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Monday, July 1, 2013


In the hindsight of box office millions,
and remember a classic.

But back in 2003, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl wasn't expected to be a success.

Back then, as Chris Nashawaty told it in Entertainment Weekly, Johnny Depp couldn't lure moviegoers and $135 million seemed like too much money to spend on a movie based on a theme park ride.

But, of course, the film proved everyone wrong, becoming a massive success and spawning three sequels, a franchise that has grossed over $3 billion worldwide.

This July 4th weekend, Disney is hoping to recreate that success with The Lone Ranger,

also directed by Gore Verbinski and also featuring a heavily made-up Johnny Depp.

But will it work?

The simple honor and basic courage of THE LONE RANGER myth is considered "hokey" by metropolitan critics.

Though, it should be noted that, no matter how fondly the first Pirates movie may sit in our memories, the initial reviews for that film weren't great either.

Entertainment Weekly's Lisa Schwarzbaum gave it a C, writing:

"Dead men tell no tales, the sea chantey goes, but neither will ticket buyers after sitting through this F/X-rattling Disney feature

based on the Disney theme-park attraction and founded on the Disney notion that American character is best strengthened by exposing children to the horrors of computerized skeletal buccaneers:

Minutes after we’ve left behind the clatter and spectacle, all remembrance of plot vanishes."

Disney seems to be wanting to make THE LONE RANGER another JOHN CARTER OF MARS,

releasing it on the same week Despicable Me 2 debuts.


Do you listen to critics to decide whether or not to go to a movie? 

What makes you want to see a movie?

What movie are you planning to go see next?

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  1. No I don't listen to movie critics to make my choices. I go with what I like including acting talent, storyline, and directors.

  2. D.G.:
    Same with me. I also am influenced by the preview trailers. Don't you hate it when the trailer gives away all the best punchlines? :-)

  3. I watched all the Pirates movies because of the actors; but most speciically Johnny Depp's Jack Sparrow Character. I wasn't one to not like the last pirates movie (On Stranger Tides) because Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swan wasn't a part of the show. Their storyline appropriately ended with At World End. I loved On Strange Tides.

    I don't always follow movie critiques/reviews. I'll see a movie because I like the actors and storyline. My tastes are not necessarily those of other critics. I'll watch Pacific Rim, and WWZ, if I can afford the tickets in the theaters (my son always wants to take two or three buddies and it ends up being a $60 venture) or I'll buy the movies and enjoy them at home.

    I hate to say I'm a cheap date, but when I'm buying, cheap is the important aspect.

    But no, I don't judge a movie by its reviews, unless its from a reviewer who's opinion I respect and know to match my own.


  4. Hi Roland .. I go and watch what I feel like - usually the more avant garde movies ... not that keen on blockbusters ... but for teen-memories I might go and see The Lone Ranger! Though I'm sure it'll be so different .. still may be just plain fun without any brain power needed ...

    I want to see Much Ado About Nothing - while the notes say it takes a while to get used to a "West Coast drawl" - the film as a whole is sly, sexy and smart ... and has been given a 4 star rating - declaring it a "Remarkable present-day adaptation" ..

    Then there's "Summer in February" about the Cornish plein air artists - which ties in with my recent visit to an art exhibition featuring Cornish Heroes - the trades and seafarers of Cornwall 120 - 80 years ago .. which I posted about ... and it evokes many memories of my Cornish childhood holidays and resonates with my roots ... the scenery will be very Cornish! I see it's on - so I'll go early next week ..

    I do go and see the films our local film society recommend as they're so knowledgeable about educating us and giving us a great selection ..

    I also went to see one on societal and climate events in Greenland recently - that was privately made and exceptional .. that will be a post in due course ..

    Long - sorry! .. cheers Hilary

  5. i do not listen to the critics, i listen to what entertains me personally. the occasional what the wife wants to see, sometimes. i think that the lone ranger is going to fall into the let's watch tonto instead of the main lead. just like alice in wonderland, it was more sold to build the mad hatter as this lone ranger is doing. i have little interest in seeing in the show, i reserve that for things that once again entertains me... and that is going to be percy jackson in august.

