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Tuesday, April 26, 2011


{ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM is now available to buy!}


is courtesy of the creative genius of the British award-winning artist, Andrew Simmons.}

Can you remember how you felt when you ended FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING?

I wanted to give those of you who finished RITES OF PASSAGE quick access to Book II. It should be out this Thursday.


Like a ghost through a wall, Captain Samuel McCord, Texas Ranger,

has slipped from one year to the next, leaving a bit of himself with each hunt until he feels as hollow as his childhood's illusions.

It is the year 1853,

and he has tracked the only lead in a gruesome murder to the transatlantic steamer, DEMETER.

A young girl he raised from a baby has been murdered on the docks of Galveston, her face removed.

She was last seen in the company of someone only known as the Gray Man.

Now, McCord is on the hunt for this mysterious man aboard the steamer.

But hunter becomes hunted. McCord discovers that fully a fourth of the steamer's passengers are supernatural predators :

revenants ( the truth behind the myth of vampires),

Kali's nymphs (flesh-eating insects),

Kali herself,

the Amal (living shadows who drain men of their life force),

Coyote (Native American trickster and chaos bringer),

the Gahe (soul-drinking demons of Apache myth).

As the DEMETER enters the Bermuda Triangle,

each person and entity McCords meets assures him that discovering the identity of the young girl's true murderer will destroy him.

ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM is an epic historical fantasy, whose major players are --

Captain Samuel McCord :
His are haunted and haunting eyes.

He has seen too much and understood more than he wanted of it.

He appears in his late forties though his hair, turned moon-white by the trauma of seeing his parents and sister murdered,

makes him appear older to those who only glance at him. He is lean like the hunting wolf he is ...

hunting for the peace and love that always seems to elude him.

Lady Meilori Shinseen :

Born of stardust and the sea,

the alien from another dimension has lived longer than most nations.

She is on this voyage to end that long life, having lost all hope of love and peace ...

until she meets the haunted Texas Ranger that reminds her of the noble samurai she lost tragically centuries before.

There are disturbing depths of sad wisdom in her slanted jade eyes.

Depths in whose darkness swim the monsters which drive us or haunt us or both. They both call and warn at the same time.

Elu :

The Apache shaman who has been mentor and brother to McCord.

His mother is the dreaded Turquoise Woman, living projection of Earth's consciousness.

Becoming blood brothers to McCord cursed him to an existence in the Mirror World, a parallel dimension to ours.

The blood mingling also cursed McCord into becoming a drainer of the life force of others ...

if he touches them with the bare palm of his right hand. Hence, McCord always wears gloves.

The phrase "taking my gloves off" is only heard once by the outlaws who force McCord into saying them.

The Gray Man :

Many have been his names.
So many he has forgotten most of them. Dragon. Abbadon. DayStar. He goes now by Lord Hassatan.

Tall, eternally young, endlessly evil and cruel, possessed of a vast, complex intellect that makes the term "genius" pale by comparison.

A Hannibal Lector of supernatural beings.

He claims to be older than even the earth,

being the Darkness which existed when all was Void ...

until the arrival of Light and the Creation of all that is.

He wants his home back.

This voyage of the DEMETER is his way of either ending his tormented life or bringing an end to all life.

Only McCord, one lone cursed mortal, stands in his way of both goals.

The last voyage of the DEMETER is not a pleasure cruise.

It is not even the stocked pond that the undead aboard believe it to be.

It is the beginning of "The End of All Things."

Unless one cursed Texican can fight and win his own personal Alamo --

even though winning it will cost him all he holds dear.

Come aboard the doomed DEMETER

and sail with her into the depths of madness in ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM.

{Of course, a review of this fantasy of mine will also garner you 5 entries in my Autographed Book Contest. So if you review all 3 books of mine, you will receive 15 entries in my contest. How cool is that?}


  1. Fantastic Roland! I love it! :D

    How was Easter?

