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Monday, July 8, 2013


I hope so.  But then, I am a romantic.

Life has a way of hitting us in the gut with the worst news possible,

only to demand we rise to the occasion.

I am fond of tales of Ragnarok.

 Brave heroes facing personal doom for the salvation of the world.

As I stated in my prior post, I have written my own End of Days tale which will soon be an audio book.

If you want to see some beautiful Leonora Roy illustrations and read the prose for yourself:

Not that it is all doom and gloom.

There is a slumber party with teenage girls:

one a werewolf, another a goblin princess, two street orphans, two hellhounds, and one emotionally shattered ghoul, Alice Wentworth.

There is a crooked poker game with a vampire priest, the last Titan, Samuel McCord, and those same teenage girls and ghoul.

There are history classes taught by a Lakota shaman, Wolf Howl. 

Physical education classes turned lethal coached by a Chooser of the Slain.  (That's Valkyrie for those of you who don't speak Viking!)

And a vampire priest teaching about how to view life from an annotated edition of DRACULA.

At the end there is a grand Wagner-style finale, pitting all my linked heroes against the End of Days and a multitude of converging enemies.

Until there is only one champion left standing.

Can a slain hero come back from the dark shores of death by the sheer force of love and will alone to stand beside his love one last time?

Hey, this is Victor Standish we're talking about.

And I like to think that the last light that will shine at the End of Days will be love.

{Artwork courtesty of the artistic genius of Leonora Roy}


  1. I don't know, Roland, that commodity might be in short supply. (most women wouldn't find the end of the world conducive to entanglements of the body) I could be in the minority, but those are my thoughts on that.

    Great way to whip up interest!

  2. Hey, in Shakespeare's times the term "to die" could sometimes have the double meaning of sexual climax, so in the End Times there really could be sex. Hopefully love too.

    I love the idea of a slumber party with such a crazy mix of paranormal girls. I also enjoy audio books, so this might be the way I'll "read" End Times.

  3. D.G.:
    Ah, how about just a hug? LOL. I have just written a short END OF DAYS tie-in, THE SOUL FLIES FREE, with the Turquoise Woman meddling again!

    Love the Shakespearean allusion. And I would hope for love to be there at the End of Days, too. If only a hug and an embrace.

    I think you'll love this particular slumber party and the way Francene Lockett narrates it in her Pride and Prejudice accent!

    Thank you for visiting. I tried to follow, but couldn't find the section on your blog. :-)

  4. Victor always finds a way.
    I also hope there will be sex at the end of the world.
    Nightwish - good choice!

  5. Alex:
    Yes, Victor always seems to find a way -- but sometimes it is the wrong way! But as he says - "The wrong road still leads you someplace."

    I have always loved this video, and I thought it fit this post. NIGHTWISH is just not the same without Tarja.

    May your sales for CassaStorm shoot for the stars!