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Friday, August 31, 2012


Jennifer Lane was nearly wrong.

Hurricane Isaac almost did me in. Still very weak.

Thanks to all of you who emailed, worried about me.

How do you like the new cover for Victor's new adventure?

Even hurting as I was, I still managed to make it to page 70 of his new tale.

He and Alice are presently at the End of All Things.

I almost was a permanent resident there!

Money may not buy happiness, but try being in the hospital without it!

Victor quote of the day:

As for the Seven Deadly Sins, I hate Pride, Wrath, Gluttony, Envy and Greed. Lust and Sloth I pretty much plan my day around.
– Victor Standish

Thank you to the person who just bought THE LEGEND OF VICTOR STANDISH.


  1. Worse than being in the hospital without money is being in the hospital without insurance. I hope you had some. Why were you in the hospital? I'm glad you're out and hopefully healing up. :)

  2. I hope you're doing better.

    Love the new cover, I hope nobody complains this time...

  3. I'm so glad you are better. This world definitely needs you in it. :)

    Love the new cover and am very impressed that you soldiered on with your writing. Writing really does help one through, at least I've found that to be true.

    Still saying prayers for you. Be well.

  4. Lara:
    Sadly, my company changed to catastrophic insurance. So I am in a bind with bills! But everyone is having a hard time in one way or other. The brakes of another car gave out due to the flooded street while I was taking out the garbage. The car took me out! Luckily nothing was broken -- just bruises and limping!! Ouch!

    Victor's mother is clothed pretty much in this cover. If they complain, they don't have to buy it. Come to think of it, not many are buying my present novels! My doctors are not happy to hear that!!

    Your prayers worked with that oncoming car & me out on the street in front of it!! I will continue to pray for you as well!

  5. Hey Roland,

    It sounds as if the "adventures" of the last week could be taken out of a book about I don't know, er, a last Gunslinger, perhaps :)

    GLAD to hear things not worse, and sending prayers from our family to you and yours.

  6. Mark:
    Roland was the name of King's hero in the Gunslinger novels! I wonder if he was ever run over by a car with no brakes? I was lucky the flodded street slowed the speed of the car!! :-)

  7. So sorry to hear about your accident. Hope you are soon back to full strength. Take care.

  8. Glad to see you are doing better and keeping your writing alive. Love the new cover!

  9. Roland! Was worried about you. Read what happened in your comments. Someone was watching out for you. Thank God you're all right.

  10. SO GOOD to see you are back! You had us all worried. I'm sorry to hear about your accident but it could have been much worse. Prayers continue to come your way

  11. Geez, Roland...

    What else can happen to you. Thankfully you mom keeps watch on you along with your angels. Your spirit is way to strong to be crushed by an oncoming car.

    I'm sorry to hear you're in pain though. Take care, friend. We've all been worried about you.

    ANOTHER gorgeous cover. I admire you determination and spirit more than you know...


  12. Oh my gosh, Roland! Being run over by a car doesn't count as catastrophic?! I'm glad nothing was seriously hurt, but at the least that must have been so scary.

    I had no insurance when I was 19 and in the hospital twice in one month, a week long stint each time. The bills were astronomical. I hope everything turns out all right. :(

  13. We were worried about you! Did your car's brakes go or someone else's car's brakes? I agree, your mother is looking after you.

    (Now you can start another series, After Isaac?) Things can always get worse. Take care.

    Hope you heal fast and hurt less.

  14. Lara:
    Catastrosphic means a $2500 deductible: the ghost of my savings just fainted at the memory! Yes, these next two weeks should prove ... interesting!

    I am getting stronger by the hour. It is my finances that are in I.C.U. now!

    Didn't Leonora do a great job again? Each hour I am getting stronger.

    Yes, The Father has always watched out for me. Do they sell SAVE A FLAT for your savings? :-)

    It could have been much, much worse. It still may be. The rent is due. Maybe I can start a campaign: Give A Friend One of Roland's Books. :-) Times like this builds character ... or makes you one!

    Everyone is having a harder time than they appear. You have your soul bruises, others have physical ailments that would bring tears to our eyes if we but knew, still others are enduring grief and loneliness that threaten their sanity, all the while strangers and acquaintances pass them without a nod.

    It is the price tag to the beauty and peace and rewards of living. My physical pain is a trifle and getting better by the day. I will return to work Monday.

    Didn't Leonora Roy do another great cover. She is a genius. I only wish my novels sold well enough to make all her work worthwhile! :-)

  15. D.G.:
    I was on foot. The car pulling into the parking lot had lost its brakes due to the flooded street. I am all right basically now.

    Things can definitely always get worse. Appreciate what we have, for everything in life has an unknown shelf-life. Thanks for being worried, Roland

  16. Roland, I would be happy to promote a fundraiser to help you financially. I'm sure the blogging community would be happy to help in any way we can. If you are interested, send me an email:

  17. Roland,
    I'm happy to know you are okay. I read what happened in your comments. Shouldn't the person who ran you over pay those doctor bills?

    You are such a strong person- I admire your ability to keep moving forward despite life happening and catastrophic events.

  18. Thank goodness you're okay - love and prayers to you my friend

  19. Heather:
    There are those who are in worse financial shape than me. The person who hit me was without car insurance and without assets ... now with legal problems. I thank you for caring enough to think about a fundraiser!

    The Desert Rocks:
    Yes, many are in much worse shape!

    He has no car insurance, no assets, no job actually. This will teach me to save more out of each pay check! It is the Father's love that keeps me going. Thanks for the kind words! :-)

  20. You are very humble Roland. Prayers go out for more book sales :)

  21. So glad to hear you are ok. Stay strong and hope you are getting better as I type this. Sending you lots of positive thoughts and smiles from France. (: