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Thursday, June 7, 2012

DAYSTAR HERE_Why Do You Keep On?

DayStar here.

Oh, yes, I am only a character in that deluded fool's novels.

Please, keep on thinking that.

It makes things so much easier for me when you do not believe in me.

What was that mongrel saying last century?

Oh, yes: "The devil made me do it."

As if!

Do you truly believe I have nothing better to do than to meddle in your dreary, boring lives?

All I have to do is turn out the lights in a city as with Katrina ...

and you fall all over yourselves devolving before my very eyes. What a delightful sight.

Shooting at the very helicopters bringing you foods and medicines.

Doubt me?

Look at this heart-warming book trailer from my latest unsuspecting disciple:

Let them both die I say. Save your power. Beautiful women are drawn to it like flies to a corpse.

Locke sells millions.

The deluded fool has sold four books this month. Delicious.

I come to him in the night and murmur,

"Give the talking monkeys what they obviously want. What has writing of the delusions called love and friendship gotten you?"

He maddeningly gives me that sad smile of his.

"Dreams, like honor, cannot be taken from you. You have to throw them away yourself."

He smiles wider. "Don't wait to catch. My bad shoulder and all."


  1. That is one disturbing guy... *shivers*

  2. Heather:
    Disturbing and disturbed. But then, aren't all good antagonists? Thanks for visiting, even more thanks for commenting. Great luck on your book blog tour, Roland

  3. His confident attitude about the human race being talking monkeys and how we basically run around destroying our own kind (which unfortunately happens) gives me the creeps! He's slick about it, too. The more he talks, the more I listen. Scary.

  4. Candilynn:
    Thanks for reading this post. I felt few liked it.

    I hear the voice of Anthony Hopkins (Hannibal Lector) when I hear DayStar speaking.

    Sadly, mankind makes it easy for DayStar to make his point that it is in our nature to destroy ourselves ... that if we prey so happily on the weak, do we have any right to protest when he preys on us?

    Thanks for getting the chills I was trying to elicit from his words.

    That said -- have a beautiful Sunday ... :-) Roland