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Monday, April 11, 2011

New BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS drawing (dedicated to Gypsy)

I'm back ...
to re-announce the new BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS drawing :

List this contest/drawing in your sidebar,

and you will receive one entry.

Post a review of THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS on Amazon,

and you will receive 5 entries.

The prizes? :

NEEDFUL THINGS autographed by Stephen King.

THE TAKING autographed by Dean Koontz.

DANSE MACABRE autographed by Laurell K. Hamilton.

The Drawing?

June 7th.


The spirit of Gypsy and I wish you luck


  1. Really sorry about Gypsy. So many have spread the word for you as well. Pets aren't animals - they're family.

  2. I gladly posted in my sidebar, from one cat lover to another. Here's the link to my blog if you'd like to verify!

  3. I love the covers on your blog. I look forward to the contest :)

  4. Hi, Roland.

    What a stunning picture of Gypsy.... She will be greatly missed by us too....

    I've posted your contest in my side bar.

  5. so sorry about your sweet Gypsy. I know you miss her. ((hugs)) :o)

  6. Alex :
    Thanks for understanding that Gypsy was family. I am honored by the great waves of support from my friends across the internet waves. Their kind, loving words have been invisible arms around my shoulders. All of you are heroes in my book.

    Gina :
    No verification needed on my end. We're friends. Family, sort of, as we are cat lovers. I wish you luck in the drawing.

    Josh :
    I try to make my blog as beautiful as I can. Thanks.

    Michael :
    Wasn't Gypsy beautiful? I can still see her out of the corner of my eyes sometimes. Thanks for posting my contest in your sidebar. I wish you luck in the drawing.

    Leigh :
    Thanks for the virtual hugs. I needed them. Nights are hardest for me somehow. Have a healing week, Roland

  7. HRH Theodorable sends purrs to you and the spirit of the lovely Gypsy.

    My review of Hibb's wonderful story is up on Amazon & Goodreads. Those autographed books look great!
    Judy (South Africa)

  8. Judy : Gypsy sends her spectral yowl your way and to your lovely HRH Theodorable. Thanks for the review, and you have 5 entries in the drawing. I wish you luck.

  9. I have posted a link in my sidebar - a pleasure to have you there.
    I still catch fleeting glimpses of my cats around too even though they are long gone.

  10. Oh--an actual picture of her! What a beautiful cat. (=

  11. Hi Roland .. my heart has been thinking of you and Gypsy .. and then remembering my own losses .. as Alex says they are family .. and remain so.

    I'm not good with these techie things and am overloaded with 'things' .. so forgive me for now - I'll be good in a few months time!

    Love Gypsy's photo and she will continue to visit and be with you .. with thoughts - Hilary

  12. The photo of Gypsy tugs at my heartstrings. It captures not only her beauty but her spirit. I feel her presence.

  13. Teresa :
    I think a bit of their spirit and love stay with us as ours go with them into that land that knows no shadows. I proud to have Hibbs on your sidebar. He is, too.

    Jo :
    No photo ever caught Gypsy's true beauty -- isn't that the way with all special spirits?

    Hilary :
    My heart goes out to you for your own losses. And yes, Alex is so right : our pets become family members through their unconditional love and eternal willingness to listen.

    VR :
    Thanks for such heartfelt words. It means a lot knowing you care and you visit. Only happy surprises for you today, Roland

  14. Ah. I'm already moved to tears again. She is really a stunning lady. Her eyes! How regal. I can believe she is Bast's granddaughter!

    I will get it on my sidebar before the end of the week. I'll drop you a line to let you know it's up.

    Good to 'see' you, Friend.

  15. Hi, WordsCrafter :
    Yes, Gypsy was part Persian and all princess. Her spirit is still with me. I could believe she was Bast's granddaughter, too.

    Thank you for shouting out my contest dedicated to Gypsy. She was with me all through the writing of THE BEAR WITH TWO SHADOWS. I'd like to make the book a success for her and for my mother's tales as well.

    Have a great tomorrow, Roland

  16. I'm so sorry about Gypsy, Roland...she sounds like she was an amazing cat. I know what it is like to lose a pet close to me.

    Thanks so much for following my blog. :) If you're interested, come sign up for my 100-Followers Blogfest, titled "Inanimation," it's going to be great!


  17. The Red Angel : Thank you for the kind, caring words about Gypsy. I've joined your blogfest for May 15th to celebrate your 111 followers. Have a great tomorrow, Roland

  18. So sorry about Gypsy! It's so hard to lose a member of the family.

  19. Thank you, Lydia. I work with a group of "good old boys" who are puzzled why a grown man is so grieved over the death of a cat.

    Your understanding makes healing easier. Thanks again, Roland

  20. Oh I'm so sorry about Gypsy. I've got four felines, all with very different characters, it's so sad when they go.
    I've left a review on Amazon btw

  21. So sorry about Gypsy. I'm also a feline lover and would hate to see them go.

  22. Aw- she was a beauty, Roland. We lost our Moses a few years back and it was very, very difficult. He was a good friend, and absolutely family. *hugs*

  23. Eliza :
    Four felines? I had my hands full with only one feline princess! Thanks for leaving a review for THE BEAR WITH 2 SHADOWS. You're entered in the contest.

    Nas :
    Yes, our cats get next to us quite easily. Thanks for your compassionate comment.

    Jayne :
    Sorry to hear about Moses. They become family, don't they? Thanks for the virtual hugs. They were needed tonight, Roland

  24. Roland I have put you on my sidebar.
    I hope it helps you out.

    Pamela Jo

  25. Oh Roland, she's beautiful. I am so bonded with my Bugsy that it would break my heart to lose him. I pray that day be far and away. He has been my constant companion through thick and thin (lots of thin!) with wit, love and purrs. Every time I think of you losing your Gypsy I feel a squeeze in my heart.

    Thank you for sharing the Lakota definition for relative. By this definition we are rich indeed.

    Wonderful post, that rebel, Olivia

    And I'll add a new button on my sidebar, too.

  26. Hi Roland...been having lots of company and projects to finish, so have gotten behind in visiting. I will check out other blogs to see what they are posting about Bear with Two Shadows and then I will post as well.

    I am sincerely sorry to hear about Gypsy. I agree with Alex, our furry friends are part of the family.

  27. Sorry I haven't been here for awhile, someone has me busy reading :) I will post the contest on my sidebar. Gypsy is still beautiful where ever she is! Loved the trailer for your book.

  28. Oh, Gypsy looks like a gentle soul. I lost my Mugsy four years ago. (He was almost identical to her, only a few less black spots). He was the sweetest cat I've ever known. I know you must miss Gypsy terribly.