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Saturday, July 6, 2013


It is the year 1853.
New Orleans is a city of the dead and dying. 
Yellow Fever has already taken 8,000 lives
and is hungry still.
Into this deserted city rides Captain Sam McCord
on the trail of a murderer
who has peeled off the face of a young girl ...
to wear as a mask.
Listen to this tale of horror in the Bermurda Triangle
as Juan C. Rede hauntingly narrates and weaves
a tale of monsters and masks
aboard the cursed ship Demeter.
In 21 days and counting.
Until then ...
Listen to McCord's
striving against the darkness
in post-Katrina New Orleans
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  1. Rites of Passage is the next one? Very cool! Is that the third one you've made into an audio book?

  2. No, that would be the fifth - look at the sidebar, Alex.

  3. You're on a roll, Roland, and this ebook version is another in my TBR.

    I'm hoping to have time to finish more of your novels, soon. Good luck with the audio versions! I like the teaser posts, they serve their purpose!

  4. Alex:
    Hey, you're a busy man. I understand. I am trying to put out audio's of all my heroes. Victor's audiobook is lagging due to circumstances the voice actor could not control.

    It is part of my grand experiment: to acquaint my friends with my heroes individually as Marvel did -- so that when END OF DAYS comes out in an AVENGERS fashion, the story will burst into their imagination as all my heroes gather to fend off the Final Darkness.

    I will need your help to promote END OF DAYS when it comes out!

    Amazon believed in END OF DAYS enough to give my voice actress $800 to do the project.


    It is certainly a roll ... of the dice. I think you will like RITES OF PASSAGE -- it has certain famous Parisan personalities in it.

    It is from a time in the Old West few novels ever visit -- which is a shame. Think PALADIN In the BERMUDA TRIANGLE fighting a supernatural HANIBAL LECTOR and legions of the undead.

    I'm happy you like these teaser posts! :-)

  5. To wear as a mask? Shiver!!! Very cool that you're getting all these onto Audible!

  6. Words Crafter:
    It's taking some doing! Yes, a mask! Shiver, indeed!!

  7. You're on a roll.

    Hugs and chocolate,

  8. Shelly:
    Let's hope so! Thanks for being happy for me. :-)