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Friday, March 25, 2011


Hibbs, the cub with no clue, and I walk out of Jo's rocking party

and out onto her lush backyard.

"Whew!," gushes Hibb.

"That is some party, Mr. Roland. Who was the Ostrich Lady,

wearing that dress of honey combs, who kept dancing with me?"

"Oh, that was Lady Gaga. You're lucky, Hibbs. Once she wore a dress of meat."

"What? Oh, Eeeyoo!"

His eyes light up. "Ah, do you know where she put that dress?"

I raise my eyebrow, and Hibbs says, "Don't look at me that way. Meat shouldn't go to waste."

He sits down on the grass with a thump beside me.

"At least that mother and daughter came to my resuce ... sort of."

"You mean Madonna and her daughter, Lourdes?"

"Yes, them. What was that weird dance that Madonna woman kept dancing with me?"

"It's called a tango, Hibbs."

"Well, it sure tangled my spine, that's for sure! Ah, speaking of spines,

her daughter looked like her spine was all rubber while she danced with me. Is that the tango, too?"

I ruffle the hair atop his small head. "No, Hibbs, that's called the Dip."

Hibbs shruggs his shoulder.

"At least that band, THE WANDERING PEPPLES, played so loud I didn't have to talk much."

"You mean THE ROLLING STONES, Hibbs."

He nods his head. "Yeah, them."

"Oh, there, you are, you little sneak!," comes a strident voice behind us.

Hibbs pops to his feet, holding out his paw. "Who's that, Mr. Roland?"

"Taylor Swift."

Taylor rushes toward Hibbs, who thrusts out his open paw even more.

"Now, you keep those spindly little legs right where they are, Miss Taylor. I'm all pooped out."

Taylor giggles. "Oh, you cute thing, you."

She wraps an arm around a squirming Hibbs, dragging him back into Jo's party.

Taylor giggles, "I dated a werewolf, but I've never danced with a bear."

Hibbs lolls his head over his shoulder, imploring me with begging eyes.

"Mr. Roland, help! Mr. Roland!!"

I chuckle back at him. "Face it, Hibbs. You just have animal magnetism!"

"Mr. Roland, that is SO not funny!"

Ah, everyone, come help me rescue Hibbs at Jo's party :

My melded entry for PURPLE PROSE and THE NATURE OF MAGIC blogfests will be a day late, coming to you Saturday.


  1. Hi Roland .. that photo of Hibbs and the sandy back, together with your party story are wonderful .. loved the read and letting my mind enjoy its imaginary dance ..

    Enjoy the day - Hilary

  2. Thanks, Hillary. Now, when you hear the term "party animal," you'll think of poor Hibbs, the cub with no clue! Me, too.

    Thanks for enjoying the imaginary dance and party. Hibbs is still giggling. Roland

  3. Hibbs is a teddy bear!(= Few people can keep up with me! It's almost 4:30 am and I'm just going to bed! Wooot! Raise that roof Hollywood style! (=

  4. Hi Roland.

    Congrats on your place in the Show Me The Voice contest.

    I know this is my first time posting and I'm sorry, but I really have nothing to say.

    You are beyond praise, so that seems petty, and you write nothing I can disagree with. (LOL)

    So, I just wanted to stop by and let you know I do follow you everyday (how can I not, you're one of the only bloggers I see who posts all the time!)

    Have a great weekend! :D

  5. Jo, you are an awesome hostess. I never would have guessed that Hibbs was a party animal! Thanks for having us over.

    T.D. : Thanks for following every day. Do say HI more often. You have more to offer your friends than you might believe. I truly enjoyed your post today on how to create amazing, original races. Roland

  6. Hibbs is enchanting, if not carnivorous. What a fun blog!

  7. Sounds like quite the party! I'm not sure Hibbs will want to leave. :D

  8. Thanks, Susan. I try to keep it fun here. Come back and comment again. Hibbs is nodding his head.

    Heather : His poor feet. He doesn't mind dancing, but he needs a breather every now and then! LOL.

  9. I just love your interaction with HIbbs. He really is SOOO cute!

    I also cracked up over "The Wandering Pebbles!" Too funny.


  10. Come do know your animal magnetism is so awesome that girls just can't leave you alone!

  11. I'll come see what's up :)

    I'm lagging behind on the tour, but hoping to catch up tonight. Its Friday, payday, and a girls just gotta dance . .


  12. Hi, Roland! Sounds like a great party going on here! Have a fab weekend!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  13. I really want to see Captain America....

    I'll have to go catch up on the tour tomorrow sometime. I'm beat.

    Sounds like Hibbs is, too. Tell him he can crash in my back yard. The only things that will there are the squirrels. And maybe an owl....

    Have a great weekend!

  14. Michael : You should have seen Mick Jagger's face when he heard Hibbs rename his group!@

    Nas : Hibbs is shy around pretty girls, especially those who are wearing long blouses. I tried to tell him they were dresses, but Hibbs refused to believe me!

    Donna : Hibbs will keep an eye out for you. He is lonesome for a familiar face.

    Elizabeth : I hope you have a fab weekend, too. Hibbs needs a couple of aspirins! Roland

  15. WordsCrafter : Doesn't CAPTAIN AMERICA look as if it will be a great movie? Hibbs may take you up on that offer. He and squirrels get along ... well, except for that one at the end of his novel! LOL.

  16. Hey Roland, just stopped by to see what you and Hibbs are up to. Think I'll pop on over to Jo's place and find out!

    ~ that rebel, Olivia

  17. Olivia : I saw your email just as I was rushing out to work -- no time to reply. Thanks for the offer. Will take you up on it if things work out.

  18. Roland, I'm loving all these little posts you've been doing. They are great!


  19. Thanks, Jodi. I wanted to make my signposts to my interview blogs fun. Hibbs is getting pooped thought! Roland