  6. Modern critics tend not to be experts but just one person expressing a preference. Listen to Martin Scorsese break down an old movie and you'll be desperate to get hold of a copy.


  7. movie critics are just like book publishers or politicians. I listen to none of them. I make my on decisions, I have brains and tastes, for God's sake. :)

    Loved the Pirates, curios about the Lone Ranger.

  8. I do sometimes pay attention to what critics say.

    But recently, I watched a movie absolutely hated by a critic I trusted. And you know, it was good. In fact, so many things the critic criticized wasn't in the movie that I actually ended up wondering if said critic ever actually watched it.

    Nowadays, I really struggle to take critics seriously.

  9. The critics also panned Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. When that movie came out I learned to ignore the critics and form my own opinions. I've seen some excellent movies by not listening to them.

  10. When it's half and half, I'll take my chances. When the Rotten Tomatoes score dips really low, I hesitate. I also read the reviews to see WHY the critics didn't like it. If it sounds like mindless fun, I'll still go.
    Right now The Lone Ranger really isn't looking good though.
    I'd trust the opinions of friends, but usually we go on opening night, so I don't have that luxury. I will have it for The Lone Ranger though, as we will be seeing Despicable Me 2 first.

  11. Donna:
    Actually, I liked ON STRANGER TIDES more than I liked the 2nd and 3rd Pirates movies!

    It is hard to go out to the movies with multiple people if you're footing the bill!!

    I read for substance. But I go to the movies for the spectacle and the fun. Yet, all of us have different views of our entertainments. Look at bull fights! Uggh!

    I want to see MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING because of Josh Whedon and Nathan Fillian -- but since it does not have fast cars, explosions, and sexy actresses, our local theaters will not show it! So I will have to wait for the DVD.

    Because of my Sam McCord adventures, I'm selfishly hoping THE LONE RANGER does well! :-)

    I have a soft spot in my heart for THE LONE RANGER same as Hillary does. I was disappointed in DARK SHADOWS - it was all over the place, never seeming to be able to decide what kind of movie it wanted to be. I fear THE LONE RANGER will be like that. But I am going nevertheless. :-)

    Yes, a lover and student of old films can really bring to life the story behind the story -- and make the film even more enjoyable.

    Like you, I pay little attention to critics -- especially about sci fi and Western films (there seems to be a bias!)

    I, like you, do not take critics seriously these days. I feel sometimes that they are swayed by pay-offs or something like that. I really liked JOHN CARTER OF MARS and saw nothing wrong with it. Yet the critics savaged it. :-(

    Like you, I ignored the critics and loved THE 13TH WARRIOR when I watched it.

    FORBES critized DESPICABLE 2 for it fumbled after the first act, relying on cliche and reducing the smart females leads to brainless dizzy-minds despite their former spunk and fire: the lesson - love dumbs down! But that is only critic, right?

    I think I will accept THE LONE RANGER for the whiz-bang entertainment it is meant to be and thoroughly enjoy it. :-)

    Not every movie aims to be HAMLET!

  12. I'm late! The ticket sales are way down for The Lone Ranger. Which is sad, because I really want it to succeed. I used to watch reruns of the old black and white tv show when i was a kid. I think maybe they should have opened it another week, not opposite DM2. duh. i still plan to see it, though :) and no, i don't listen to critics.

  13. I take it with a grain of salt. If everyone absolutely detests a movie I might not see it in theaters but I never let it stop me from watching.

  14. Words Crafter:
    I sometimes think the critics get caught up in the "Mob Think" of their fellows -- especially if the movie is not metropolitan.

    Go to ROTTEN TOMATOES and you will find that the audience rates THE LONE RANGER 73%! I plan to see the movie this Monday when I am not on call.

    Plus DM2 is in 3D and THE LONE RANGER is not which puts it at a disadvantage with the box office race.

    You're right. It is as if Disney were intent on sinking THE LONE RANGER putting it out against a sure kid-hit like DM2!

    Ice Girl:
    I've gotten to have a strong prejudice against critics. If they praise a movie, I am LESS LIKELY to watch it.