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Saturday, April 23, 2011

T is for TWEAKED_in that I have TWEAKED MY CONTEST ONCE AGAIN_last time, promise

Since I have ePublished another novel, RITES OF PASSAGE,

I thought I would extend my contest in two ways :

1.) If you write a review on Amazon for either




You will receive 5 entries to win my autographed books


Dean Koontz, THE TAKING

Laurell K. Hamilton, DANSE MACABRE

2.) To give you time to read one or both books, THE DRAWING WILL BE HELD ON AUGUST 31st.


  1. Wow, very cool contest! Right now I have too much to read already but would love to read your book eventually :D

  2. Thanks, Trisha :
    You have til August 31st to read and post a review on Amazon to perhaps win an autographed book by King, Koontz, or Hamilton. Not bad prizes.

  3. The #1 reason I'm thinking of an EReaeder is to support the Blogging Buddies. Now, I'm a step closer to getting one.

  4. Hi, Will :
    If you check at the top of my sidebar, you will notice that you can download for FREE the app, Kindle for PC, which makes your computer a giant Kindle -- and all for free. Amazon even offers free samples of any book you might be interested in, plus entire books for free.

    How cool is that? Roland

  5. Really not so into contests, You just rock! You love my most favorite authors. Really? And I am becoming a big fan of yours now too. Have a great easter week-end :)

  6. What an excellent addition to the contest! By the way, I recieved my copy of Odd Thomas. Thank you so much! I will treasure it!

  7. What?!!! When did this happen and how did I miss it? Gotta go back and read....

  8. Siv :
    I am with you on contests since I have the worst luck with them. But I thought I would garner attention for my fantasies in the most "novel" way I could!

    Aren't King and Koontz great? Can you believe it : I have never read Laurell K. Hamilton. But if you like her Anita Blake series, I bet you would love Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series, set in Washington state in our modern times -- though, unknown to most, the myths and magics of the Brothers Grimm was (and is) real!

    WordsCrafter :
    I've been a busy bee into the wee hours of the morning on this surprise. Roland

  9. Roland tweak away. Unfortunately I have linix on my laptop. A lot more reliable than windows with out all the updates and bugs. But no kindle app yet :(
    But what I have read of the books are really good.

    By the way Samuel Clements alias made an appearance over at my blog today. I mean what else could T mean but Twain.

    Pamela Jo

  10. Heather : I'm glad you enjoyed getting your autographed copy of ODD THOMAS. Wasn't that a great story?

    Pamela Jo :
    There is an article on how to run "Kindle for PC" on your linex :!5406505/run-kindle-for-pc-in-linux-with-wine

    Kindle for PC is "more important than people realize."

    That's because the desktop app runs almost seamlessly in Linux with one WINE tweak, making Kindle a great little laptop or netbook reading option.

    To install Kindle for PC on your Linux system, make sure you've got WINE installed.

    Most major distributions (Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE) offer WINE in one of their repositories, or have versions custom-made for them.

    Need more help? We've previously written up a guide to installing and running WINE, which should help you get through.

    With WINE installed, download the Kindle for PC installer,

    then double-click on the .exe file you downloaded.

    WINE will pick it up and install it in its virtual C:/ drive.

    The one issue you'll encounter is that Kindle will automatically start up and ask you for your username and password,

    even though you can't see the fields;

    you can quit the app and fix that,

    or just type in your username, hit Tab, then your password, and then quit.

    Full sizeHead to your system's menu and then to the WINE folder, and hit "Configure WINE"—

    if you don't see it, just run winecfg from a terminal or Alt+F2 prompt.

    In the "Applications" tab, hit "Add Application,"

    then navigate to Kindle for PC in your virtual Windows drive, which is at

    C:\Program Files\Amazon\Kindle for PC\KindleForPC.exe by default.

    Hit OK, select KindleForPC.exe back in the Wine configuration window,

    and change the "Windows Version" drop-down at the bottom to Windows 98.

    Head back to your WINE menu, run Kindle for PC, and now all your controls and buttons should be showing up correctly.

    You can now send books and sample chapters from Amazon's Kindle store to your PC.

    If you've already installed Kindle for PC in a Windows machine and tied it to your account,

    be sure to send your Kindle items to your Linux-based reader (which was "Kindle for PC 2" in my case).

    Hope this helps, Roland

  11. Roland Thanks for the help. Looking forward to reading your books now.
    Pamela Jo

  12. I'm glad I could help, Pamela Jo. :)

  13. I bought it. I'll try to read it and do a post within a couple weeks. You know me, I'm a slow reader. And I'm reading A BITCH NAMED KARMA right now.

    Have a happy Easter Roland.


  14. Thanks, Donna :
    I hope it is a fun read for you. I think of it as a fantasy TITANIC. The book you're reading right now seems to be life at the moment! LOL. Happy Easter, Roland

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  16. I have posted the contest and a pic of Gypsy on my blog Discovering the Purpose of Our Lives, and Bear with 2 Shadows with the Kindle logo to your website on it as well. I have to purchase Bear ebook and now Rites of Passage...and hopefully can read both by end of August. I too have a stack of books I am reading...who said retirement was ever boring?