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Thursday, April 28, 2011

W is for WOW!_Isn't WENDY TYLER RYAN something special?

Wasn't that a fantastic, mind-blowing book trailer?

Not because of my book. {Well, maybe a little. LOL.}

But mainly because of the artistry and extraordinarily hard work of :


Her Papyrus Productions --

An off-shoot of her Lemon Twist Press -- is a fledgling Book Trailer cyber business.

But her creations are the polished, fine craftsmanship of a seasoned professional.

Let's face it :

Book Trailers can sweep up the on-lookers into the world of your novel.

A GREAT book trailer can have the viewer saying out loud, "I WANT that book!"

Such a dynamic, riveting book trailer as you've just watched is the result of intensive, time-consuming work.

Long days are put into such a creation.

Can you imagine laboring ten hours days that grow into a week's worth of finding just the right images & music, paying license fees for them, and then crafting them together dramatically into a hypnotic whole?

That is what Wendy Tyler Ryan did for me.

That is what she can do for you.

Check out her web site --


  1. Oh my gosh! That was chilling and intriguing. I loved the image of Sam...finally a haunting gaze to go with the words. Wonderful trailer, Roland. Congratulations.
    Edge of Your Seat Romance

  2. Thanks, Raquel :
    Your praise means a lot to me. Aren't those eyes of Sam something? Wendy did an awesome job and a half. Thank you for the congratulations -- but most of it belongs to Wendy, Roland

  3. oooh Roland! It's spectacular, the music and images. wow! ooh I'm all aflutter now. hehe :) brilliant.

  4. Yes. There is a scene in Alex Cavanaugh's CassaStar that matches perfectly the book trailer. That is a truly awesome trailer.

    This one is also just as awesome. I've had the pleasure of reading Rites - to the point where Sam has a discussion with Greely - and I think this trailer captures the mood and intent of the novel.

    You and Wendy both should be proud.


  5. Niki :
    When I saw it for the first time, I was all a'flutter, too. Wendy did a great job, didn't she?

    Donna :
    I was really impressed with Alex's book trailer, too.

    I'm glad you liked mine as well. But the lion's share of the credit goes to Wendy.

    I'm so glad you are enjoying RITES OF PASSAGE so far, Roland

  6. Thanks so much for the praise, Roland, it means a lot that you are pleased with it.

    I have just revised my own book trailer to reflect my beautiful new cover.

    Just as soon as my books are uploaded, which should be any day now, I will finally be able to take a little breather and start in on Rites of Passage.

    Good luck with your books, Roland, I already know they're going to be great!

  7. Wendy :
    I pray both our books do fantastically well. Mine will do better because of your riveting book trailer I know, Roland

  8. That's so exciting, Ro! (= Awesome! Makes me want to read it. (= And it makes me eager to have my hubby make me one for my novel!

    You're the man. The Yeoman...s. (;

    PS I will think of you in London this June because the gaurds at the Tower of London are called Yeoman. =D

  9. Thanks, Jo :
    If you do read it, I hope you enjoy it. Wink at the Yeoman Guards. See if they blink. LOL. Roland

  10. Great book trailer! Definitely good work from Wendy Tyler Ryan.


  11. The line "Somewhere between the light and shadow" reminded me of T.S. Eliot's "The Hollow Men." Great book trailer!

  12. That is one awesome book trailer, One of the best I've seen. She did a great job. That haunted look on Sam McCord's face--I don't think I'll forget THAT. Or the music. It's perfect. Wow!
    Ann Best, Memoir Author

  13. Wonderful trailer - thanks for sharing it with us!

  14. ...yes Roland, Wendy is indeed a sweetheart, and the trailer perfectly sets the mood.

    Two of my favorites working together and achieving success. You guys just made my night:)


  15. Susan :
    I'm glad you liked the trailer.

    Elliot :
    It always makes my night when I see a comment from you. And I agree, Wendy is a sweetheart.

  16. Thanks, Talli :
    The credit all goes to Wendy.

    Jai :
    Didn't Wendy do a great job?

    The Alleged Author :
    Yes, Sam could have walked out of T.S. Elliot's poem, "The Hollow Men." Glad you liked the trailer. Roland

    Ann :
    You're right the image of Sam McCord is perfect ... and the music just grabs you and doesn't let go, Roland

  17. I am so glad that the Trailer is being enjoyed. That means that I have done my work and have helped people to see the possibilities in reading your book. I could not have made the trailer without the solid foundation of your writing, Roland. I wish you great success with both books.

  18. Wendy :
    Your talent shines in that trailer. I am truly grateful that you worked your magic for me. I hope both our books take off! Roland

  19. WOW!

    FANTASTIC TRAILER! Sorry I haven't been around to much... In Orlando again doing Disney for the B'day weekend. Alone, but having a good time all the same.

    Wendy did an amazing job on both trailers.... I can't wait to do one for Amber.

    ALL the best my friend.... You are off to a good start!


  20. Thanks, Michael :
    May your birthday weekend be a great one. I've missed your comments here. One thing you can say for you, me, and Wendy -- is that we do not quit! Only happy surprises this weekend, Roland

  21. I've never been shy about saying how much I dislike book trailers, but his one is AMAZING. Brava, Wendy! And Bravo to you, Roland, for giving her such extraordinary material to work with.

  22. VR :
    Wendy did an outstanding job on this trailer, didn't she? You're right, VR, most book trailers are static and stunted in some form or fashion. Wendy managed to overcome the limitations of the medium to deliver a beautiful creation. Thank you for thinking my novels extraordinary. At the end of a gruelling night your words help more than you could know, Roland