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Friday, April 22, 2011

T is for TEASE or RITES OF PASSAGE comes out this Saturday_Samuel McCord's first recorded adventure!

T is for Tease ...

{Cover courtesy of my good friend, Nicholas Savant}


Captain Samuel McCord's first recorded adventure comes out this Saturday

Think :

A fantasy TITANIC.



Some dangerous souls lead lives like loaded guns.

Captain Samuel McCord is such a man. His nature is that of a poet and a philospher. His family dying in a Comanche raid right before his eyes changed all that.

Violence and death has stalked him since that day. Becoming blood brother to a not fully human Apache shaman changed McCord further. He sees around the corner in reality.

By 1853, he has become a pariah among the Texas Rangers, assigned certain death assignments. Traveling the world, McCord saves Princess Victoria's life, sets Napoleon III on his throne, and fights against both sides in the Chinese Opium War. Every crown prince of Europe and the Orient has set a bounty on his life.

McCord could care less. Someone has murdered the young girl he raised from a tiny baby. The murderer took the girl's face to wear as a mask. She was last seen in the company of someone only known as the Gray Man.

McCord tracks the Gray Man to the transatlantic steamer, DEMETER. As the ship enters the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, McCord learns that fully a fourth of the passangers are undead in some form or other.

It is not a pleasure cruise. It is a stocked pond.

An elite stocked pond : Ralph Waldo Emerson. His first wife, Ellen Tucker. Ada Byron. Horace Greeley. Sir Robert Peel. Margaret Fuller. Daniel Webster. Count de Morey. The courtesan Cora Pearl.

And only half of these illustrious luminaries are undead.

But revenants, flesh-eating insects, soul-draining shadows, and other forms of madness will not stop McCord. Not even the mysterious Gray Man.

McCord will catch the murderer of the young girl who reminded him of his murdered sister. There is no fail.

Then, the one thing he never expected comes into his life : love. Love in the deadly form of an alien born of stardust and the sea. McCord can fight any enemy, but can he survive the love of a deadly goddess?


  1. Looking forward to Rites of Passage on Saturday.
    Came by to catch up and wish you a Happy Easter

  2. Grandma Yellow Hair :
    (Hangs head in shame) I have been so busy with my dying Gypsy, writing and preparing two convention presentations, working nightmare hours to free myself up for speaking all weekend at said Sci-Fi Convention, and editing THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH, while writing its sequel -- I have precious free time to visit my friends like you. I am headed your way now. Roland

  3. Roland: The challenge is daunting, but we will persevere. Nice peak at Rites of passage. Happy Easter.

  4. Luana :
    Happy Easter to you, too. Thanks for visiting. And challenges builds strength within us, right?

  5. Congrats on Right of Passage! And thanks for the trailer, it looks like so much fun!

  6. Wow, congratulations! It sounds very chilling and full of adventure and intrigue. I'm thinking I know what book I'll be reading next! Very happy for you.
    Sounds like you are extremely busy and have no time to even contemplate breathing/relaxing. I hope a spare moment of relaxation finds you soon. Good Friday to you and Happy Easter, as well!

    Heather :)

  7. Sounds exciting. I know it will be wonderful.

    I, too, am busy trying to get my cover art done. I am so close.

  8. Good to meet you. Best of luck with Rites of Passage. It sounds very exciting.

    Look forward to following your posts and writing

    warm wishes

  9. How exciting! Another book? Ro-- you're prolifically delicious.
    Way to go!
    Have a fabulous Easter weekend!

  10. Another book. Wow good job...

    Now BREATH...that's it in slowly and out. Okay your ready for the next round.

    What an interesting trailer, looks like one I can't miss.

    Pamela Jo

  11. Lydia :
    COWBOYS & ALIENS does look like fun, doesn't it? Wish me luck with RITES.

    Heather :
    Yes, my days are really full lately. I am working this holiday weekend. Sigh. And thank you for planning on reading RITES.

    Wendy :
    I will be praying for success on the publication of your book. I'll even knock on wood. Thump. Thump. Ouch! I was thumping my head.

    Good to meet you, too, Debbie :
    I'm so happy you visited back and followed. Wish me luck on my new book.

    Jo :
    I wish your husband success in his film, too. His recent media attention was just great. I'll be praying for his success!

    Pamela Jo :
    Doesn't COWBOYS & ALIENS look intriguing? Yes, my days of late have been quite full of stress and deeds. Like Arnold's Terminator in T2, I need a vacation! Roland

  12. Ok I think I have just entered the twilight zone :)

  13. Really! Well now, I need to get this one, too. I just don't know when I'll get them read.

    I'll do a post tomorrow. Right now, I'm sipping orange juice to stave off what I really hope isn't something requiring a doctor, and rewriting my nano novel.

    Great news, though. Yay!!!!!!

  14. Siv :
    My imagination lives in The Twilight Zone! LOL.

    WordsCrafter :
    Air-Born tablets seem to help me with nipping a cold in the bud. I hope you're feeling better very soon. Sam McCord does, too. LOL. Roland