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Thursday, June 7, 2012


Have you ever wondered that?

What does it take to grab the interest of the mainstream reader?

We visit our blogging friends. We take part in blogfests. We do book blog tours.

What we end up doing is skinny-

ipping in the shallow end of a sparsely populated pool.

In essence, we are singing to the choir.

Google AdWords might help.

But do you have an extra $200 these days to gamble on something that is meant for businesses not books?

It might work. It might not. In my world, two hundred dollars comes dearly.

Look at John Locke's latest cover for his latest hero, Dr. Gideon Box,

the sociopathic doctor who preys on the unsuspecting in his hospital.

Sex. Grotesque humor. Sociopathic protagonist. Is that what it takes?

John Locke sells millions.

Then, there's me.


  1. What matters more though - selling millions or staying true to ourselves?

  2. Alex:
    I have sold one book this month so staying true to myself seems to suggest my talents lie elsewhere.

  3. That cover sickens me, especially that he's using the story of a sexual predator and turning it into pornography to sell books.

  4. I agree with you and Alex. There's no doubt that sex sells. I'm currently reading Aztec, an historical novel by Gary Jennings--a huge novel, over 1,000 pages in paperback--and it's loaded with sex, at least to the point I've read in the book, about 200 pages. The book was an enormous bestseller back in the 80s, I believe. But I wouldn't be comfortable writing such blatant sex that, up to this point in the book, includes incest. It's a dilemma we all face and have to decide for ourselves what to do.

  5. KarenG:
    He gives the redeeming quality to the sociopath that he is a pediatric surgeon, struggling to save dying infants ... icing to coat a monster who preys on helpless patients who have offended him in the outside world.

    And he sells million. I sold one book this month with love and humor and bravery in the face of hopeless odds. We now know what it takes.

    Sex does sell. I love romance which culminates in sex of course. Still, sex without love seems to be the hot topic these days.

    More and more, I am beginning to feel my talents lie elsewhere.

    Thanks, Karen G and Richard for visiting and staying to talk awhile.

  6. Hi Roland .. selling millions is easy done that way - he had lots of these books tucked away - once the erevolution came around .. he was able to pummel them out there - creating his millions of sales.

    Personally couldn't think of anything worse .. but hey ho ..

    Cheers to you - I won't be buying his books - yours yes .. Hilary

  7. Thank, Hilary:
    Your comment means a lot to me. Have a beautiful day, Roland

  8. I'm of the same mind as Hilary.

    Sex sells, especially to the LCD. On the other hand, some (like me) will never lift anything that has that sort of cover. Sex on the cover usually means nothing between the sheets, oops, I mean book covers.

    There's always a market for sleaze.

  9. D.G.:
    Yes, the lowest common denominator. They buy books though!

    You're right. I am of a like mind. Sex on the cover does usually mean nothing between the sheets! LOL.

    Which is true in human relations as well. A too overt sexuality usually means there is a lot of sizzle to cover up that there is precious little "steak!" :-)

  10. I actually feel this way about 50 Shades of Grey, and as much as I hate to say a bad word against any writer, it hurts me that books like that can be published while so much talent slips by, unnoticed.

  11. Kyra:
    I, being a busy rare blood courier and woefully culture-challenged, haven't heard of 50 SHADES OF GREY. But John Keats, as Milo Fowler pointed out yesterday, died unknown for his lovely poetry. Sad that genius often dies of neglect.

    Thanks for dropping by and chatting. I was just bursting out the door to work, Roland

  12. I tell myself that if no one is dead or fornicating within the first few pages of a piece, then I'm gonna lose my audience.

  13. I'm safe then. Usually someone is dead or in danger of dying in my first few pages. The art of erotic dance teaches us that the tease has to come before the strip. LOL.

  14. I'm safe then. Usually someone is dead or in danger of dying in my first few pages. The art of erotic dance teaches us that the tease has to come before the strip. LOL.

  15. I'd be afraid of picking up a book with that kind of cover on it, afraid of catching an std. lol.
    I like your books Roland. I'm over 70% done with Under A Voodoo Moon (sorry I'm a slow reader) and really enjoying the ride. Truly. AND, you would have had one more book sold if you had let me buy it! (;

  16. That cover is beyond gross. I certainly won't buy it.

  17. Elise:
    Yes, no telling whose fingers have been turning those pages!

    Thanks for liking my books. You might try THE LAST SHAMAN. It is short and only 99 cents. It introduces the hunted Lakota shamaan, Wolf Howl, who is a teacher at St. Marrok's in END OF DAYS. It also offers a unique explanation of December 21, 2012 (the supposed end of the world according to the Mayan calendar -- look on the bright side -- you won't have to buy Christmas presents!)

    I don't blame you. Sadly, I have read John Locke's reply to such statements: "Obviously, you are not my target audience."

  18. Locke's case, my theory is that he was a master of perfect timing. Launching his collection of raunchy rags at about the time of the Kindle craze. Polluting an audience passionate for smut and things that moan, and often bleed in the night.

    Unfortunately, it's all about timing and luck, my friend. Timing and luck.

    Stay true to yourself, Roland, regardless of your sales. You'll sleep better at night ;)


  19. ELLIOT:
    I believe your theory is correct. Still, my timing and luck must suck! LOL. Anybody can quit. Not everyone can stay true to their code when the road is dark. Thanks for the support, my friend, Roland

  20. I advertise for free on Craigs List all over the country. I don't know if those adds result in sales, but I feel better after posting them.