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Monday, June 11, 2012


Victor Standish here.

Alice Wentworth, my ghoul friend, and I got this peach of a deal

at this Caribbean resort. It's because the place

has this ah, little pest problem.

So there I was looking at SUPER 8 on Alice's Kindle Fire ...

Alice hissed, "What are you doing? Those Predators are almost on top of us!"

Sheltered by the over-turned terrace table, I pointed to the screen.

"Doesn't Elle Fanning look like you all gussied up as a zombie in this scene?"

Alice's fingers writhed like snakes. "Victor, you drive me insane! Those predators are about to swarm all over us."

"There were only three. Two now that that Arnold Schwarzenegger want-to-be took out one. And you really can't be swarmed by only two."

"Aaaargh!" (Which in her British accent sounded really cute.

But I digress. I wanted to tell you


The Kindle Fire worked beautifully on this vacation. Take the SILK BROWSER ...

I suggest you try using a Kindle Fire’s browser versus the iPad or a Honeycomb tablet on an aircraft using Gogo or in that Caribbean airport lounge

where all the C.I.A., NSA, and Black Ops types were competing for the same free connection.

If you have to Wi-Fi tether the Kindle Fire on a 3G or 4G connection from your cell phone, I also find Silk to be extremely responsive and as smooth as its namesake.

And that resort hotel Wi-Fi broadband connection that’s blazing fast during the fire fight when everyone’s at the pool and blazing away with their Uzi's?

Try it on an iPad when the Predators start rolling in and everyone wants to check out like yesterday with a frantic airlift. Kindle Fire doesn’t skip a beat.

2.) SIZE

It’s a much more comfortable device to use while lying in bed than a full-sized device

(particularly when you are sharing a sleeping… uh, surface area with Alice who growled what many parts of my anatomy I would lose if I happened to let a hand stray)

and I found it to be ideal for watching SUPER 8 while firing off a shot from one of Captain Sam's Colts at a pesky Predator behind the turned over table on that beautiful shaded patio.

With a larger device, in the same usage scenario, you’d need to use some sort of a case/stand combo, such as one of the newer generation OtterBox cases.

With a 7″ device like the Kindle Fire, you don’t.


It’s also worth stating that the Kindle Fire is durable enough

that you really don’t need a carrying case for it for added protection, I could pretty much toss it in Alice’s purse

(or my own “murse”) without fear of it getting damaged.

As I did when Alice and I scurried down the fire escape when both Predators decided we would look good mounted on their wall.

4.) GPS

About the only thing I would really like to see in the next-generation Kindle Fire is GPS with integrated mapping services.

Case in point being Urbanspoon, which is our go-to application for finding the Army's air lift point when we were on that vacation.


As Alice flowed beside me as we darted among the corpses of the government Black Ops killers, one Predator broke out of the shadows, slashing a gash across Alice fluttering left sleeve.

She wasn't hurt, just frightened mightily.

Me? They had tried to hurt Alice!

I hugged her and raised my head, screaming, "Drop deaaaaad!"


A corpse-green circle of energy burst in ever-increasing ripples of death out from around us. I saw the sputter of electricity as the two remaining Predators reeled lifeless on either side of the swimming pool.

Alice's neon eyes flared. "Y-You could have done that this whole time?!"

"Hey, I may be the son of the Angel of Death, but something like this takes a lot out of me. Besides up until a moment ago there were living humans that hadn't been killed yet."

Alice spoke much too softly, "May I have my Kindle Fire back, Victor? I want to see if it fits into a certain bodily orifice."

Alice and I spent the rest of the day running along the beach. But trust me. It was NOT romantic!



  1. I am still considering the feasibility of a Kindle Fire since I have the laptop, the desktop, an iPad 2 and a Galaxy tablet (not to mention a smart phone).

    As nice as the Kindle Fire is, I wonder if purchasing one would add to my already redundant overkill.

    Thanks for the cool review.

  2. Jeremy:
    It works for me as a rare blood courier ... alas no beautiful Alice but thankfully no deadly predators either!

    The Kindle Fire is just the right size for movie or TV viewing on the go. A smart phone's screen is too small. An Ipad is too large to fit in my back pack and take on my rare blood runs.

    The Amazon store makes buying books, movies, TV, and music so convenient ... and there are so many places that offer free WiFi these days.

    But you know your world's demands better than I do. I just thought I would write a fun review from my and Victor's perspective! :-)

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  4. That was cool Roland :) I hope you are having fun on your vacation.


  5. Enjoy your vacation Roland. I saw a book on NZ the other day and thought of you. Can't buy Kindle Fire in Oz so I don't have to make that decision.


  6. Alice does look like Elle Fanning in Super 8.
    It does need a GPS because I use the one on my iPad often. And a camera. Video phones are no longer the future.

  7. Donna:
    Victor and Alice are on vacation. Me? I am working 7 days straight! I only get vacations vicariously through my fictional friends!

    If only I could one day go to NZ. Sigh. Thanks for thinking of me. I can't remember my last vacation. Not this century at least. When Amazon releases their larger screen Kindle Fire (Ice), they will, it is reported, sell it in Australia. Have a fun day, Roland

    Dick Tracy's wristwatch radio is long since been here as has Captain Kirk's communicator. Now if only they would invent the transporter, my blood runs would be so much easier!!

    You and Victor do think alike!

  8. I adore Alice! Just bought a Kindle Touch:)

  9. Gwen:
    I believe you will truly enjoy your Kindle Touch. To have so many books at your fingertips. Its size makes it easy to put into your purse. And when you find yourself unexpectedly waiting, you will be able to have fun while you wait.

    Alice says thank you in her quite proper Victorian British accent. She is very courteous for a ghoul. LOL.

  10. That was so much fun! Get him, Alice! Yes, I'm cheering for The Wentworth. I quite like her.

    Just finished End of Days. My review for it will be up on my blog on Thursday, and I'll put it up on Amazon for you then too. :) I'll leave you wondering what I thought of it until then. Heh.

  11. Thank you so much, Christine:
    The Wentworth rules. She is quite fun to write. I hoped I could pull off writing a Jane Erye-type heroine in a modern urban fantasy.

    I thought of myself as writing a movie. Thank you so much for putting your review up on your blog AND on Amazon Thursday.

    I, of course, will tell everyone to come visit you and see what your verdict is on END OF DAYS.

    I am indeed wondering what it will be! Alice simply smiles, "She is a sister."

    Thank you again, Roland