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Friday, October 30, 2015



If you are an Audible member you can get Ray Bradbury's "The Halloween Tree" for only $1.95!!

     One fateful Halloween night, a group of boys are taken on a journey by a mysterious prankster named Moundshroud in order to save their friend Pipkin’s life. 

     They travel across the world and through history, exploring the origins and influences of Halloween from ancient Egypt to Celtic Druids, to the Day of the Dead.

      It’s both breezy and spooky, like you’re taking a train ride through Halloween country, and Bradbury is the conductor and tour guide.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled post:

In this Age of Science, how can people still believe in the Paranormal you might ask.

Go back just 100 years and read what "scientists" believed to be true.  

You will shake your head.

100 years from now, children in schools will look at each other in wonder and say, 

"They believed in silly things like neutrons and id's back then?"

Soon after World War II, 

Winston Churchill was visiting the White House when he is said to have had an uncanny experience. 

Having had a long bath with a Scotch and cigar, he reportedly walked into the adjoining bedroom – 

only to be met by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.

 Unflappable, even while completely naked, Churchill apparently announced: 

“Good evening, Mr President. You seem to have me at a disadvantage.”

The spirit smiled at that and vanished.

The ghost of Winston Churchill told me that was exactly what happened.

But then I write these posts in a haunted jazz club!

Three-fourths of Americans believe in the paranormal, and 1 in 5 claim to have seen a ghost.

 Out-of-body experiences are now accepted neurological phenomena.
 The more one reads of quantum physics,

 the more one understands how little he or she truly understands of this complex, mystifying world.

Once 20th century scientists scoffed at those who believe in the paranormal:

"We create beliefs because we don’t like believing that the universe is random"

Now, those who study Chaos Theory know that under the apparent randomness of the universe is a strange order.

The first ghost story dates back to Pliny the Younger in the first century A.D., 

who wrote of an old man with a long beard and rattle haunting his home in Athens.

Doctors Stuart Hameroff and Roger Penrose 

theorize that human consciousness comes from microtubules inside our brain cells, 

and these tubules are responsible for quantum processing (our souls basically). 

Hameroff and Penrose believe when people have a near-death experience, 

all that quantum information leaves the brain, yet continues to exist, 

which is why some people report out-of-body experiences and lights at the end of tunnels.
 What do you think?  
Do you have any paranormal or unusual experiences to relate?


  1. Hi, Roland. I have not be at your site for a while, with regret.
    I have had paranormal experiences. The first one shook me. The next few seemed more "normal". Now I don't let myself see them. Or talk about them. It is best to leave the dead alone.

    1. Sometimes the dead will not leave US alone it seems. Sigh.

      My mother had paranormal visions and only told me of them. I only have feelings of forebodings which alert me to mind my surroundings. Not often, but I try to pay attention then!

      You are right -- we tend to draw to us that upon which we focus. I have missed your visits. :-)

  2. Right after my brother's death, I felt his presence, not haunted just a pleasant visit. I've had prophetic dreams, unusual visions, and many a warning I didn't heed - my loss. I believe our soul is pure energy, a consciousness of sorts - but housed in a human body the struggle to keep the mechanics of the body working interferes in the quantum processing as you say!
    Happy Halloween!

    1. We should always ponder prophetic dreams -- if, as many believe, they are scryes into reality, that would be wise. On a psychological level, our unconscious mind processes input of which we are unaware on a conscious level -- dreams are a way for the unconscious mind to murmur warnings about things we have noticed"undercover" so to speak.

      I am happy that you felt your brother's warm presence. The world is more than we believe I am sure.

  3. Hi Roland .. my mother said she went down the tunnel of light and decided it wasn't time for her yet ... she lived for another 5+ years - confined to bed, but I think we both felt it was a good experience: though many can't understand why.

    At one stage for a period, my mother saw presences in her room ... I let her enjoy them and we melded them into our conversations.

    I agree with you - the world is more than we believe or see, or feel ... cheers and your book arrived while I was away - "The Last Shaman - trilogy" - so I must settle and read it ... cheers Hilary

    1. I am so happy that you ordered THE LAST SHAMAN TRILOGY. I do hope you enjoy it. It is a bit like a Native American Halloween tale for the whole world. :-)

      When we almost lose life or a loved one, we tend to appreciate it and them much more. Perhaps your mother, having come close to the Other Side, was more sensitive to those presences that dwell there?

      May your weekend go splendidly. And may you have enjoyed your time away. :-)