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Saturday, January 24, 2015


Move over Hannibal Lector ...

    There is a new criminal mastermind to rival your genius and wit: 

Raymond Reddington.


The opening, for example, is straight out of Seven,”

with James Spader’s one-time government agent turned master criminal, Raymond “Red” Reddington,

walking into FBI headquarters, dropping to his knees as officers surround him and giving himself up to authorities.

“For the moment, our interests are aligned,” 

he tells the skeptical feds, headed by Harry Lennix,

before insisting that an obscure young female agent serve as his conduit and chief contact, for reasons he won’t divulge.

“I’m gonna make you famous, Lizzie,” 

he tells  newbie Agent Liz Keen.



Elizabeth Keen: You have a suburban housewife printing fake money out of her garage. 

Raymond 'Red' Reddington: Mary is an artist. She has a tremendous gift.

Raymond 'Red' Reddington

I finally had a chance to see her, Sam. There's a fire inside she got from you. She's volatile, unpredictable, soft, and hard, and... soft again. Stronger than she knows. You gave her an incredible gift, Sam. Taking her in and loving her as your own.

They've given me six weeks. For what? So I can lay here and watch them take me apart. I wish they'd said six hours. And I told them, I said, "You can get rid of those damn machines. Go monitor somebody who's actually got vital signs." I need to tell Lizzy.

Raymond 'Red' Reddington: No

Sam: I know what we agreed, but before I go I have to tell her.

Raymond 'Red' Reddington: I can't let you do that.

Sam: She deserves the truth

(And then, Reddington smothers his friend, Sam, with his pillow.)

 Raymond 'Red' Reddington
You will always be her father, Sam. I can only hope to... love her and protect her as you have.


(Outside the hospital on a bench with Liz's husband, who is not what he appears to be either.)

Raymond 'Red' Reddington
It's hard to... not say goodbye. I have lost so many people. Never seems to get any easier.

Tom Keen
I don't know what I'm gonna say... to my wife. I've been sitting here for I don't know how long, trying to... figure out how to tell her. My wife and her dad, they had something... He took her in when she was four-years-old. Adopted her. And raised her as a single parent. She's gonna be heartbroken.

Raymond 'Red' Reddington:
 Yes. It'll undoubtedly take some time. But I'm sure she'll be fine. He'll always be there with her. Standing in the shadows to keep her safe. Laughing with her in the light. Watching through her eyes, all those who get close. He'll always be there. She will be fine.

Tom Keen
I hope you're right.

Raymond 'Red' Reddington: I know I am.


Do you watch THE BLACKLIST?  
If not, then it is time, you did.  :-)


  1. I miss The Blacklist too, Roland. I've seen every episode, and I do love Red. I'm not a huge fan of the Lizzie character, but I admire that the writers have allowed her to grow and toughen. Red, though? Red is riveting!

    VR Barkowski

  2. VR:
    I watch for Red, too. Lizzie I tolerate because she means so much to him for some reason. It would be interesting to have Red for a friend (but only if he regarded you as he does Lizzie!)

  3. I love this show. I have been DVR-ing season 2 and haven't watched it yet (I save it for binges).