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Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Hibbs, the cub with no clue, is happily ambling next to me.

"Miss Summer was nice. Where to next, Mr. Roland?"

"To J.C. Martin."

"Where does she live?"

"It's a secret. See? We're already there."

Hibbs suddenly flashes a huge alligator smile so phony

politicians everywhere will be hounding him for his secret.

"Hi, Miss J.C. ! See me wave? Me and Mr. Roland, we're totally harmless!"

I hiss a whisper. "What are you doing, Hibbs?"

He looks up at me shocked. "Don't you even know your own species, Mr. Roland?

With beautiful female humans you have to show them you mean them no harm."

Hibbs leans in close.

"And this one knows Wing Chun. You know the stuff Bruce Lee taught. I am one bear cub that wants to keep his internal organs internal!"

He nudges me. "See how less tense she looks?"

"Ah, she looks more, not less, tense to me, Hibbs."

"I'll fix that. You just watch."

Hibbs rushes J.C. , his arms outstretched. "How about a nice big bear hug!"

J.C. is a fluid blurr. Hibbs' furry little body flies through the air in a flailing


He lands and tumbles in a flurry of arms and legs. His big head pops up from the brush.

Snorting leaves and blades of grass from his lips and cheeks, Hibbs wrinkles his long nose.

"Not big into bear hugs, huh?"

He turns to the cyber-void and chuckles,

"Hey, guys, I've paved the way. J.C. is all untense and everything. Head on over."

"Oh, Mr. Roland? Who are we seeing tomorrow?"

"Nas Dean. She lives in Naid,Fiji, by the way."

"F-Fiji? FIJI!! Mr. Roland!!"


  1. Congratulations on your new book!
    That is great! I hope I am next!!

  2. this is so cute, btw. I love how little Hibbs is telling us where all you're going~ :o)

  3. Steph : You just made Hibbs blush.

    Choices : I hope you are next, too!

    Thanks, Talli!

    Leigh : I wanted a fun signpost for my friends. I'm happy it makes you smile. Roland

  4. LOL! Hibbs cracks me up. That may not be the best way to help someone relax but I love his effort! I'm off to follow along.

  5. Heather : Hibbs has a big heart and good intentions -- lucky they are both housed in a sturdy little body! Hibbs will be looking for you. Roland

  6. On my way over there to take a look! (=

  7. Thanks, Jo. And Hibbs says he's looking forward to meeting you on our interviews on Friday and Saturday!

  8. Poor Hibbs,

    He is no match for J.C.

    Nicely done, Roland. How charming our little friend Hibbs is.


  9. Yes, Mr Hibbs, welcome to Fiji! It's an awesome place with sun, sand and surf. Hmmm...wonder if you will enjoy all these...

  10. An "alligator smile," nice. :) Love Hibbs' furry little body flying through the air in a flailing arch. Humorous image. Have a great week, Roland!!

  11. JC and Nas are great! Going over now.

  12. Just read your interview at Nas Dean's blog...great history on the myths behind the dreaming.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  13. Michael : Few are a match for J.C what with her having a black belt in Wing Chun! Sadly, charm didn't soften the fall for poor Hibbs! Thanks for visiting and commenting. It means a lot.

    Nas : Hibbs and I were late to the party due to the time difference. But Hibbs is enjoying playing tag with the surf on your beaches!

    Thanks, Carol. You have a wonderful and great week, too!

    Lydia K : I hope you enjoyed both JC and Nas. But I would recommend you not pay the visit by Thunderbird! It gets cold way up there higher than the clouds!

    Raquel : Thanks for visiting both Nas and me. Hibbs appreciates it, too! The myths behind dreams are crucial in Lakota myth as well as Australian.