    Did you partake in any Easter Egg Hunts? :D

  2. T.D. :
    My Easter hunt was down rural roads delivering rare blood to distant hospitals. But it was mostly a peaceful day. I hope your Easter was healing and bright. Roland

  3. Ro-You have an awesome imagination and are ridiculously nimble with words. (= I like your brain.

  4. How's that for prolific! Three books.

    - Eric

  5. Jo :
    Thanks so much for the kind words. As an only child left alone for long hours, I had only my imagination to keep me company. I guess some of it stuck with me. LOL. You made me smile with liking my brain. Now, if only Amazon Kindle readers like it as well. Thanks again, Roland

    Eric :
    I basically wrote them at the same time. Ouch. Never do that to yourself, Eric. Looking back, I don't see how I did it. Take a look at the free sample chapters if you have downloaded the free app "Kindle for PC." Tell me what you think.

    Samuel McCord is also knocking on the door of AN HONEST LIE, too. Maybe he will be able to get the toe of his cowboy boot inside the front door! Roland

  6. This sounds really good! But then I'm partial to adventures on the high seas! I can just imagine it with your wonderful writing style and descriptive talents I know it will be amazing!

  7. Heather :
    Thanks for thinking so. I hope you can download Kindle for PC and read the free chapters for yourself. Roland

  8. LOVE the cover...

    Beautiful Image.

    It sounds like another very exciting adventure! Good luck dear friend. I wish you the best with your next exciting publication.


  9. Thanks, Michael :
    Now, it only would-be Kindle readers think so!

  10. Wow! This story has me hooked and I haven't read anything beyond your amazing description. Where can I can get this?

  11. Melissa :
    Thanks for liking my book so much from just the description. That made my evening. It should be available from Amazon to read on your computer if you download the free app, Kindle for PC.

    It is the sequel to RITES OF PASSAGE which is available to download right down from Amazon

    I labored to make them both touch the heart with the romance and ratchet the tension with the danger and mystery. I think you will like them both. Take a chance on RITES OF PASSAGE, and I do not think you will be sorry. Roland

  12. E.C. :
    Thanks. Your comment made my morning. Roland

  13. My dear friend you know I love your imagination and your way with words just wish there was more I could do for you :)

    BTW thanks for the comment this morning. Just got out of the basement :D
    Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  14. Jules :
    And I just had a wisdom tooth removed. We both are having quite a day! And I have to go back to work in hours. Whew! I sent you a little gift in your email. A "Glad The Tornado Didn't Send You To OZ" gift! LOL.

  15. So cool! I haven't been by for awhile trying to juggle the A - Z Challenge and my own writing. Now I find a new book coming out. Very exciting, I wish you all the best.

    If you have time stop by my blog. I have an announcement.

    N. R. Williams, The Treasures of Carmelidrium.

  16. Nancy :
    I wish you high sales on your own new book being released -- and success for your daughter's new book trailer venture. Roland

  17. Impressive artwork on this book! Love the title as well...

    Just to check in and let you know I have posted Bear with Two Shadows on my other blog:

  18. I love the idea of an adventure on the high seas! The Lady already is my favorite character.

  19. Sounds eerily similar to Lovecraft. I love it! It's incredible creativity and imagination!

  20. Looking forward to reading both RITES OF PASSAGE and ADRIFT IN THE TIME STREAM.

    Best of luck with your series, Roland. You're an inspiration!

  21. Donna B. :
    Thank you so much. You're entered in my contest, too. Hibbs thanks you!

    Lydia :
    I'm glad you like Lady Meilori Shinseen. I put a lot of my heart into her creation -- I'm rather in love with her myself!

    Julius :
    There is a Lovecraftian influence for sure. Especially so with McCord's modern adventures in New Orleans and with Victor Standish's adventures there as well. Thanks for the great comment.

    VR :
    Thanks for the support. I hope you do enjoy RITES and ADRIFT. You've always been an inspiration to me, too. Roland

  22. I'm intrigued. I love this kind of story which incorporates many aspects of mythology, horror, action, and mystery.

  23. Julius :
    I fell in love with mythology and legends as a lonely only child, and I've been incorporating them into my own stories since I first started telling and writing stories. I hope you'll download the free app for Kindle for PC and see if RITES OF PASSAGE is as much fun for you as it was for me to write, Roland