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Tuesday, June 26, 2012



Not rumors. Conjectures. The difference?

Conjectures are based upon hard data ... and rumors. :-)

The Amazon Kindle Fire was announced on September 28 last year.

One of the major features which is attributed to its success is its use of a modified version of the Android operating System and the price point of just $199.

In the process, the Kindle Fire created its own zone in the market, that of a smaller budget tablet.

After nearly a year of successful, unchallenged existence, the Kindle Fire is now threatened by another tablet

which is expected to soon make its appearance in Google I/O. The Google Nexus 7 tablet.

The Nexus 7 is also a 7 inch tablet

but it is better than the Kindle Fire in almost every other aspect. It’s got a better screen resolution, a better processor, a better and more advanced OS

(Android Jelly Bean).

It even comes with a camera, which was missed by many in the Kindle Fire.

The final killing blow is the Nexus 7’s expected price. It is said to the same as the Kindle Fire, at $199.

Amazon’s only option to defend itself now is to bring out a new and better Kindle Fire.

And according to a CNET source,

Amazon will launch the next generation Kindle Fire on July 31, though the site cannot yet confirm the launch date.

According to another similar report on Digitimes,

Amazon plans to bring out a new Kindle Fire with a better screen resolution of 1,280 by 800-pixel

in the beginning of the third quarter

and at the same time reducing the price of its existing model to $149.

This business strategy is the same that Apple applies to the sale of its iPad.
{Source: THE DROID GUY }
Enough business! How about some myth and mystery?

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  1. Amazon, Apple, honestly, I'm a Nook person myself. But I love that they're always coming out with something new. Competition is a good thing!

  2. I was thinking about doing a giveaway of a Kindle Fire, but then I saw a comparison to the new Nook, which exceeded the Kindle. Now I see this on your blog. Crap, now I am confused. Maybe I should just give away a pound cake. Thanks for confusing me more. lol

    Good, solid information!

  3. Kindle Fire 2 for $149? Nexus 7 for $199? Now to figure out which one The Wife is getting for Christmas.

  4. Call me old school (really, go ahead), but I like my 2010 Kindle, a dedicated eReader I use to ... (wait for it) ... READ. My employer gave me an iPad3, and yes, it's great, but I don't want to read on it -- I'm too distracted by everything else it can do!

  5. Heather:
    I believe it is all boils down to what you first got used to. You're right: competition is usually good for the consumers!

    With the Nook, you have to go through secondary app's to get movies, music, even some books.

    With the Kindle Fire tied directly into Amazon's music, movie, and book storehouse, the Kindle Fire is the more user-friendly devise. The Cloud storage is nice, too.

    I would wait until August to see if the price of the Kindle Fire does go down to $149.99 before giving it away as a prize!

    Ah, that would be the Kindle Fire 1 at the price of $150. The Kindle Fire 2 is rumored to be $199. And time will tell about the truth of these conjectures.

    I have the basic Kindle as well. Its WiFi works anywhere which is truly convenient.

    I like the Kindle Fire since it is in color and some of my stored books have color illustrations. Also I often find myself waiting in lonely rural areas for a rare blood hand-off. Watching a stored movie helps to pass the time pleasantly. At night, the Kindle Fire's illuminated screen helps me read the vast array of books I have stored on it as I wait as well.

    Thanks for visiting and staying to talk awhile, Roland