day treat) at :

Then, back to Nancy's blog again for Friday.

On Monday (the 21st) I will turn up at Donna Hole's blog :

I asked Roland if that meant I'd have the weekend to soak my feet in Lake Charles.

He just chuckled and said, "Maybe. Unless someone wants to dare the weekend."

Sigh. I have a feeling my poor paws are never going to get a rest!

Oh, Denise just told me she's writing a review of my adventures for tomorrow at her joint blog READING AT DAWN:


  1. Roland, will you be selling, The Bear With Two Shadows, in hard cover, or just kindle?

  2. Hi, Roland,

    I really like your Hibbs cub telling us where to go each day...

    I've already been to Jodi's blog. Another insightful interview into THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS.


  3. Wendy : Right now, Hibbs is just on Kindle. But for free, you can download "Kindle for PC" so if you have a computer, you can read THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS on the larger screen of your computer -- along with buying other books, with many classics and first books in a series being free. How cool is that?

    Michael : Thanks for visiting Jodi's blog for me. I slept til noon in exhaustion. I will visit my friends now. Thanks for always having my back, Roland

  4. I LOVE Turquoise Woman!

    And your book. And look forward to your reading mine, sometime, whenever the publisher gets it out. Edits are done; I'm still waiting....

    Meanwhile, I love interacting with bloggers such as you and reading your/their wonderful books. And comments you make on my blog. Thanks for taking a few minutes out of your busy blogging schedule (well, 8 days running!) to come over today. You mentioned Twitter. I don't think it's really doing anything for me. My time, like yours, is too precious. I get more from reading great books and trying to write stories.

    It sounds like your book is coming out in print form. Is this true? I hope so. This is one book I would like to have on my "real" shelf, not just on my Nook (which is where I read it).

  5. Ann : Always good to see you here. And Turquoise Woman loves you back.

    Would you believe I joined Twitter just to point folks to Jodi Henry's blog so her viewers wouldn't drop because she was interviewing me!

    As with you, Twitter seems too time consuming for me.

    I wish my book were coming out in print. A print publisher has yet to find it interesting. It doesn't comfortably fit into slots of books that are selling well now.

    Sigh. Maybe in the future? I look forward to reading your book, Roland

  6. Hi Roland and Hibbs. Listen Hibbs you tell Roland that they call 'em aborigines in Oz, not indians. Those sticks are most definitely not chocolate, but they won't hurt you I promise. They're just excited to be on the trail of a bear, 'coz there's no bears in the wilds of Australia.

    Happy Hunting!


    I'll get over to Jodi's soon.

  7. {Hibbs to Denise} : (Hanging his head) Roland keeps telling me their name, but it hurts my lips to say it! So I just call them "little Indians"!

    I don't mind being hunted. The Lakota do that to me all the time. It's when they catch me that's no fun!!

    Roland says for me to tell you thanks for visiting here and for doing such a neat job as hostess in Australia. See? Sometimes I can say a long word!

  8. Diane : It's fun but draining when done while trying to work as well!

    Thanks for visiting, Roland